NARAKA: BLADEPOINT x NieR Crossover Available Now

“Glory is Ours!”


Awaken Forerunners,

Starting today, NARAKA officially begins its collaboration with NieR: Automata and NieR Replicant. During the campaign period of August 9 to October 10, 2023, NARAKA will offer a variety of promotions and crossover items that you can unlock through in-game events or purchases in the game.


Campaign Overview

Available August 9:

Store Updates

Hero Outfits

  • Viper Ning Legendary Outfit - Automata 2B
  • Wuchen Legendary Outfit - Automata 9S

These outfits can be purchased from the Gold Store.


Weapon Skins

  • Greatsword Legendary Skin - Automata Virtuous Treaty
  • Katana Legendary Skin - Automata Cruel Oath

These skins can be purchased from the Gold Store.


In-game Event Rewards

  • Longsword Legendary Skin - Replicant Moonrise*
  • Headwear - Automata Emil
  • Justina Gu Legendary Base Background


* Please note that the Replicant Moonrise Skin can only be earned in-game by completing all the various quests in the New Era Event. Some quests will only become available after the August 23 update of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.


Online Minigame

Play our new minigame, New Era: Flight of Glory to earn kill scores and redeem them for rewards such as Regular Treasure Choice Gifts and Hero Coins. As you earn more kill scores, you'll unlock more rewards! Redemption ends September 13 at 4 p.m. ET.


Twitch Drops

Starting on August 10 at 12 a.m. ET, tune into our NARAKA Partners as well as some select content creators to earn a gift box that rewards a random item from the list below:

  • Avatar: Automata·Ultimate Weapon
  • 500x Tae
  • 300x Spectral Silk
  • A 2hr XP Bonus


You must watch the stream for 30 minutes with a linked NARAKA and Twitch account in order to earn and claim your drop in-game. Need a hand linking your accounts? Check our handy guide here:


Please note that the Twitch Drop campaign for NieR will end on September 5 at 12 a.m. ET.


New Game Features

  • Pods
    • Hidden among the blooms of Lunar Tears are sentient combat assistant robots known as Pods. If you are fortunate enough to find one, hold down the button to interact with them; they may be able to offer some aid in the form of Armor repair.
  • Emil Sculpture
    • In the Frigid Pools area of Holoroth, Lunar Tears are sprouting and should you collect some, a friendly face may reward you with some useful combat items.


Coming Later:

Store Updates

Hero Outfits

  • Justina Gu Legendary Outfit - Automata A2
  • Tessa Legendary Outfit - Replicant Kaine
  • Yueshan Legendary Outfit - Replicant Nier*

* Please note that the Replicant Nier Outfit will be available for purchase in the Spectral Silk Store while the other outfits are available for purchase via the Gold Store.


Weapon Skins

  • Spear Legendary Skin - Automata Type-4O Spear
  • Dual Blades Legendary Skin - Replicant Kaine’s Blades
  • Polesword Legendary Skin - Automata Type-3 Lance

These skins can be purchased from the Gold Store.


In addition to all of these cosmetic items, there are more NieR items to discover in-game so log in and enjoy before this crossover ends, Forerunners!