NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – May 23rd, 2024

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from May 22nd, 2024 at 23:00 (UTC) to May 23rd, 2024 at 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


The abnormal disturbance escalates. A mysterious force from beneath the earth is affecting certain areas of Holoroth's Plumed Castle and Fairyland Penglai.


Hero Adjustments

I. Lyam Liu

1. Improved the animation of binding the enemies by [Auric Sword] for a better visual expectations.

2. Added a progress indicator for the remaining time of enemies controlled by [Auric Core], visible to both combatants.


Souljade Adjustments

I. Spear Souljade

Added the melee auto-aim and directional turning effects to the 3rd-stage strike of [Erudition].


In-game Adjustments

I. Realm of Yang

1. Gates of Yang appear on the battlefield and you can interact with them to get a Yang Pass. Only with a Yang Pass can you enter the Realm of Yang.

2. Players that are defeated or venture too far from a Gate of Yang will drop their Yang Pass.

3. Entering the Realm of Yang will restore some Health, Armor and Rage. Defeat those who oppose you in the Realm of Yang to win equipment and materials superior to those offered by the Spirit Well this round.

4. All the changes above are available in Solo Survival modes.


II. Feature Optimizations

Optimized the late timing of Remains drops after defeating an enemy under certain conditions.


III. Hot Potato Counter

1. Hot Potato Counter·Solo Battle is now a point-scoring mode, with victory going to the first player to reach a set number of defeats. Hot Potato Counter·Fight Together is now a round-based mode, with victory going to the team that first reaches a set number of winning rounds.

2. At the start of the game, the Hot Potato will appear randomly in front of a player. Upon hitting a player, it will not disappear, but will rise and chase the next objective

3. In Hot Potato Counter·Solo Battle, you will go back to the field after a period of time when you are eliminated by the Hot Potato.

4. Introduced [Hot Potato Level] and leveling curve rules for the potato.

(1) Common Attack - Speeds up the Hot Potato slightly, increasing its level to [I]

(2) Blue Focus Strike - Speeds up the Hot Potato moderately, increasing its level to [II]

(3) Counter or Catch - Speeds up the Hot Potato greatly, increasing its level to [III]

(4) Skill -  Speeds up the Hot Potato tremendously, increasing its level to [IV]

(5) A technique that is greater than or equal to the current Hot Potato's level will boost its speed; otherwise, it decreases its speed.


IV. In-Game Achievements

1. Added the following in-game achievements in the Survival modes:

    · [Team Player]: Get 3 Assists.

    · [Lifesaver]: Revive 1 teammate by Rebirth Charm.

    · [Duty Fulfilled]: Complete 3 in-game team quests.

2. Removed the following in-game achievements:

    · [Mighty Mortal]: Equip 6 Gold Souljades at once.

    · [Lurker]: Spend a total of 150 sec hiding in bushes.

    · [Treasure Hunter]: Take items from 6 different Morus' Blessings.

    · [Fickle Fortune]: Effect caused by someone praying to the Statue in a Cave.


Out-game Adjustments

I. Auto Restyle for Star-Collection

Restyle results restored using a Rollback Orb during the auto restyle process will not be evaluated for restyle objective completion.


II. Collection Leaderboard

Collection Leaderboard will be finalized on 04:00 every Monday (UTC). If you are ranked in the Top 500 on the leaderboard, you will receive a title reward which will expire after 7 days.


Showdown Adjustments

I. New Feature

1. Souljades Deconstruction

(1) Use the Souljade Deconstruction feature in the [Preparation] - [Souljade Select] interface. All Epic and Legendary Souljades can be deconstructed into [Souljade Fragments], with Epic ones yielding 1 fragment, and Legendary ones yielding 4.

(2) Souljades carrying rare attributes will yield a [Flux Jade Shard] after deconstruction. Consume 2 [Flux Jade Shards] to imbue the Souljade once, converting an attribute of any Souljade to a random rare attribute.

2. Players can now revive their teammates in Showdown. When a player has remaining rebirth, their teammates can revive them using [Rebirth Bead].


II. Recast Adjustments

1. Recast is split into [Recast Attribute] and [Recast Value]. Each recast consumes 2 [Souljade Fragments] and 1 [Carved Crystal].

[Recast Attribute]: Choose any attribute of a Souljade to recast. The recast attribute will randomly change, with the stats proportionally inherited (pre-recast stat/max stat = post-recast stat/max stat). Each recast has a chance to produce a rare attribute. After a certain number of recasts, you can specify the next recast to be any non-rare attribute.

[Recast Value]: Choose any attribute of a Souljade to recast. The value has a chance to increase after the recast. The higher the value, the lower the probability of gaining an increase.

[Carved Crystal]: Obtained by completing any stage with Fatigue consumption or via weekly quests in Showdown.

2. The old recast feature will continue for a while, but Quench Crystals producing is now only available through [Showdown Store] and [Heroes Assemble]. Quench Crystal can be used in the old recast system and as a replacement for Carved Crystal in the new recast system. After the old recast feature is removed, Quench Crystals can no longer be obtained. Pay attention to future announcements for the specific adjustment time of this feature.

The item [Quench Crystal] is replaced by [Carved Crystal] in the Gift Store.

3. Introduced a new imbuing item [Shrouded Jade]. You can use 3 Shrouded Jades to add a random attribute to a Souljade, up to a maximum of 4. [Shrouded Jades] are mainly obtained through completing any stage consuming Fatigue or via weekly quests in Showdown.


III. Combat Adjustments

1. Adjustment to Frostbite: The freezing effect after accumulating maximum Frostbite is now delayed, with a new visual effect indicator added to show when the effect is about to take hold.

2. Adjustment to Divine Thunder: Increased the strike range of Divine Thunder triggered by enemies when their ThunderShock is full.

3. Extended the startup frames for tracking bullet move of the [Fiery Monster].

4. The binding array move of the [Fiery Monster] has been adjusted from releasing five binding arrays to three.

5. Increased the effect area of the Anima Ring [HydroFlare·Pyroblast].

6. The Anima Ring [HydroFlare·Underwater Draco] now triggers a soaked strike upon hitting the area.

7. Increased the burn damage from [Scorching] by 83%.


IV. Hero Adjustments

1. Tianhai's skill [Divine Bell: Showdown] now includes a striking effect on surrounding enemies.

2. Optimized the Showdown Skill and Potentials' patterns for all heroes with unified corner labels.


V. Souljade Adjustments

1. [Yushan Shadows] new effect: "Once carrying full Frostbite, freezing yourself caused by full Frostbite can be blocked by Defuse. "

The damage multiplier of "Matron of Yushan's Shadow" has been adjusted from 12 to 8.4, and when using the Defuse (Counterattack) Martial Skills, the damage multiplier of "Matron of Yushan's Shadow" is correspondingly reduced by 30%.

2. Optimized the issue of repeated sound effects of [Tundra Might] when [Sub-Zero Seal] is equipped.

3. The Matron of Yushan Set has replaced the Awakening Set in the recommendations of Free Training.

4. Added sub-attributes which boost the damage of melee and ranged weapon attacks. The original weapon-specific damage bonus attributes will no longer be gained through new Souljades.


VI. Omens Adjustments

Omens [Ice Flower] and [Thunder Plasma] now include a range indicator before activation, with the duration of [Thunder Plasma] reduced.


VII. Feature Adjustments

If the highest Sense Level of all current heroes is lower than the recommended level when starting the Showdown stage, a reminder window will appear.


Feature Optimizations

I. Client

Optimized UI animation execution efficiency to enhance game smoothness.


II. In-Game

Optimized the performance of climbing, fixed the issue of unable to climb over low barriers.


III. XBOX Optimizations

Improved terrain rendering to decrease CPU load during terrain drawing and enhance average frame rate.


Store Updates

I. New Packs

1. Added Zai exclusive Pack [Operation Appetizer Pack], which contains the Zai exclusive Legendary Outfit [Operation·Appetizer] and the Legendary Accessory [Operation·Gourmet]. Standard price: 3,000 Gold; Now: 1,950 Gold. Individual cosmetics have their own discounts, but the Pack discount is even bigger!

2. Added Weapon Skin Pack [Cluck Cluck Crow Crow Pack], which contains the Nunchucks Legendary Skin [Crow Crow], Repeating Crossbow Legendary Skin [Cluck Cluck]. Standard price: 3,000 Gold; Now: 360 Gold. Individual cosmetics have their own discounts, but the Pack discount is even bigger!


II. New Discounts

1. Newly added Shayol Wei Legendary Outfit [Operation·Beverage]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

2. Kurumi Legendary Accessory [Kitsune Ears]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.

3. Kurumi Legendary Accessory [Fox Tail]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

4. Feria Shen Legendary Accessory [The Nine Songs·Aroma]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 900 Gold.

5. Valda Cui Epic Pose [Unhurried]. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 200 Gold.


Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where Kurumi occasionally had abnormal horizontal movement speed when using skills in certain situations.

2. Fixed an issue where Tarka Ji failed to release [Flame Force: Fireball] and [Flame Force: Showdown] under Ultimates [Fire Frenzy: Reload] and [Fire Frenzy: Showdown] states occasionally.

3. Fixed an issue where Lyam Liu using the [Auric Core] could not envelop Shayol Wei who was not yet under the [Black Tortoise Guard].

4. Fixed the issue of mismatch between the striking range of Tessa's Ultimate [Enchant: Group Prey] and the performance of special effects.


II. Weapon-related Bugs

Fixed an issue where the strike duration of the Greatsword and Polesword Scale Rush moves was too long.


III. Showdown Bugs

1. Fixed an issue in Yama's Abyss where the Water Omnius·Beast could leave the combat area and not reset.

2. Fixed an issue where the "Thunder Plasma" Mechanism's strike location might be slightly off.


IV. Xbox and PlayStation-related Bug

Fixed the issue of indoor lighting to prevent excessive darkness on certain monitors.