NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – April 25th, 2024

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from April 24th, 2024 at 23:00 (UTC) to April 25th, 2024 at 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand New Content

Mysterious objects are turning up in the waters of Holoroth's Plumed Castle, and the sky over Fairyland Penglai seems to portend something ominous...


I. Tenacity Season's Immortal War is now available

After reaching Platinum, players can participate in Immortal War, competing across new ranks and winning Season rewards. These rewards will be awarded based on the highest rank attained in Immortal War (Solo, Duos, or Trios).

Rank Requirement


<Master II>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*3

<Master III>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*4, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon]

<Master IV>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*5, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon]

<Grandmaster I>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*6, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon], Hero Badge [Tenacity·Grandmaster I]

<Grandmaster II>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*7, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon], Hero Badge [Tenacity·Grandmaster II]

<Grandmaster III>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*8, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon], Hero Badge [Tenacity·Grandmaster III]

<Grandmaster IV>

Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*9, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon], Hero Badge [Tenacity·Grandmaster IV]


Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*10, Cannon Legendary Skin [Infernal Cannon], Hero Badge [Tenacity·Magnate]

If you make it to the Top 500 in the Immortal War, you'll be on the Immortal Leaderboard. It's updated every Monday at 04:00 (UTC). Being in the Top 500 earns you a special Title. At the end of the season, being on the leaderboard or having a Title gets you an avatar.

In addition, at the time of the final weekly settlement, the Top 3 players will be awarded exclusive Hero Badges.


II. Limited-Time Event: Tempered Metal

Event Duration: Apr 24, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - May 8, 2024 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules

1. By completing Daily Quests, players can obtain Lyam's Token: Lodestone and have an additional chance to obtain one of the following rewards: Tae, Spectral Silk, Mythic Treasure, Peerless Treasure Choice Gift, Hero Coin, Legendary Trial Card, Tenacity Coin. 

2. There are 4 Sections, which can be unlocked with the corresponding Lodestones.

3. You can claim rewards by unlocking any of the four Sections. Some rewards will be available after the new version is released, so stay tuned.

4. Each day, you can help a player obtain a Lodestone (by tapping the "Share Lyam's Token" in the contact list, selecting a Lodestone, and confirming to share it). You won't consume your Tokens by doing so. However, each player can only be given one Lodestone per day.

5. After the event ends, you can still claim unlocked rewards on the event page within the remaining time to claim rewards. But you can no longer complete Quests or Share Lyam's Tokens during that period. Once the Tokens expire, they can be disposed into 160 Tae each in the Inventory


III. Limited-Time Event: Soothing Picnic

Event Duration: Apr 24, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - May 13, 2024 20:00 (UTC)

Sign in daily to get Lotus Leaves. The number of Lotus Leaves will increase after signing for 10 days. Open a Lotus Leaf to randomly get a reward from: Treasure, Legendary Outfit, Showdown Souljade Gift, Tenacity Coin, Spectral Silk or Tae. By signing in for multiple days, players can get the Legendary Accessory [Whaleglass], Peerless Treasure Choice Gift, Tenacity Treasure and other rewards.



IV. Season Treasures Return


During the event, Mythic Treasure, Echelon Treasure, Dawn Treasure and Reckoning Treasure will be available again for a limited time.


In-game Adjustments

I. Feature Optimizations

Optimized the pillar display at the Songbird Arena in Fairyland Penglai for better speculation.


II. Mechanism Adjustments

1. Adjusted the hitbox of Scout Bells and Springtime Targets to address certain cases where they cannot be hit.

2. Changed the effects of the Chandeliers in Holoroth's Plumed Castle. Now, these Chandeliers will cause characters that they hit to be Stunned for 3 sec.


III. Hot Potato Counter

1. Newly added Weapon [Polesword] and Souljade [Hot Potato·Blistering Edge].

2. Reduced the number of rounds in Solo and Trios modes, and adjusted the Health value of each round in Solo mode.

3. Optimized the performance when the Hot Potato respawns.

4. Adjusted the speed of Hot Potato.

5. Enabled Ref Mode for Custom Rooms.

6. After being knocked out, players can send messages in the channel, switch which player they are spectating, and check the game rules.

7. Live stats leaderboard now always shows your own stats.


IV. Weapon Adjustments

As the Festival of Water event has come to an end, the projectiles of the Swarm have been changed back to normal bombs and can no longer be obtained from Stashes. Projectiles' direct hit damage multiplier is changed back from 0.13 to 0.18, and explosion damage multiplier from 0.27 to 0.37.


Out-game Adjustments

I.  Rotation

The rotation of game modes will be changed to: Shadow Surge·Holoroth, Capture the Spirit Well·Celestra, Capture the Spirit Well·Plumed Castle, Shadow Surge·The Morus Isle, Capture the Spirit Well·Plumed Castle, Capture the Spirit Well·Morus Isle


II. Added the Toggle Feature for Cloak

Outfit that currently supports cloak toggle: Timeless Crafts·Tiger Tally

1. Toggle the cloak function to preview how it shows in-game.

2. Can be previewed in the Training Ground.

3. The cloak's effects apply only during matches.

4. Other player models are unaffected.


III. Optimization of Outfits' See-through Effects

Outfits that support the See-through feature: Onmyoji Arena·Ecliptic Meander, Golden Damselfly, Giant Whale, Justice·Gossamer Iris, Nine Tailed Destiny and Star - Nine Tailed Destiny.

1. When enabled, transparency allows a see-through effect for outfits and cosmetics that block your view.

2. Toggle to preview how it shows in-game. Please note that it cannot be enabled while playing a cosmetic's preview animation.

3. This feature applies only during matches.

4. Other player models are unaffected.


Showdown Adjustments

I. Enigma Peak: Thunder-wielding Available

1. In the Enigma Peak, Showdown Souljades drop by various kinds. If you defeat a certain number of Bosses in a single match, you can also receive rewards like a Legendary Souljade Choice Gift, exclusive achievements and so on.

2. Some bosses in the Enigma Peak now have special moves.

3. This season's Enigma Peak will have two phases: [Thunder-wielding] and [Ice-wielding]. It is recommended to use the corresponding Souljades for an easier experience. Stay tuned for the specific time of the Enigma Peak·Thunder-wielding in the upcoming notices.


II. Combat Adjustments

1. Adjusted the startup frames for the [Water Ent]'s double bite, and adjusted the sound effects of its invisible moves.

2. Adjusted the startup frames for [Depth Fiend]'s double slash move.

3. Adjusted the collision size of [Omnius·Aureate].

4. Optimized the flash effect cues for the blue moves of [Omnius·Rock] in its second phase and [Omnius·Aureate].

5. Changed the [Ghost Hornet]'s dash from a golden move to a white move, and shortened the duration it can block bullets during the move.

6. [Omnius·Hell Scorch] and [Omnius·Umbra Scorch] now have new execution strikes.


III. Enigma Domain Adjustments

1. Adjusted the monster types and their activity ranges in certain strongholds of Celestra in the Enigma Domain.

2. Adjusted the combat range of bosses in Celestra in the Enigma Domain.


IV. Yama's Abyss Adjustments

1. Reduced the total number of stages in Void Space from 30 to 24 (the Fatigue cost and rewards per game remain unchanged).

2. Each Rift Dealer in Void Space will now sell a maximum of 20 Carved Jades (unchanged in the main Yama's Abyss story).

3. An extra Anima Ring will be given during the Preparation Phase and after boss battles in Void Space.

//Dev Notes: We've adjusted the pace in Void Space, shortening the duration of individual games while ensuring the income per game and the development ceiling remain unchanged.

4. Reduced the total number of monsters appearing in "Protect the Soul Altar" stage.

5. Adjusted the spawn locations of some ranged monsters.


V. Feature Adjustments

1. Global Max Drop Level has been increased from 750 to 760. Max Enhancement Level has been increased from 770 to 780. These two levels will no longer change during this Showdown season.

2. The gameplay intro for the Void Space is now displayed at the bottom of the gameplay interface.

3. Extended the time required for the stage of the [Immovable] in the Doom mode.


Feature Optimizations

I. Client

Optimized the loading for melee weapon assets to improve fluency greatly.


II. Title Adjustment

After selecting Titles on the "Profile" page, they will be broadcast to all players during the Preparation Phase.

Titles that will be broadcast include: tournament Title, the Top 100 Immortal Leaderboard, the Top 100 Hall of Fame, the Top 100 of Yama's Abyss Leaderboard, and the Top 100 of Speedrun Leaderboard.

Also, other Titles no longer show the previous pop-up prompts.


III. Hero Theme Adjustments

Hero Themes can be equipped to certain Outfits, without affecting the music played while wearing other outfits.


IV. Justice Chamber

1. If the Leader of a Justice Chamber has been offline for 14 days, members of that Justice Chamber will have a chance to take over as Leader in the following order: Co-Leader, Honorary Leader, members with a Level 5 Title, a Level 4 Title, and finally a Level 3 Title.

2. If no member with a given position or rank takes over as Leader within 14 days, then members with the next position or rank on the list will have the chance to take over.

3. After a new Leader has taken over, the former Leader will become an Honorary Leader, with the same permissions as a Co-Leader.


IV. PlayStation 5 Optimizations

1. Improved the garbage collection process, reducing the impact that garbage collection has on frame rate. (Note: Garbage collection happens when the application needs to free up memory)

2. Optimized visual effects in the tutorials to prevent frame rate drops.


Store Updates

I. New Packs


1. Added Shayol Wei exclusive Pack [Zhan Lu Pack], which contains the Shayol Wei Legendary Outfit [Zhan Lu], Longsword Legendary Skin [Crystal Edge] and Legendary Hairstyle [Tied Tassel]. Standard price: 4,100 Gold; Now: 2,600 Gold. Individual cosmetics have their own discounts, but the Pack discount is even bigger!


2. Added Akos Hu exclusive Pack [Tiger Tally Pack], which contains the Akos Hu exclusive Legendary Outfit [Timeless Crafts·Tiger Tally] and the Legendary Hairstyle [Timeless Crafts·Free Spirit]. Standard price: 2,600 Gold; Now: 1,800 Gold. Individual cosmetics have their own discounts, but the Pack discount is even bigger!


II. New Discounts

1. Newly added Akos Hu's Legendary Accessory [Timeless Crafts·Roaring Rally]. (Equipping it changes the appearance of the Akos Hu's Skill, Roar. But it won't change Roar: Blast and Roar: Terror.) Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

2. Newly added Shayol Wei Legendary Pose [Frost Gleam]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

3. Newly added Shayol Wei Legendary Background [Prime Alloy]. Standard price: 600 Gold; Now: 500 Gold.

4. Newly added Shayol Wei Legendary Base [Paramount Stand]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.

5. Legendary Pose [Charming] for all heroes. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 360 Gold.

6. Heng Sword Legendary Skin [Laudation·Unlimited]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.


III. New Items in Spectral Silk Store

1. Newly added Epic Customization Item [Eyeshadow 31] with a price of 5,000 Spectral Silk.

2. Newly added Shayol Wei Legendary Accessory [Endazzle] with a price of 12,000 Spectral Silk.


Bug Fixes

I. Showdown-related Bugs

1. Fixed a scene physics issue with the second-floor bridge of Celestra in the Enigma Domain.

2. Fixed an issue where the Miasma Ghosts summoned by Cursespawns and Thunderspawns in Yama's Abyss could have abnormally high Health.


II. In-game Bugs

Fixed an issue with the Chandeliers in Holoroth's Plumed Castle where they would not affect characters in the area around where they fell.


III. PlayStation 5-related Bug

Fixed some crashes that may have been caused by asynchronous instantiation.


IV. Fairyland Penglai Bug

Fixed an issue in Fairyland Penglai where the quick gift button for instruments is still visible in photo mode.