NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – Apr 11th, 2024

Dear players,


The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from April 10th, 2024 at 23:00 (UTC) to April 11th, 2024 at 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand New Content

I. Brand New Glyph Plan

1. Glyph Boards, now called "Glyph Plans", have been overhauled. They use a system similar to Potential Plans in Showdown mode, and all Tae spent on unlocking and upgrading Glyphs will be returned.

2. Unlocked Hero Glyph Boards will be converted into Hero-Exclusive Glyph Plans.

3. Glyphs will be unlocked when the account level reaches Level 4, and a Glyph point will be awarded for every two levels advanced. These points can then be allocated in the Glyph Plan to activate various Glyphs needing to spend Tae.



[Tenacity] BATTLEPASS is now available, which includes a variety of valuable items and skins! Players can obtain more rewards by unlocking the Advanced Hidden Treasure! You can get a Treasure Scroll at the price of 1,200 Gold and a Glory Scroll at 2,840 Gold.


III. Changes to Stamina

1. Increased Maximum Stamina by 18.16%, which equals the Maximum Stamina provided by the previous Glyph: [Omni] Mind.

2. Reduced Stamina cost for Dodge and Short-handle Weapons' Quick Dash by 3.52%.

3. Increased Stamina recovery speed by 3.33%.

//Developer's Note: When all Stamina-related Glyph points are activated in the new Glyph Plan, the Stamina cost and Stamina recovery speed for Dodge and Short-handle Weapons' Quick Dash will be on par with equipping [Omni] Mind *6 and [Lunar] Agility *6 before this update.


IV. New Mode: Hot Potato Counter


Description: Use various techniques to bounce the Hot Potato and defeat the opponent.

Players: 9 for Solo, 6 for Trios



1. The game has multiple rounds. Each round begins with a NARAKA Hot Potato spawning in the center, which starts by tracking a random player and then gains speed as it is struck by players. Being hit by the Hot Potato reduces Health.

2. In Solo mode, players have one Health point per round; in Trios, each player gets two.

3. Win by defeating all opponents or scoring the highest before the round concludes.

Hot Potato:

1. The Red Hot Potato is coming right for you!

2. Blue Hot Potatoes are friendly. You don't have to dodge them.

3. A Hot Potato will deal damage to anyone in its path. Even a White Hot Potato isn't safe.

4. Use different moves to rebound the Hot Potato faster!


Hot Potatoes struck by enemies/teammates can be struck again to change their trajectory and target.

Catch (Trios Only):

When a teammate hits a Blue Hot Potato and it's nearby, you can use a charged strike to have it circle your body, then quickly toss the Hot Potato.


1. Vertical strike to pass a Hot Potato to your teammates (Trios Only).

2. Different moves will let you manipulate the speed and direction of the Hot Potato's movement:

 · Common Attack - Regular rebound shot

 · Focus Strike - Speeds up the Hot Potato a moderate amount

 · Counter - Catch the Hot Potato and throw it in a curve to the aimed direction with an extra speed boost.

3. Skills and Souljades - More powerful rebound techniques!

4. Speed boosts from the same move can stack, but hitting the Hot Potato with a different move will reset the speed boost.

Exquisite Vessel:

There's a chance that Souljades and items will spawn in the Exquisite Vessel:

 · Armor - blocks one instance of Hot Potato damage

 · Hot Potato·Rampage—hitting the Hot Potato will let you rebound it in a rightward arc with a speed boost

Counter-type Glyphs: [Lunar] Agile is effective against active Hot Potatoes


V. Fairyland Penglai Updates

1. Instrument Proficiency Updates

(1) A proficiency system for Er-hu, Flute, Drum, Gong and Woodblock instruments is now available.

(2) Added performance effects as new rewards as players level up their proficiency.

2. Kite Updates

Certain Emote Gestures can be performed on the kite. Enjoy the show with your friends!


VI. Limited-time Event: Currents Clash

Lakes and seas so vast and wide, with mists and clouds that doth abide.

1. Each day, players can choose one of the two Cultivations.

Fortuna's Gift: If you gain Score from a Ranked match, you will get a 25% Score Bonus; if you lose Score from a Ranked match, your Score loss will be halved. Eurekas will diminish by 1. (No Eureka is used when the Score is 0.)

Thunder Cove's Mercy: Gain 150% XP and Treasure XP from the next match of the Survival mode, Casual mode or Showdown, diminishing Eurekas by 1.

2. Players can choose only one Cultivation Bonus per day, and the choice cannot be changed.

3. Completing each event quest grants a Eureka. There are 7 quest sets, which unlock sequentially over time, one after another upon completion of the prior set.

4. Eurekas expire daily, so please use them the same day they're received.

5. The event grants extra rewards based on the total number of quests completed.


VII. Limited-time Event: Festival of Water

Event Duration: Apr 10, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Apr 21, 2024 20:00 (UTC)

Redeem the rewards before: Apr 24, 2024 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules

1. Players earn Serene Drops by completing event quests. Serene Drops can be redeemed for rewards.

2. Throughout the event, the ranged weapon, Swarm, gains a limited-time special effect: shooting water bombs! Obtain Swarm from Stashes or Morus' Blessings (except in Showdown and Immortal War modes). Projectiles' direct hit damage multiplier is reduced from 0.18 to 0.13, and explosion damage multiplier from 0.37 to 0.27.

Enjoy a lively water fight!


VIII. Limited-time Event: PlayStation® Tournaments #4

We brandish swords to gain fame, the only heroes in this game. PlayStation® Tournaments #4 are available for a limited time!

Event Duration: Apr 11, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - May 8, 2024 20:00 (UTC).

Event Rules

Complete daily quests during the event to claim Honor Medals - APR. You can claim more Medals in the mail after advancing, and the quantity awarded for each rank is as follows:
1st place: 300 Medals

2nd place: 200 Medals

3rd-4th place: 100 Medals

5th-8th place: 50 Medals

Medals can be used for redeeming rewards and participating in rankings.

Start Time of Tournament:


Monday - Friday (UTC)

Saturday - Sunday (UTC)

















Start Time of the First Tournament:

NA: 2024.04.12 03:00

AS: 2024.04.12 11:00

SEA: 2024.04.12 11:00

EU: 2024.04.12 19:00


IX. PlayStation Challenge

Challenge the wind in this race! PlayStation Sky-high Racing #1 is now open!

Compete against players worldwide and ascend the rankings by achieving a place among the Top 100 fastest in Sky-high Racing mode.

How to participate:
Start Sky-high Racing on Fairyland Penglai to participate in the event, and check the global leaderboard on the event card.

Event Duration: Apr 11, 2024 00:00 (UTC) - May 9, 2024 00:00 (UTC).


X. New Tenacity Season Pack

Can be purchased during Apr 11, 2024 00:00 (UTC) to Jul 4, 2024 00:00 (UTC)

Discount Duration: Apr 11, 2024 00:00:00 (UTC) - May 9, 2024 00:00:00 (UTC)

Purchase the Season Pack to get the following rewards:

(1) Tenacity Season Pack Exclusive, Epic Head Accessory for Shayol Wei: Whisker-Watcher

(2) Advanced Hidden Treasure Card: Use to unlock the Advanced Hidden Treasure of the current season. (Usable during Tenacity Season or all subsequent seasons)

(3) Baize's Blessing: Use to collect rewards from Baize's Blessing for 30 days.

(4) Gold*600

(5) Peerless Treasure Choice Gift*10



Hero Adjustments

I. Akos Hu

1. Slightly reduced the startup frames of [Roar: Blast].

2. Adjusted the Damage Multiplier for the 1st/2nd/3rd stage of [Pounce] strike in Ultimate Status from 1.0/1.3/1.6 to 1.0/1.5/2.0.

3. Adjusted the Damage multipliers for the three lunges of [Feral Frenzy] from 2.2/2.5/2.8 to 2.4/2.7/3.0, and the multiplier of healing through attacks from 0.3 to 0.4.

4. Optimized the performance of [Feral Frenzy: Grab] and increased the vertical range of lunges. The priority of the knockdown effect has also been adjusted. Shayol Wei's [Black Tortoise Block] will no longer be triggered (however, if Shayol Wei is already in the [Black Tortoise Guard] phase, Akos Hu cannot knock her down), and hitting Zai will force her out of [Flame Ward].


II. Viper Ning

1. Increased the Damage Reduction of all Ultimate variants of [Moonbane Control] from 50% to 70%.

2. Increased the sustained Damage Reduction of all Ultimate variants of [Moonbane Control: Unchained] from 40% to 50%.


III. Kurumi

1. Increased the Damage Reduction of all Ultimate variants of [Purified Circle] from 50% to 70%, and reduced recovery frames.

2. Reduced the startup frames of the Ultimate [Purified Circle: Rapid]'s airborne strikes. The strike can be interrupted by dodging.


IV. Tarka Ji

1. Adjusted the timing of skill usage for [Flame Force: Fireball] to the moment of shooting the fireball.

2. Increased the Damage Reduction of all Ultimate variants of [Fire Frenzy] from 50% to 70%.

3. Tarka Ji will no longer be interrupted by Valda Cui's [Rising Tide] in Ultimate Status.


V. Zai

1. Reduced the recovery frames when unleashing Ultimate under all [Chain Scythe]'s Ultimate variants.

2. Optimized the attack direction detection for the horizontal and vertical strikes of Zai's Ultimate weapon [Chain Scythe].


VI. Shayol Wei

1. Slightly reduced the recovery frames when unleashing Ultimate under all [Justiciar's Guard]'s Ultimate variants.

2. Increased the cooldown of [Shield Bash: Rush] from 16 to 19 sec. Reduced the extra cooldown time added after a successful hit or at the end of the Rush from 8 to 5 sec.

//Developer's Note: We've increased the initial cooldown time for skills that fail to hit, while keeping the overall cooldown time after a successful hit the same as it was. This will make dodging an enemy Shayol's [Shield Bash: Rush] more rewarding.


Weapon Adjustments

I. Nunchucks

1. After a successful block, players can interrupt the enemy by jumping or dodging, and the window for unleashing a counterstrike has been extended.

2. Optimized the attack speed and melee correction for Scale Rush, and slightly increased the stagger time of the hit enemy.

II. Katana

Optimized the effects of [Soul Slash] and [Thunderstorm] upon attacking enemies, stabilizing the combo connection of multiple strikes.


Combat Adjustments

1. Adjusted the stagger time caused by airborne attacks so that it matches the corresponding network delay.
2. Increased the maximum value of all types of Armor by 20%.

Max value of Common armor increased from 500 to 600.

Max value of Rare armor increased from 750 to 900.

Max value of Epic armor increased from 1000 to 1200.

Max value of Legendary armor increased from 1250 to 1500.

Max value of Extreme armor increased from 1500 to 1800.

3. Increased the recovery amount of Armor Powder by 20%.

Recovery amount of Armor Powder increased from 250 to 300.

Recovery amount of Armor Powder II increased from 500 to 600.

4. Increased the recovery amount of Armor Powder by 20% when equipped with Advanced Heal and Group Heal Souljades.

5. Armor display adjustment: Increased the Armor value of each bar segment from 250 to 300.


In-game Adjustments

I. Immortal War Adjustments

1. Increased the amount of rewarded Dark Tide Coins for defeating enemies during specific timeframes to 3000/6000/12000/18000 in Duos and Trios and 3000/10000/20000/30000 for Solo.

2. Added to the Rift Dealer a new tab for items that unlock over time and some limited-time items. Added item "Universal Key" (Transforms into the key to the nearest Cave after purchase).

3. Replaced the Morus' Blessing that refreshes each round outside the Realm of Yang with Spirit Well, and introduced a shield that only blocks incoming bullets coming from outside.

4. The same rewards offered for Morus' Blessing are now generated at the Spirit Well upon capture. If the Power of Four Beasts is among the rewards, it will be directly granted to the capturing team.

5. Added new Morus' Blessing to be unlocked in the Cave, which includes:

Epic armor, Epic weapons, Epic Souljades, random Rare weapons or armor, Healing Berries II, Armor Powder II, and Grappling Hook.

6. The highest quality of equipment that players can obtain from a Blue Stash has been changed from Epic to Rare.

7. The golden toad which carries the Cave's key will no longer respawn.

8. Reduced the Dark Tide Coins spawned in the map.


II. Feature Optimizations

1. Adjusted the duration of Soulbloom Essence dropped in Remains in The Survival modes to 120 sec, after which the item will disappear.

2. Changed the color of icons for scout effects on the map to red.

3. The brightness of the in-game map has been adjusted appropriately to highlight the key information more prominently. The icon layers for Rift Dealer and Soul Altars have been moved below the Shadow Corruption's layer.


III. Other Adjustments

Removed in-game Soul Land Crossover content.


Out-game Adjustments

I. Chat

1. Added notification when receiving unread private messages in Lobby, Justice Chamber and Party channels.

2. These notifications can be enabled/disabled under Settings > Social > Chat > Message Notifications.

II. Rotation

1. Adjusted the rotation cycle to every 2 hours.

2. Currently featured rotation order: Shadow Surge·Holoroth, Capture the Spirit Well: Celestra, Shadow Surge·The Morus Isle, Capture the Spirit Well: Plumed Castle

III. [Soul Land] Crossover Ends

As our crossover event with Soul Land comes to a close, all crossover-related products will no longer be sold starting on April 17, 2024, at 16:00 (UTC), including:

[Soul Land·Xiao Wu], [Soul Land·Tang San], [Soul Land·Huo Yuhao], [Soul Land·Tang Wutong], [Soul Land·Conqueror], [Soul Land·Ghostcarve], [Soul Land·Asura], and all other cosmetics, including Outfits, Hairstyles, Weapon Skins, Accessories, Poses, Backgrounds, etc.

All Upgradable Collections can continue to be upgraded.

IV. Showdown now has exclusive Battlepass Challenge Quests, which you can complete to increase your Hidden Treasure level.

V. Capture the Spirit Well Scoring

Adjusted the scoring rules of Capture the Spirit Well mode.


Showdown Adjustments

I. Free Training Mode for Showdown

Free Training mode for Showdown is now available. Players can head to the Off-islands of Morus Isle for unrestricted trials of all Souljades to explore the best matches and understand their effects and damage. You can also practice with all Heroes, mastering their Skills, Martial Skills, and Defuse Martial Skills timing.


II. Combat Adjustments

1. Increased Max Armor for all armor tiers by 20%.

Max Armor for Common armor increased from 500 to 600.

Max Armor for Rare armor increased from 750 to 900.

Max Armor for Epic armor increased from 1000 to 1200.

Max Armor for Legendary armor increased from 1250 to 1500.

Max Armor for Extreme armor increased from 1500 to 1800.

2. Armor display adjustment: Increased the Armor value of each bar segment from 250 to 300.

3. Added a prompt and an attack increase icon for triggering [Defuse·Aegis-break] Souljade effects.

4. Optimized Burning-related descriptions.

5. Modified the effect from Blue variant Potentials, "The chance that items won't deplete after use", to "After triggering Ice Blast, gain a recovery effect".

6. Reduced the Damage Multiplier for [Water Ent]'s 5-hit water spits from 2.0 to 1.5.

7. Reduced the stagger time of [Water Ent]'s Blue downward strike.

8. Reduced the Damage Multiplier of [Fiery Monster]'s White melee attacks from 4 to 2.5.

9. Optimized the collision size of [Omnius·Aureate] and [Iron Taifeng].

10. Moderately reduced the Attack and Health of [Omnius·Umbra Scorch] in Eventide Ember (Normal).

11. Optimized the recommendation logic for [The Awakening] Souljades in Yama's Abyss.

12. Added new label [Burn] to [HydroFlare] Anima Rings.


III. Hero Adjustments

1. Increased the Damage Reduction of Viper Ning's Ultimate [Moonbane Control: Showdown] from 50% to 70%.

2. Increased the Damage Reduction of Kurumi's Ultimate [Purified Circle: Showdown] from 50% to 70%.

3. Adjusted the timing of usage for Tarka Ji's skill [Flame Force: Showdown] to the moment of shooting the fireball.

4. Increased the Damage Reduction of Tarka Ji's Ultimate [Fire Frenzy: Showdown] from 50% to 70%.

5. Fixed a damage loss issue with Wuchen's Martial Skills [Yin Yang Seal] and [Spirit Blade Seal].


IV. Enigma Domain Adjustments

Optimized the physical collision of the giant plant tentacles in the Eventide Temple in Enigma Domain.


V. Yama's Abyss Adjustments

1. Added Omen indicators next to the minimap to make it easier to view the specific effects of each Omen. Besides, stage Omens are now displayed during hero selection.

2. The stage Omens will also appear in the Preparation Stage and at Rift Dealer Stages.


VI. Features Adjustments

1. Global Max Drop Level has been increased from 730 to 750. Max Enhancement Level has been increased from 750 to 770.

2. Souljade locking is now enabled on the settlement page.

3. Added category tabs to the Souljade Inventory, which allow players to view their Souljade stocks by category.

4. Optimized Inventory sorting rules. Souljades that are incompatible with the current hero are moved to the end by default.

5. Players can now check the Challenge Quests for the current Doom Level on the hero selection page when playing the Doom mode.

6. On the Preparation page, heroes' weapon information has been changed to small icons.


Store Updates

I. New Packs 

Added the Yoto Hime exclusive Pack [Porcelain Hue], which contains the Yoto Hime exclusive Legendary Outfit [Timeless Crafts·Porcelain Hue] and the Greatsword Legendary Skin [Timeless Crafts·Porcelain Shard]. Standard price: 4,200 Gold; Now: 2,880 Gold. Individual cosmetics have their own discounts, but the Pack discount is even bigger!


II. New Discounts

1. Heng Sword Legendary Skin [Laudation·Unlimited]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.

2. Newly added Epic Kill Announcement [Timeless Crafts·Ceramic Melody]f for all heroes. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 200 Gold.

3. Newly added Epic Emote Gesture [Vitality Surge] for all heroes.
Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 180 Gold.

4. Newly added Legendary Pose [Charming] for all heroes. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 360 Gold.

5. Newly added Tessa Epic Pose [Charming]. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 180 Gold.

6. Newly added Yoto Hime Epic Background [Dyed Cyan]. Standard price: 200 Gold; Now: 150 Gold.

7. Newly added Yoto Hime Epic Base [Glazed Colors]. Standard price: 400 Gold; Now: 300 Gold.

8. Yoto Hime Epic Pose [Free Spirit]. Standard price: 500 Gold; Now: 400 Gold.

9. The [Stamp Feet], [Quite Interesting], and [Greeting Applaud] Emote Gestures are now discounted at the same rate as when they were initially added.


III. New Items in the Tae Store

1. Newly added Repeating Crossbow Legendary Skin [Powderkeg-Tech] with a price of 30,000 Tae.

2. Newly added Staff Legendary Skin [Spiked Tumbler] with a price of 30,000 Tae.

3. Newly added Legendary Accessory [Frost Garland] with a price of 24,000 Tae.

4. Newly added Legendary Accessory [2674·Energy Cell] with a price of 18,000 Tae.

5. Newly added Legendary Accessory [2674·Plum Blossom] with a price of 18,000 Tae.

6. Newly added Epic Accessory [Panda] with a price of 6,000 Tae.

7. Newly added Epic Accessory [Gilded Mirror] with a price of 6,000 Tae.

8. Newly added Epic Background [The Lab] with a price of 4,000 Tae.

9. Newly added Epic Background [Astra Street] with a price of 4,000 Tae.

10. Newly added Epic Background [Repair Station] with a price of 4,000 Tae.

11. Newly added Epic Background [The Frontier] with a price of 4,000 Tae.

12. Newly added Epic Background [Dark Forest] with a price of 4,000 Tae.

13. Newly added Epic Bubble [Yueshan·Tu Na] with a price of 4,000 Tae.

14. Newly added Item [Spectral Silk Box] with a price of 10,000 Tae. Can only be bought 3 times.

15. Newly added Item [Peerless Treasure Choice Gift] with a price of 6,000 Tae. Can only be bought 5 times.



Feature Adjustments

I. In-game Adjustments

1. Optimized many of the settings that fall under "Filter" on the Graphics page, fixing an issue where Blue Focus Visual Effects would not change accordingly.

// Dev Note: We noticed that many players would activate the "Tender" filter because of how strong the lighting became when active. Not turning on Tender would make the visual effects of Focuses more visible, but this would also cause other visual effects to get crowded out, interfering with lines of sight. We have therefore modified the brightness of Focus visual effects for each filter type. This will ensure that Focus visual effects appear equally well across all filter types, while maintaining the brightness of all other visual effects to make visual information in combat clearer.

2. Optimized the Free Camera feature. In Free Camera state, attacks will reorient the camera towards the crosshair.


Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where players would still be inflicted with debuffs (such as Burning and Cripple) even after successfully using Defuse to neutralize enemies' attacks.

2. Fixed an abnormal Burning damage issue with Zai's [Flame Ward: Firestorm] and [Chain Scythe: Suppress].


II. Battle-related Bugs

Fixed an issue in the Greatsword Counter Training in Free Training mode where the AI opponent unleashed a limited variety of moves.


III. Showdown-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where players would still be inflicted with debuffs (such as Burning and Cripple) even after successfully using Defuse to neutralize enemies' attacks.

2. Fixed an issue where certain heroes' attacks mistakenly emptied the defuse slots when equipped with Souljades [Defuse·Ice Flow] or [Defuse·Raging Flame].

3. Fixed incorrect descriptions of [Sap] class Souljades.

4. Fixed an issue where the corresponding effects would fail to trigger when successfully performing Divine Thunder strike while having Souljades [Defuse Flaming Blade] or [Defuse Solidification], and the Potential [Honed Blessing] equipped.

5. Fixed an issue where enemies who were killed while airborne would not disappear due to improper collision.

6. Fixed an issue where hitting allies' arrows would trigger the effects of Potential [Skilled Fire Chant] and Anima Ring [HydroFlare Scorched Cloud] when equipped with Souljade [Advanced Heal Crossbow].

7. Fixed an issue of missing map legends in the minimap of the Celestra in Enigma Domain.

8. Fixed an issue where Wuchen being unable to obtain [Short-handle Weapon Sap] and [Netherstep] in Yama's Abyss.

9. Fixed an issue that would occur with the damage multipliers of Fan Counterstrike Combos.

10. Fixed the abnormal damage multipliers of Fan Counterstrike Combos while having the Souljade [Short-handle Weapon Sap] equipped.

11. Fixed the abnormal display of a red dot on the Enigma Domain Tab.

12. Fixed an issue where no Dark Tide Coins being given upon defeating Korvine in the Yama's Abyss.

IV. PlayStation-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue that infrequently caused crashes when connecting to a server.

2. Fixed an issue that infrequently caused the game to lag out when returning to the Lobby.



1. Fixed the required number of Anima Rings to complete the Hero Badge [Rings of Turmoil] Citrine.

2. Fixed an issue where the tabs under the Achievements page in Profile would mysteriously disappear.