Xbox One Closure Notice & FAQ 

Dear players,


We regret to inform you that as of August 28, 23:00 (UTC), NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will no longer be supported on Xbox One. Players will no longer be able to play the game on the Xbox One after this date. We have had to make this difficult decision due to the technical limitations of the platform's hardware.


We continuously update NARAKA with new content to keep the game fresh and exciting for players. This content, including things like new maps and new events, can no longer be run properly on the Xbox One. In light of these technical limitations, continuing to push these kinds of updates on the console would only result in a subpar gaming experience, something that we do not want for any of the members of the NARAKA community.


Players on Xbox One can still access the game through their Xbox accounts by playing the game and accessing their NARAKA account through the Xbox Series X/S or the Xbox App on Windows PCs (Xbox on PC). All account progress made on Xbox Ones will be saved and available once you log in on either an Xbox Series X/S or Xbox on PC.


In recognition of the disruption and inconvenience this brings to players, we will be providing transition gifts to all Xbox One players who transition over to the Xbox Series X/S or continue to play through Xbox on PC. More details about the gifts can be found below:


After the closure of Xbox One on August 28, Xbox One Players who transition over to the Xbox Series X/S or Xbox on PC will have until October 30, 23:00 (UTC) to claim their gifts via in-game mail.

We appreciate your support for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, and we will continue striving to improve NARAKA and deliver an enjoyable gaming experience.



What will happen to my in-game content?

Until support for the Xbox One ends on August 28, 2024, you can continue to access all in-game content normally. Any and all progress made on your account towards things like Hero Cultivation, your Outfit Collections, and any other in-game content associated with your account can be accessed through both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox on PC.


Can I still make purchases before support for the Xbox One ends? 

Yes, you can continue to make purchases on your account through Xbox Ones. All recharge-related transactions will be unavailable after July 24, but players can continue to use any Gold, Tae, or Spectral Silk that they have in-game to make purchases up until the end of support for the Xbox One on August 28. All purchases made on Xbox Ones before August 28 will be saved and can be accessed through an Xbox Series X/S or through Xbox on PC.


What do I need to do to continue using my account in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT on Xbox Series X/S and PC?

Players who sign in to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT on XboxSeries X/S and/or Xbox on PC with the same Xbox account they used to play NARAKA: BLADEPOINT on Xbox One will immediately have access to any and all items and progress that they made while playing on Xbox One.


Can I migrate my account from Xbox to another platform? 

No, NARAKA currently does not support cross-progression or transferring accounts across platforms. You can only access the account associated with your Xbox Account by playing on an Xbox Series X/S or on Xbox on PC. If you create an account on another platform or console, we cannot migrate your account data.


What about Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming?

Since NARAKA is no longer available on Xbox GamePass, players will not have access to Cloud Gaming.


Can I still create a new account for NARAKA on XboxOne?

Yes, you can create new accounts on an Xbox One until August 28 (UTC), but any accounts made after June 26th will not be eligible for transition gifts. This is because these gifts are designed for players who have already joined us on this journey to the world of NARAKA. Players who create new accounts on Xbox Ones can continue to enjoy the game, and any progress that they make can be accessed through any of the Xbox platforms and services listed above after August 28 (UTC).


What are the transition gifts? How do I know if I'm eligible?

Players who have created a NARAKA account on Xbox One before June 26 and have logged into that account before support for the Xbox One ends on August 28 (UTC) are eligible. The transition gifts are:

Hero Coin x 300

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift x 10

Aeon Treasure x 5

10x Treasure Bonus X 5

10x XP Bonus x 5

Score Keeper Card x 5

Aeon Coin x 8

Spectral Silk x 2000

Tae x 3000


These gifts will be delivered to eligible accounts after the end of support for the Xbox One and will be available until October 30, 23:00 (UTC). To claim these gifts you must log into your NARAKA account on Xbox Series X/S or Xbox on PC. You may only claim the transition gift once.


What should I do if I do not receive my transition gifts?

Please reach out to us via our Customer Support Help Center and we would be happy to assist you!