To celebrate our third anniversary, we are launching a special Twitch Drops campaign with the 3rd Anniversary Exclusive Avatar to earn! Gather up and tune in to NARAKA live streams from July 2nd through 14th.

Twitch Drops

Event Period

The event starts from July 2nd 9PM  (PT)  to July 14th 8:59 PM  (PT) 

**All Drop items can only be claimed once.  


How to claim

  The following list shows the Twitch Drops that can be obtained by watching any NARAKA stream with drops enabled. Don't forget to link your Twitch and NARAKA accounts to ensure you can receive the Drops.

  You can find instructions on how to link your account here. 


Twitch Drops



Female·Twintails Hairstyle

Watch any NARAKA live stream for 4 hours

3rd Anniversary Special Avatar 

Watch any NARAKA live stream for 8 hours

Peerless Treasure Gift

Watch any NARAKA live stream for 12 hours


Content Creator Program

  We strongly encourage you to join us and become an official NARAKA partner if you want to have your own weekly partner drops enabled on the channel! Join our content creator program and unlock more rewards and benefits!

  More information can be found on our creators page: