Anniversary Notice: Return and Rotation of Cosmetics

Dear Forerunners,

It's our second anniversary! So,we're announcing the cosmetics that will be eligible for returns and discounts in celebration of this milestone, as well as the new displays we'll be using starting from July 13 PT

We have prepared an extensive range of promotions for this anniversary, including reintroduction of previous Season Treasures and limited releases cosmetics from past Advanced Hidden Treasures. Additionally, we are offering numerous discounts—more details are as follows:


I. Season Treasures Return

The following 4 Season Treasures will return in this event

Tidal Treasure

Echelon Treasure

Dawn Treasure

Untamed Treasure

Season Treasures that are not involved in this return will also be featured in future events, so keep an eye out!


II. Advanced Hidden Treasure Cosmetics Return

The returning content mainly consists of Legendary Hero Outfits, Accessories, Weapon Skins and Group Cards—as well as four other categories: [Ordeal], [Dawn], [Spark], and [Untamed]. Each player is limited to 6 purchases in each category.

If you plan on completing a full collection, the best time to start is in Season 9.

Hero Outfit:

Hero Outfit Current Price
Frozen Rose 1,800
Wavebringer's Breath 1,800
Pearled Maiden 1,800
Daughter of the Aquila 1,800
Dark Feline 1,800
Dark Sunrise 1,800
Rich Purity 1,800
Blazing Light 1,800
Bamboo Poet 1,800
Thunder Samurai 1,800
Ame no Uzume 1,800
Sunbathed Pollia 1,800


Accessory Current Price
Sirius Helmet 1,200
General's Headband 1,200
Empyrean Bat 900
Snowdrop Hat 1,200
Snow Sedge 1,200
Wavebringer Jar 900
Holy Eagle Shawl 1,200
Prototype Lock 900
Virtualis Talisman 900
Rite Spikes 1,200
Poinsettia 1,200
Tigerskin Mask 1,200
Tate-Eboshi 1,200
Broken Shaft 900
Illustrated Lantern 900
Magnolia Glint 1,200
Glacial Chain 1,200
Devil Slayer's Bowl·Fury 900

Weapon Skin:

Weapon Skin Current Price
Crane Cry 1,500
Aurum Fury 1,500
Flow Thaw 1,500
Staff of Precepts 1,500
Genius' Curse 1,500
Monarch's Roar 1,500
Raging Howl 1,500
Jade Shuttle 1,500
Snow Night·Faint Light 1,500
Surging Tide 1,500
Peacegiver 1,500
Astral Gleam 1,500
Dragonslayer Timber 1,500

Team Stats:

Team Stats Current Price
Summer Fireflies 600
City Silhouette 600
Yin-Yang Mirror 600
Elucidae Domain 600
Xiaoyao Abbey 600
Omni's Nightmare·Stop it! 900
Imperial Blade 900
Stone of Dread 1,200
Rosewood Stand 1,200
Bountiful Wares 1,200
Shrine of Ancient Wood 1,200
Pine Monument 1,200
Wicker Screen 1,200
Breeze Rack 1,200
Unbreakable Armor 1,200

Other Items:

Other Items Current Price
Moonlight Aroma 600
Icy Locks 600
Yama Style 1,200
Soft Waves 1,200
Tranquility 1,200
Dawn Hawk 600
Lark 1,200
Melody of Bamboo 1,200
Nebular Glow 900
Butterfly Dance 900
Eyeshadow 29 600


III. Discounted Cosmetics

The discount will cover all items in direct sales, and there are 2 rules that apply.

1. The Legendary cosmetics released before [Spark] Season will be discounted through vouchers. Players will receive a total of eight 40% discount vouchers (2 each for Outfits, Weapons, Accessories and Others).

2. The Legendary cosmetics of [Untamed] and [Reckoning] Seasons can be purchased without limits during their Arrival Discounts.

Furthermore, the cosmetics on direct sales available on July 14, will also enjoy Arrival Discounts!

In addition to the wonderful activities that come along with this milestone, it has also brought about new challenges. We want to offer a wider variety of collections, achieve a harmonious aesthetic for each multiverse collection's style in the game—and simplify locating desired items. Therefore, we are planning to make some changes to the way we sell and display the items soon.


IV. Rotation Sale

1. Themed Outfit Rotation Sale:

Starting from July 14th, we will remove the direct sale of collections in the [Summer Party] series while introducing anniversary new content and cosmetics. This includes:

Summer Party·Twilight Sunshine

Summer Party·Rosy Meridiem

Summer Party·Summer Snowflakes

Summer Party·Aureate Spoondrift

Summer Party·School Maillot


On August 10th, with the release of the new collection, we will discontinue the direct sale of collections in the [2674] series. This includes:



2674·Frost Drif


We'll also be bringing back the much anticipated [Dragon Will] (Bruce Lee Crossover) series in this year's rotation, so stay tuned.


2. [Sunwing Relics] Rotation

On July 27, we will have our first rotation with the release of "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" themed collections!

Cosmetics that will be removed include:

Huaxia Armors·Righteousness

Longmen·Stone Statue


3. Hero Outfits Rotation Sale

On July 14, we will be adjusting the outfits of our heroes. To create a more diverse range of outfits, we will be rotating out some of the outfits that have a similar look. These include:

Great Brawler

The Royal Maw

Misty Gauze

Pearl of the Dragon King

Bamboo Pit Viper

Hakuja no Myojin

Note: Cosmetics removed in the rotation sale are still available for players who have already owned them.


V. Display Adjustment

Cosmetics that are temporarily unavailable will be hidden from the collection list to prevent confusion among new players.

Note: This adjustment does not apply to Extreme cosmetics.


We recognize that this adjustment may have some impact on your cosmetic acquisition, but we made this decision based on the long-term vision of maintaining a healthy gaming environment:

1. We want to keep players engaged with new and exciting content. This will motivate the development team to create more high-quality and visually appealing cosmetics.

2. We recognize that classical aesthetics are beloved by our players, and we will continue to uphold this style while also introducing new designs and fresh ideas. The community has also responded positively to styles from different universes and collaborations, so we will try to balance their availability while maintaining a centralized NARAKA aesthetic.

3. We are now welcoming new players into this community, and we understand the frustration of not being able to get a desired cosmetic from such an extensive list. To address this issue, we have reduced the number of currently inaccessible cosmetics and outfits that support color changing.

We will evaluate the impact of this adjustment on the game in order to provide a better experience for our players.

July 12th, 2023