Star Collection Steam Market Notice

Dear Forerunners,

On August 24, you may notice the addition of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT cosmetics on the Steam Community Market. This is an extension of the Star Collections system we announced in our July 14 update. Currently, Star Collection items will be available for sale on the Steam Community Market by their owners but these initial items will only be usable on the Chinese servers of NARAKA. While players from any server can purchase these items from others, they will only be usable on the Chinese servers.

Players in all other servers will eventually have access to versions of these cosmetics that will work in-game for them. Until then, we STRONGLY discourage the purchase/trade of items that are not intended for your server as you will NOT be able to use those items in-game.


Star Collections & Steam Market FAQ:

1. What is the Steam Community Market?

The Steam Community Market is a virtual trading platform designed by Valve. It is used for trading game-specific items, trading cards, backgrounds and emoticons. Items are purchased in the Market via the Steam Wallet. For a full breakdown of what you can and cannot do, please see their FAQ.


2. Are refunds available?

Once you make a purchase on the Steam Community Market, there is no way to reverse or cancel the transaction.


3. What are the items available on the platform?

At this time, there are two items that can be purchased on the Steam Community Market, these are Star - Wolf King's Fang and Star - Dragon's Bane. These items are only usable in-game on the Chinese server. Please look out for updates when these items become available on servers other than the Chinese server.


4. I have a Star - 2P or Star - Nine Tailed Destiny Outfit can I sell my Outfits?

No, at this current moment, you will not be able to sell Star - 2P or Star - Nine Tailed Destiny Outfits. The ability to do so will come at a later time, please stay tuned for more details.


5. I am not a Steam player of NARAKA, can I participate?

No, the Steam Community Market is only accessible to players who use Steam to access NARAKA. Epic, Standalone Installers, and Console players will not be able to access cosmetics using this system.


6. Are there plans to expand the number of items that can be traded?

Yes, in future updates we will release new Star Collections and allow players to trade eligible existing Star Collections. Please stay tuned for more details.


7. What happens if I buy a cosmetic from a server that is not intended for my own?

You may hold onto or sell that cosmetic as a Community member but you will not be able to use that cosmetic in-game.


8. Do we know when we will be able to get these cosmetics on our own servers?

Please stay tuned to our official channels for updates about the availability of Star Collections on servers other than the Chinese server.


9. Are there any other limitations for selling/buying cosmetics on the Steam Community Market?

The only limitations on selling/buying cosmetics are that players below level 10 cannot add items to their Steam inventory as well as the rules outlined by Valve here.


We will share updates for all servers outside of China once we have more details to share. Until then we really encourage you to be patient as we work to make these cosmetics available to you on your servers. The purchase of Chinese server content is at your own risk as it will not work in-game.

Thank you for your continued support of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT!