NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – July 14th, 2023

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from July 13th, 2023 at 21:00 (UTC) to July 14th, 2023 at 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand New Content

I. New Lobby: Fairyland Penglai

Following the Heroes' victory over Omnius, the Psylith people escaped and launched their retaliation. Under critical circumstances, the Fervent disciples transported the Heroes from the Morus Isle to the floating island.

The lobby has been upgraded to a brand-new interactive scene—Fairyland Penglai! Embark on a journey in Fairyland Penglai, where you'll meet different Heroes or even dance together. Compete in Sky-high Racing, take photos, and create memories. You can even team up and battle on the Morus Isle.

(After the update, log in to the game lobby and press [Tab] if you're using mouse and keyboard or [Options] if using a controller to enter Fairyland Penglai.)

1. Interactions

(1) Instrumental Performance: You can play four types of instruments, which are [Guzheng], [Er-hu], [Flute], and [Drum]. You may perform solo or as part of an ensemble, and to in your own interpretations.

(2) Parkour Racing: [Sky-high Racing] lets you compete with other players in an epic airborne race, dodging obstacles and striving to become the fastest of all in Fairyland Penglai.

(3) Interactive Mechanisms: Discover and interact with [NARAKA Balls] scattered all over the island for delightful surprises.

2. Photo Mode

Take photos with three different camera modes tailored to meet different needs, and share them with just one button. You can use the scenes from Pantheon, Reverie Cascade, to Fairy Cave and other locations to get that perfect shot!

3. Social Features

(1) [Nearby Voice Chat] and [Nearby Chat] are offered for convenience. The addition of [Nearby Players] in the friend list also allows you to connect with and befriend people you're interested in.

(2) A [Teleport] function has also been added. You can teleport to where your friends and Justice Chamber teammates are by using this function in the friend list.

4. Custom Display

You can change your current character, weapons, and outfit combinations to your liking. Use various emotes and gestures to become the center of attention!


II. New Congeneric Weapon: Dual Halberds

Wield power and grace, a storm's silent embrace.

In the new update, we'll be introducing the ancient Chinese weapon—Dual Halberds. Try it out!


III. New Specialized Practice Mode

1. Specialized Practice is now available in Free Training mode. This new mode aims to assist players in gaining a better understanding of advanced combat skills through various demonstrations and explanations. You can now access the Specialized Practice menu and start training in Free Training through the training mode selection. You can also switch between Specialized Practice and Free Training modes in the Training Ground.

2. Specialized Practice is divided into 6 chapters: Common Attack, Grappling Hook, Charged Attack, and more. They consist of 23 training exercises, such as Airborne Horizontal Strike, Consecutive Grappling, Charged Attack and Uppercut Slash, Charged Attack and Slide, Charged Attack and Counter, and others.

3. Upon reaching a certain level and completing all exercises in the previous chapter, the next chapter will be unlocked automatically. When completing all training exercises in each chapter for the first time, you can claim corresponding rewards in the Specialized Practice menu.


IV. Brand-new series of Star-Collections (Coming Soon)

On the day when the energies of water and gold intersect, a starfall comes.

You may notice some changes to the Collections UI to allow for some new fields of information to be revealed. These changes are in preparation for a new series of cosmetics that will be coming later in NARAKA.

The brand-new Star-Collections will arrive in August. Star-Collections have two qualities: Legendary and Extreme. In addition to a more exquisite appearance, they have some unique features including: [Star-Constellations], [Can be Obtained Repeatedly], [Exclusive Number], [Exclusive Stats], [Custom Name], [Support Trading], [Security Lock], etc.

Star-Collections are incredibly rare and each server has a limited number of Star-Collections available. There will be no new Star-Collections generated once the current distribution is completed.

Star-Collection Features Info

1. Star-Constellations: Each Constellation represents an attribute that can be randomly altered. Changing the Constellation can affect the appearance of the cosmetic.

2. Obtained Repeatedly: Star-Collections can be obtained multiple times, and if you obtain a duplicate, it will not be converted into Spectral Silk.

3. Unique Identifier: Each Star-Collection is assigned an exclusive 6-digit number that is sorted according to the date it was claimed.

4. Exclusive Stats: When wearing Star-Collections, the battle stats of players are registered exclusively.

5. Custom Name: Players can customize the name of their Star-Collections, and each name is unique and cannot be repeated.

6. Tradable: The Star-Collections can be traded on the Treasure Pavilion, Steam and other platforms. (Please stay tuned for more details on the trading platform, set to launch in August.)

7. Security Lock: The player can use the Security Lock feature to lock the Star-Collections. Once a Star-Collection is locked, it can only be equipped and cannot be restyled, renamed, or undergo any other operations. To activate this feature, players can go to "Settings - Social - Security Lock Settings."

For detailed rules of the above features, please visit the in-game event page.

Players can visit ''Inventory - Star-Collection'' to check the obtained collections.


V. Edition Upgrade

1. You can use Gold to upgrade your game to the Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate versions. The costs of each version are 980, 1680, and 2480 Gold, respectively.

2. Starting from July 14 to August 9 at 20:00 (UTC+0), you will get to enjoy a limited-time discount of 40% if you upgrade your game during this period.

3. Upgrading to the Standard edition or better will grant you the following privileges:

- Unlock Ranked Mode at Level 20.

- Unlock Public Chat at Level 5.

- Unlimited exchange of Hero Coins.

- Create Custom Rooms.

4. Edition Upgrade Rewards for New Players

(1) Upgrading to the Standard version grants the limited-edition Legendary Dual Blades Skin [Lacerator] and 300 Hero Coins.

(2) Upgrading to the Deluxe version includes the Standard version rewards and also the limited-edition Legendary Spear Skin [White Viper] and 10 Immortal Treasures.

(3) Upgrading to the Ultimate version includes rewards from the Standard and Deluxe versions, as well as the limited-edition Extreme Matari Skin [Flawless Elegance] and the limited-edition Legendary Grappling Hook Accessory [Aroma].

5. Edition Upgrade Rewards for Veteran Players

(1) Players who have created a formal game character before July 14, 2023, will be eligible for existing player rewards.

(2) The rewards need to be claimed before October 14, 2023, at 15:59:59 (UTC).

(3) The rewards include Viper Ning Outfit [Crepuscular Soulbloom], Special Avatar [Companionship], [Companionship Choice Gift]*10 and Gold Return. (1,960 Gold for Standard; 3,360 Gold for Deluxe; 4,960 Gold for Ultimate)


VI. Anniversary Event: Glory Celebration

Two years of glory, a symphony of light. Blades resound, brilliance abounds.

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. During the event, gain lots of Glory Stones by completing Glory Trial quests. Glory Trial quests will reset every 3 days.

2. Accumulate the required number of Glory Stones to claim exclusive rewards from the Glory Treasure. The total number of Glory Stones required to obtain all exclusive rewards is 12,500. If you have extra Glory Stones, you can claim additional Regular Treasure Choice Gifts with them.

3. You can get Glory Stones by participating in activities such as Glory Marks, Eventide Sign-In, Anniversary Stats, and Wells of Fate during the event.

4. You can also get Glory Stones through the Sky-high Racing in Fairyland Penglai during the event.

5. You can unlock Glory Memories videos by obtaining the corresponding Glory Treasure during the event.


VII. Limited-time Event: Night of Euphoria Roll Call

The future's aglow, an eternity of delight follows.

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

Each day, players can get 300 Glory Stones used in the Glory Celebration event. Players who sign in a total of 10 days during the event can receive Glory Chest Choice Gift*10, limited-edition weapon skins and other event rewards.


VIII. Limited-time Event: Anniversary Sale

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. During the event, 4 kinds of vouchers are claimable on the event page: Legendary Outfit 40% discount voucher, Legendary Weapon 40% discount voucher, Legendary Accessory 40% discount voucher and other Legendary Item 40% discount voucher. There are 2 of each voucher type to be claimed.

2. Use a voucher when purchasing the corresponding Legendary cosmetic with Gold, and you'll get a 40% discount. These discounts cannot be applied when purchasing gifts for friends.

3. Please note that vouchers are only eligible for the Legendary cosmetics of Season 6: Spark Season and its previous seasons.

4. Vouchers are valid for a limited time only. Make sure you use yours before it expires.


IX. Limited-time Event: Wells of Fate

The convergence of all spirits within the wells holds the fate of the universe.

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Redeem the rewards before: August 16th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. During the event, players can obtain a great amount of Telluric Essence by playing Capture the Spirit Well mode. Opening stashes in the Survival Modes also grants a small amount of Telluric Essence.

2. Playing in the Survival Modes with your Chamber Members or Returned Heroes is a good way to get bonus Telluric Essence.

3. Use Telluric Essence to redeem rewards during the event, you can receive new ones each time a previous one is redeemed. You can also get Glory Stone by redeeming the rewards.

4. You can refresh your rewards up to 10 times a week for free. Each time you refresh after that, it will cost 50 Telluric Essence. Another round of free refreshes begins every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC).


X. Limited-time Event: Anniversary Stats

Check your own anniversary stats and review your accomplishments. Share the stats and there's a chance to get a limited-edition pose and other great rewards!

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

During this event, generate your own Anniversary Stats with the QR code. Open the link by scanning the QR code, you can check your own stats for the 2nd anniversary and claim limited-edition rewards. For more details, please check the event page.


XI. Season Treasures Return

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 10th, 2023 at 00:00 (UTC)

1. During the event, Tidal Treasure, Echelon Treasure, Untamed Treasure and Dawn Treasure will be available again for a limited time. For full details around the returning items, please see our post outlining the details here.


2. The content and drop rate of rewards in Treasures will remain unchanged.

3. The number of times to trigger a Guarantee for all Treasures will not be reset, and the progress you made on the current season’s Guarantee will carry over.


XII. Limited-time Event: Glory Path

From a seedling, we have grown into a mighty oak.

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

During the event, complete special achievement to get the Anniversary themed Hero Badges as well as additional rewards such as Glory Stone and, Glory Chest Choice Gift.


XIII. Limited-time Event: The Hero Returns

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. During the period, players are eligible for the Hero Returns event if it has been more than 14 days since their last login.

2. Each round of the Hero Returns event lasts for 3 days which will be calculated since the return date.

3. Complete the Hero Returns event quests and get the Rebirth Seal, which can be used to redeem limited-edition rewards in the Rebirth Seal Store. You can also redeem the Rebirth Seal with Spectral Silk in the Spectral Silk Store.

Rebirth Seal Store

1. Newly added redeemable item [Reckoning Treasure]. Each requires 5 Rebirth Seals with a purchase limit of 3.

2. Newly added Accessory [Rice Dumpling], Background [Illuminated City] and [Conquest Lands]. Each requires 16 Rebirth Seal.

3. Newly added Accessories [Kabuto Kitty], [Guiding Light] and [Petal Hossu]. Each requires 12 Rebirth Seal.

4. Newly added Stash Skin [Snowman] requires 11 Rebirth Seal.

5. Newly added Background [Strange Tales], and [Quaint Landscape]. Each requires 8 Rebirth Seal.  

6. Newly added Hero Outfits [Alchemist Apparel·Fortune], [Spring Silk·Mercy] and [Silk Dress·Cyan]. Each requires 8 Rebirth Seal.

7. Newly added Weapon Skins [Wind Cut] and [Leaning Heaven·Moongazer]. Each requires 7 Rebirth Seal.    

8. Newly added Bases [Paper Lanterns], [Wreck] and [Aureate]. Each requires 6 Rebirth Seal.    

9. Newly added Accessories [Inventor's Eyewear], [Chilly Wind], [Eerie Fire] and [Crystal Tassel]. Each requires 6 Rebirth Seal.

10. Newly added Accessories [Antler Bell], [Lilacy Butterfly], [Duo Dragon·Green], [Duo Dragon·White], Pose [Jump for Joy], Hero Skin [Cloth Shirt·Milkvetch]. Each requires 4 Rebirth Seal.

11. Newly added Backgrounds [Lion Dance], [Celestial Terrace], and [Aurora Night]. Each requires 3 Rebirth Seal.

12. Newly added Bubble [Feria Shen·Snipe], Weapon Skin [Belladonna·Stormy] and [Stormcaller·Ebony]. Each requires 3 Rebirth Seal.

13. Newly added Accessories [Snowflake Down], [Enamel Pocket Watch] and [Eventide Mirror]. Each requires 2 Rebirth Seal.


XIV. Limited-time Event: Hero Recall

Event Time: From July 14th, 2023 Update to August 9th, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. All players can send up to 3 invitations per day to friends who haven't logged in to the game for more than 14 days.

2. After the players log in to the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT again, they can accept one of their friends' invitations to complete the recall.

3. Senders can reap rewards from an accepted invitation. If the returned player completes daily quests of The Hero Returns event, the sender can get extra rewards. Once players have recalled 20 friends, they cannot invite more.

4. When the event expires, you can no longer send new invitations, but can still receive rewards. Your unclaimed rewards will be deleted when the event is removed from the website.




[Mythic] BATTLEPASS is now available, which includes a variety of valuable items and skins! Players can obtain more rewards by unlocking the Advanced Hidden Treasure! You can get a Treasure Scroll at the price of 1,200 Gold and a Glory Scroll at 2,840 Gold.


XVI. Baize's Blessing

1. Each time you purchase Baize's Blessing, you can immediately receive 600 Gold. You can also get Baize Coins which can redeem for plenty of rewards in the Baize Shop. The rewards within are updated from time to time.

2. You can get Baize Coins 24 times and an extra reward for logging in for 15 days.


XVII. New Season: Mythic

We have come to the end of Season 8: Reckoning and would like to thank all the players who participated in this season’s ranked matches. For the full recap of season rewards and score resets please see our official announcement post.


Hero Adjustments

I. Zai

1. Adjusted the total damage multiplier of the Charged Attack from 4.2 to 3 when Ensnared Soul is full for the [Chain Scythe: Suppress] Ultimate.

2. Increased the time required to charge Ensnared Soul for the [Chain Scythe: Suppress] Ultimate after it is depleted from 6s to 8s.

3. After the [Flame Ward] and [Flame Ward: Ignition] Skills enter the [Flame Ward] state, performing a Rescue will immediately end the state.


II. Valda Cui

1. Reduced the duration of [Nether Nightmare: Smite] Ultimate in Solo mode from 20s to 15s. No change in Duos and Trios modes.


III. Akos Hu

1. Adjusted the duration of [Feral Frenzy] and [Feral Frenzy: Grab] Ultimates in different modes:

(1) Solo mode: Reduced from 26s to 24s.

(2) Duos mode: Reduced from 35s to 30s.

(3) Trios mode: Reduced from 35s to 30s.

2. Adjusted the three consecutive strikes' damage multiplier in [Feral Frenzy] Ultimate from 2.8/3.1/3.4 to 2.3/2.6/2.9.

3. Slightly reduced the absorption distance of Tiger-Claw Airborne Horizontal Strikes.


IV. Tianhai

New Skill features have been added to all modes and Talents for Tianhai.

1. When Tianhai activates his Ultimate and taps the Ultimate button again, he can initiate a jump-and-smash Skill in the aimed direction.

2. The CD for this Skill is 15s, and it is reduced to 10s in Showdown mode.


V. Others

1. Adjusted the pentagonal abilities display and difficulty index for some Heroes.

2. The interaction for Ultimate deactivation has been optimized. When derivative Ultimate Skills (such as Akos Hu's [Feral Frenzy: Grab]) are on CD, you can deactivate the Ultimate by holding the button.


Weapon Adjustments

I. Staff

1. Slightly reduced the displacement of precise Charged attacks.

2. Adjusted the damage multiplier of [Knee Breaker] from 0.71*7 to 0.55*2 + 0.69*2 + 0.83*3.

(The above adjustments do not involve Showdown mode.)

3. Slightly reduced the displacement for light running strikes and light sprint strikes.


II. Dual Blades

1. Slightly shortened the startup frames of Charged Vertical Strikes.

2. Adjusted the airborne height when knocked airborne by Crouched Vertical Strikes.

3. Slightly reduced the displacement during Charged Vertical Strikes and increased the displacement of Vertical Strikes.


III. Greatsword

1. Increased the damage reduction ratio of Stone Form from 80% to 90%.


IV. Polesword

1. Decreased the damage reduction ratio of Stone Form from 80% to 75%.


V. Longsword

1. Charged Horizontal Strike first stage damage multiplier: decreased from 5.12 to 4.39.

2. Charged Horizontal Strike second stage damage multiplier: decreased from 6.15 to 5.44.

3. Charged Vertical Strike first stage damage multiplier: decreased from 4.46 to 3.99.

4. Charged Vertical Strike second stage damage multiplier: decreased from 5.35 to 4.92.

(The above adjustments do not involve Showdown mode.)


Souljade Adjustments

I. Staff Souljade

1. Optimized the special effects of [Stanchion·Rising·Sky Pillar] during charging.


II. Dual Blades Souljade

1. Optimized the impact effects of [Universe Slash] for more stable attacks.


III. Longsword Souljade

1. Adjusted the damage of [Hepta-Detach]

(1) Damage multiplier: Adjusted from 0.35*2 + 2.77 to 0.12*2 + 0.92.

(2) Recovery effect after a hit: Increased from 65% of damage to 400%.

2. Adjusted the damage of [Phoenix Blast]

(1) Charged Horizontal Strike first stage damage multiplier: decreased from 2.96*2 to 2.63*2.

(2) Charged Horizontal Strike second stage damage multiplier: decreased from 3.65*2 to 3.26*2.

(3) Charged Vertical Strike first stage damage multiplier: decreased from 2.58*2 to 2.39*2.

(4) Charged Vertical Strike second stage damage multiplier: decreased from 3.17*2 to 2.96*2.


In-game Adjustments

I. Capture the Spirit Well Adjustments

1. Cancelled the battle acceleration in the Capture the Spirit Well; increased the growth rate of the Faction points.

2. The last round of Morale Rewards is changed to: Increase Attack and Defense and expose enemies' spots

3. Optimized the placement of Soul Altars and Rift Dealer on the map.

4. At the Rift Dealer in Capture the Spirit Well, the prices of [Phoenix Blast] and [Hepta-Detach] Souljades have been increased from 20,000 to 25,000 Dark Tide Coins.

5. Group Heal has been reintroduced to the Rift Dealer's inventory, with its effective range in this mode adjusted to 50m.

6. Dropping of Armor is no longer permitted in this mode.

7. Reduced the initial quantity of Advanced Armor Powder and Large Healing Berries from 6 to 4 in this mode.

8. In Capture the Spirit Well, the default distance for the Grappling Hook has been adjusted from 30m to 40m.

9. Optimized the voice chat HUD by adding channel names.


II. New [Grappling Aim] Settings

1. Added [Automatic] option for the [Grappling Aim] settings.

Hold the [Grappling Hook] button to aim with scope, and release the button to automatically shoot the Grappling Hook. Tap the [Aim] button once to close the scope while aiming. The crosshair changes to a triangular shape when the target is within the range and reverts to a dot if outside the range.

2. In controller mode, a new [Double Tap] mode has been added.

Tap the [Grappling Hook] button to aim, then tap the button again to fire the Grappling Hook. Tap the [Aim] button to close the scope while aiming.

3. By default, new accounts have the [Automatic] mode for [Grappling Aim]. This setting does not affect existing players' configurations.

4. You can modify the [Grappling Aim] in [ESC (or Options)] > [Settings] > [Gameplay] > [Combat].


III. Controller Vibration Optimization

1. Optimized the curve of controller vibration by making the vibration weaker when launching attacks of some weapons.

2. Added controller vibration when completing the [Swarm] Charged attack and when hitting with the Ultimate skills of Valda Cui, Yueshan, Wuchen, Justina Gu, Takeda Nobutada, Feria Shen, Akos Hu, and Zai.

3. You can adjust [Controller Vibration] in [Options] > [Settings] > [Controller].


IV. Feature Optimizations

1. Martial Artist Solo Mode Adjustments

(1) Reduced the size of the combat area in this mode.

(2) Increased the initial number of Grappling Hooks from 6 to 12 in this mode.


V. Mechanism Adjustments

1. When the current round in the Realm of Yang is full, the light effect at the Gate of Yang will fade and disappear, making it easier to determine from a distance whether entry is possible.


Out-game Adjustments

I. Gameplay Adjustments

1. The Capture the Spirit Well is now a permanent mode.

2. The rotation of gameplay modes will be temporarily disabled (including Shadow Surge and Through the Fire modes).


II. Free Training Mode

1. Custom behavior practice is added, allowing you to input AI opponents' behavior for targeted practice sessions.

2. Optimized the Free Training scene by adding slopes, houses, beams, and more for a diverse terrain.


III. Opening Video

1. The opening video has been updated. It can be viewed by ESC button (or Options button) in the lobby to open the menu and selecting the video.


IV. Matchmaking Autofill Teammate Adjustment

1. In The Herald's Trial Duos and Trios modes, players ranked Solar and below will be unable to cancel the option for auto-matching teammates.


V. Hero Badge

1. New Hero Badges added to the Capture the Spirit Well mode.

2. Expanded the stage rewards for Hero Badge points, allowing you to obtain more showcase slots and Season Treasure Choice Gifts. If you meet the Hero Badge point requirements, the rewards will be automatically transferred into your Hero Badge interface after the update.


VI. Profile

1. Season data and match history are added for the Capture the Spirit Well mode.

2. Your personal profile now displays the Capture the Spirit Well stats, while Omni's Nightmare stats are temporarily removed.


VII. Unlock Levels for Game Modes

1. Increased the unlock levels for some game modes and adjusted the unlock visualizations.


Showdown Adjustments

I. Combat Adjustments

1. The pursuit ability and usage frequency of Iron Taifeng's four consecutive hammer strikes have been reduced.

2. Removed fixed additional damage when calculating [Burn] damage while [Soaked].

3. Reduced Kurumi's Aegis-break multiplier from 2.5 to 1.2 for the [Purified Circle: Showdown] Ultimate after the wind circle is affected by the wind element.


II. Showdown Scroll

1. In matches initiated with the Showdown Scroll, teammates are required to use Showdown Scrolls to obtain drop rewards for that match (including Souljade, Quench Crystal, etc.). Otherwise, they will not get the drop rewards.


III. Souljade Adjustments

1. [Thunder Surge]

(1) Adjusted the effect of increasing ThunderShock based on Thunder-wielding levels. At higher Thunder-wielding levels, the ThunderShock accumulation speed remains mostly unchanged; at lower Thunder-wielding levels, the speed is appropriately reduced.

2. [Storm Prison·Aegis-break]

(1) Adjusted Aegis-break multiplier from 35 to 25 for Temulch's [Storm Prison: Showdown] Ultimate's concentrated strikes after equipping Souljade.

3. Rare Attribute: [Scorching]

(1) After a Counter, the effect of melee moves changes from "inflicting 6s of Burn with each attack within 10s" to "inflicting 18s of Burn with the next attack," with no change in damage per level.


IV. First Clear Rewards

1. Added first clear rewards for some stages, including new Souljades, Dynastic Treasure Choice Gifts, Legendary Display Bases, and more. If you have already cleared the stages, you can obtain these rewards immediately by entering the Showdown preparation interface after the update.


V. New Showdown Souljades

New Showdown Souljades "Cloudscorch" and "Draco Stride" have been added in this update. Here are their specific effects:

1. Cloudscorch: Melee Charged attacks will inflict Burn on hit enemies.

2. Draco Stride: After dodging, a wave is created, and hitting enemies will inflict Soaked on them.


Client Optimization

I. Optimized and reduced memory allocation code in multiple areas to reduce game memory usage and improve frame rates.


II. Continued optimization of runtime special effects resource management, further enhancing game performance in crowded or complex battles since the last update.


Changes to some In-Game Names

We have renamed and re-translated some in-game names and stories to make them clearer. Here is the complete list of changes:

I. Hero Skill and Ultimate Names:



Original Skill Name

New Skill Name


Viper Ning

Yushan Enigma

Yushan Strike

Yushan Enigma: Lockdown

Yushan Strike: Silence

Yushan Enigma: Enfeeble

Yushan Strike: Wound

Twilight Crimson

Moonbane Control

Twilight Crimson: Seal

Moonbane Control: Silence

Twilight Crimson: Unchained

Moonbane Control: Unchained



Zephyr Wisp: Tracking

Zephyr Wisp: Track

Zephyr Wisp: Assault

Zephyr Wisp: Bounce

Zephyr Prison

Storm Prison

Zephyr Prison: Enchanted

Storm Prison: Energetic

Zephyr Prison: Summon

Storm Prison: Reload


Tarka Ji

Inner Fire

Flame Force

Inner Fire: Bide

Flame Force: Block

Inner Fire: Gigaflame

Flame Force: Fireball


Fire Frenzy

Blackout: Vulcan

Fire Frenzy: Reload

Blackout: Frenzy

Fire Frenzy: Extend



Silent Flutter


Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash

Flash: Repeat

Silent Flutter: Retrace Flash

Flash: Retrace

Unseen Wings

Invisible Assassin

Unseen Wings: Assassin

Invisible Assassin: Scale Rush

Unseen Wings: Smite

Invisible Assassin: Restore



Binding Prayer

Healing Ray

Binding Prayer: Reinforce

Healing Ray: Strengthen

Binding Prayer: Guard

Healing Ray: Guard

Sacred Circle

Purified Circle

Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance

Purified Circle: Armor

Sacred Circle: Rapid Healing

Purified Circle: Rapid



The Divine Bell

Divine Bell

The Divine Bell: Counter

Divine Bell: Counter

The Divine Bell: Blast

Divine Bell: Blast

Titan's Call: Guard

Titan's Call: Support

Titan's Call: Heal

Titan's Call: Restore


Yoto Hime

Spirit Slash

Flying Edge

Spirit Slash: Crush

Flying Edge: Callback

Spirit Slash: Vortex

Flying Edge: Resist

Ominous Blade

Demon Blade

Ominous Blade: Restore

Demon Blade: Restore

Ominous Blade: Combo

Demon Blade: Combo


Valda Cui


Water Trap

Haze: Array

Water Trap: Array

Haze: Teleport

Water Trap: Trinity

Nether Nightmare

Rising Tide

Nether Nightmare: Smite

Rising Tide: Unchained

Nether Nightmare: Bind

Rising Tide: Barrage



Line Breaker

Scorching Dash

Line Breaker: Charge

Scorching Dash: Stun

Line Breaker: Ambition

Scorching Dash: Weaken

Troop Decimation

General's Call

Troop Decimation: Command

General's Call: Leaping Strike

Troop Decimation: Formation

General's Call: Protection



Spirit Blades: Array

Spirit Blades: Autotrack

Tai Chi Rift

Tai Chi Teleport

Tai Chi Rift: Switch

Tai Chi Teleport: Switch

Tai Chi Rift: Portal

Tai Chi Teleport: Portal


Justina Gu

Ice Core

Ice Shield

Ice Core: Blink

Ice Shield: Blink

Ice Core: Cold Wave

Ice Shield: Surround



Mythic Grab: Defend

Mythic Grab: Dash

Demonic Aid: Engulf

Demonic Aid: Force


Ziping Yin


Nature's Touch

Aromatherapy: Embrace

Nature's Touch: Protect

Aromatherapy: Protection

Nature's Touch: Surround


II. Gameplay-related Items:

Original Names

New Names


Healing Berries

Weaponry Chest

Weapon Repair Kit










III. Cultivation Story

Tianhai's 4th cultivation story is revised to correct the mistranslated parts and wording based on his story in Chinese.


Store Updates

I. New Packs

1. Newly added Takeda Nobutada exclusive Pack [Fighting Spirit], including Legendary outfit [Fighting Spirit Max], Legendary Hairstyle [Fighting Gold], Legendary Accessory [Max's Glasses] Standard price: 3,800 Gold; Now: 2,300 Gold.


II. New Discounts

"1. Newly added Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Dragon's Bane].

Standard price: 2,400 Gold; Now: 1,700 Gold."

2. Newly added Dual Halberds Legendary Skin [Never to Return]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.

3. Newly added Legendary Gesture [Flutter·Left] for all heroes. Standard price: 400 Gold; Now: 300 Gold.

4. Newly added Legendary Gesture [Flutter·Right] for all heroes. Standard price: 400 Gold; Now: 300 Gold.

5. Newly added Kill Announcement [Benny High Five]. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 200 Gold.

6. Newly added Takeda Nobutada Legendary Outfit [Fighting Spirit Max]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

7. Newly added Takeda Nobutada Legendary Hairstyle [Fighting Gold]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

8. Newly added Takeda Nobutada Legendary Accessory [Max's Glasses]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.

9. All Legendary items of [Untamed] and [Reckoning] seasons will be available again with their Arrival Discounts.


Console Updates

I. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is coming to PlayStation 5!

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, a melee-focused game with unique martial arts and visual style, will launch on PlayStation 5 on July 13 (UTC).

After this update, players can download the game in the PlayStation Store.

1. Exclusive Features

Accounts on PlayStation have independent Rankings, Justice Chamber, 3D Lobby and Torchbearer events that are not shared with other platforms.

2. Cross-platform

Players can add friends, create parties and matchmake with players from other gaming platforms. Cross-platform Custom Room is also supported.


Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bug

1. Fixed occasional abnormal attacks at the end of Zai's Ultimate.

2. Fixed abnormal performance when Zai uses the [Chain Scythe: Afflict] Ultimate.

3. Fixed an issue with Wuchen where the cancellation of the Yin Yang Orb encountered exceptions when his Rage was below the Teleport requirement.

4. Fixed an issue where Wuchen can cancel his unleashing of ultimate without Rage cost.


II. Weapon-related Bug

1. Fixed an issue where the second stage of Nunchucks' [Dragon Flurry] and [Dragon Roar] was unable to dispel sword energy.


III. Battle-related Bug

1. Fixed the issues of the Grappling Hook under some special circumstances.


IV. Profile-related Bug

1. Fixed the wrong calculation of collection points by [Sunrise Market] and [Coiled Dragon]. The correct collection points of [Sunrise Market] is 10, [Coiled Dragon] is 225.