June 25nd NARAKA FEST Twitch Drops Update


Event Period

The NARAKA FEST DROPS start at June 25th 7PM  (PT) and you may claim the rewards once. 

How to claim

The following list shows the Twitch Drops that can be obtained by watching any channels streaming in the NARAKA directory (with drops enabled). Don't forget to link your Twitch and NARAKA accounts to ensure you can receive the Drops. You may link your account by visiting this link after logging in to your account: https://www.narakathegame.com/news/guide/20230710/35647_1097721.html 

Twitch Drops



Special Random gift*1

Watch NARAKE FEST LIVE STREAM for 15 mins 


Special Random Gift: You can randomly get ONE item from the following list:

  • Legendary Outfit Choice Gift
  • Avatar: Forged Edge·Black Glow

  • Brocade Treasure *1
  • Scorekeeper Card
  • 2h XP Bonus

By opening the Legendary Outfit Choice Gift, you can choose ONE outfit (owned permanently) from the following list: 

  • Maple Snowfall *1(Viper Ning)
  • Cirrus Fairy*1(Kurumi)
  • Aquabolt Robes*1(Tarka Ji)
  • Tsunami*1(Valda Cui)
  • Inner Glow*1 (Yueshan)
  • Jinsha Site·Dream of Shu*1(Wuchen)
  • Twilight Bamboo*1(Justina Gu)