NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – Feb 1st, 2024

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from January 31st, 2024 at 23:00 (UTC) to February 1st, 2024 at 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand New Content

I. New Hero: Shayol Wei

Shayol joins the King's Judiciary as a youth, cracking every case that crossed her desk and passing judgement with unsurpassed skill and speed.

After being dispatched to the south, Shayol follows a trail of breadcrumbs across the country, tracking the criminals' trail for hundreds of leagues.

Shayol Wei, Chief of the Golden Keepers, swears to ensure that the truth will always come to light.


II. Spring Lantern·Rui available for a limited time

The Spring Lantern·Rui is priced at 360 Gold. Open for a chance to obtain rewards like Shayol Extreme Outfit [Rectitude] and the Heng Sword Extreme Skin [Yi's Will].

魏轻神品时装-1220x1220-英 (1)

Minimum Guarantee:

1. Players are guaranteed to receive at least 1 Red (Extreme) reward during the process of opening at most 100 Treasures. This can be triggered multiple times.​ 

2. Red (Extreme) rewards will not repeat until all of them have been obtained.

Wishing Legendary Reward:

If you draw an Extreme cosmetic, you can set a Legendary cosmetic which will be guaranteed when you draw a Legendary cosmetic next time. Times of guarantee can stack, but you can only set 1 cosmetic each time.


III. Fairyland Penglai Brand-new Gameplay

1. Songbird Arena

The Songbird Palace area in Fairyland Penglai has been updated and renamed as Songbird Arena.

Interact with the Arena Monolith to initiate a challenge request to all players on Fairyland Penglai or to specific players. (Challenges to designated players are not limited to being in the same Fairyland Penglai.)

After the player accepts, both parties will be teleported to the Arena for a 1V1 battle!

Other players in the room can spectate and send gifts to support players.

Rules Info

(1) By default, the current hero and weapon used on Fairyland Penglai will be used in the Arena. If you want to change them, please change the displayed heroes and weapons in the lobby.

(2) The player initiating the challenge can set the battle rules, such as the victory conditions, whether to enable the Grappling Hook, and whether to enable skills or ultimates.

(3) "Public Challenge" can challenge all players in the current Fairyland Penglai; "Challenge" can invite the specified player (regardless of their current location), and they will automatically teleport to the current scene upon accepting the invitation.

(4) Navigate to Settings - Social - Fairyland Penglai to customize your preferences for challenge invitations and battle notifications.

(5) Players can only initiate or accept challenges once their account reaches Lv.10 or above.

2. Spring Festival Exclusive

(1) Koi Lantern·Fu

Interact with the Koi Lantern·Fu in the map to obtain a random part of the lantern. Find players who have other parts and complete the lantern together!

During the Spring Festival event, participate in the completion of Koi Lantern·Fu or Castell to obtain event rewards.

(2) Prosperity Firecracker

During the event, a Red Packet Shower will descend in front of the Pantheon on Fairyland Penglai at the start of every hour (based on the timezone of UTC+0).

Moreover, by using Prosperity Firecrackers, you can trigger a Prosperity Red Packet Shower in your name for all players on Fairyland Penglai. There is also a chance to become Caishen!

The rewards for the two types of Red Packet Showers are different. Wishing everyone good luck!

(3) Fairyland Penglai Spring Festival Scene

The Fairyland Penglai is decorated anew to celebrate the coming festival. May you all enjoy good fortune and wealth in the Year of the Dragon!


IV. New Social Feature: Gift

1. You can now use [Gift Items] on other players in the match settlement screen or in Fairyland Penglai; [Gifts] are always the best choice, no matter whether you're celebrating a joint victory in the Herald's Trial or toasting to a music maestro in Fairyland Penglai.

2. "Giving a rose to someone leaves a fragrance in your own hand." The new reward exchange item, [Fragrant Jade], can be used in the [Gift Store] to exchange for Legendary Gestures and Background, Brocade Treasures, and more.

How to get [Fragrant Jade]:

(1) Send gifts to other players to get [Fragrant Jade]

(2) Engage in the Fairyland Penglai Songbird Arena, whether as a participant or spectator. As the total Trend Points exceed 2,000, the rewards increase accordingly. Aim for higher Trend Points to unlock greater rewards. (Maximum of 50 Fragrant Jades per week).

3. The player who receives the gift will get the followings:

(1) Add [Popularity]: Now displayed in your personal profile, tap to view your gift history and ranking. The previous number of [Likes] is incorporated into Popularity points, and every Like received contributes to its growth. Players can earn up to 500 Popularity per week through Likes. Additionally, new Hero Badge [Popularity] will be unlocked based on your Popularity points.

(2) Increase [Intimacy]

(3) Increase the [Trend Points]. The [Trend Points] of both sides in Songbird Arena will increase due to the Gifts accepted or the increase in the number of spectators.

4. New Giftable Items: [Scented Sachet], [Drum of War], [Kite], and [Firework]. (Can only be used on Fairyland Penglai)

How to get [Giftable Items]:

(1) Can be obtained through weekly rewards

(2) Purchase from the Shop


V. Spring Festival Limited-time Events

1. Spring Festival Flavor

Event Duration: Jan 31, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Mar 3, 2024 20:00 (UTC).

Redeem the rewards before: Mar 6, 2024 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

(1) During the event, explore each of the four chapters' maps to aid the Four Heavenly Kings in finding earthly delicacies.

(2) Upon entering the event for the first time each day and by completing chapter quests of the event, players will receive some of the Action Item [Tasty Buns]. Consuming [Tasty Buns] enables players to explore the event maps. [Tasty Buns] can also be obtained through the [Splendid Spring] event.

(3) Players can use [Heavenly Orders] to instantly complete a chapter quest. [Heavenly Orders] can be obtained through the [New Year Roll Call] event.

(4) Each chapter features two Objectives. Upon successful exploration, players can unlock chapter Rewards.

(5) In addition to chapter rewards, each chapter also offers other rewards for exploration. Remember to explore areas beyond the Objective Points for additional rewards.

(6) After the event comes to an end, all remaining [Tasty Buns] can be redeemed into the same amount of Spectral Silk on the event page.

2. New Year Roll Call

Event Duration: Feb 8, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Mar 3, 2024 20:00 (UTC).

Event Rules:

During this event, check in 7 days in total to get Spring Festival Flavor Items and rewards including Heavenly Order, Spring Lantern·Rui, Peerless Treasure Choice Gift, etc.

3. Splendid Spring

Event Duration: Feb 7, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Mar 6, 2024 20:00 (UTC).

Event Rules:

(1) During the event, players can use Dragon Ingots to open exclusive Four Heavenly Kings Red Packets. Opening these Red Packets can yield a variety of great rewards.

(2) Players can acquire Dragon Ingots by opening Stashes in the Survival Modes, joining in Heroes Assemble during the event time (will be available on Feb 22, 2024 at 03:00 UTC) or by visiting the Shop - Gift and redeeming Fragrant Jade for the Ingots.

(3) The event runs for one round per week, four rounds in total. At the start of each round, the number of obtainable Four Heavenly Kings Red Packets and Dragon Ingots will be refreshed.

(4) After the event comes to an end, players can still draw prizes until Mar 10, 2024 at 20:00 (UTC), but can no longer get Dragon Ingots.

4. Fortune's Arrival

Event Duration: Jan 31, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Mar 7, 2024 00:00 (UTC).

Event Rules:

During the event, a Red Packet shower will descend on Fairyland Penglai at the start of every hour (based on the timezone of UTC+0), providing players with the opportunity to collect free [Fortune Red Packets] of the Year of the Dragon.

Spend Gold during the event to acquire [Prosperity Firecrackers]. Interact with Fairyland Penglai's cannon to trigger a special Red Packet shower in your name, granting [Prosperity Red Packets]. Open them for fantastic rewards, and a chance to win thrilling gifts like Martial Trial Treasure Choice Gift *50 and Peerless Treasure Choice Gift *50!

After triggering a certain number of Prosperity Red Packet Showers, you will receive a customized Collection from the Caishen series, which includes a Bubble, an Avatar, a Head Accessory and a Chat Bubble!


VI. Limited-time Event: Law Guardian

In the ever-changing world, she places her trust in the blade she wields, her discerning gaze, and the heart that yearns for truth.

Event Time: Jan 31, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Feb 21, 2024 20:00 (UTC).

Redeem the rewards before: Feb 26, 2024 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. Gain Shayol Wei Trial Voucher and Secret Order by completing Daily Quests.

2. Gain Secret Order by completing quests during the event. Unlock a new quest after completing the previous quest. Quests cannot be completed before they take effect.

3. Use Secret Order to redeem certain rewards.


VII. Limited-time Event: PlayStation® Tournaments #2

We brandish swords to gain fame, the only heroes in this game. PlayStation® Tournaments #2 are available for a limited time!

Event Duration: Feb 1, 2024 20:00 (UTC) - Mar 6, 2024 20:00 (UTC).

Event Rules:

Complete daily quests during the event to claim 100 Honor Medals - FEB. You can claim more Medals in the mail after advancing, and the quantity awarded for each rank is as follows:

1st place: 300 Medals

2nd place: 200 Medals

3rd-4th place: 100 Medals

5th-8th place: 50 Medals

Medals can be used for redeeming rewards and participating in rankings.

Start Time of Tournament:


Monday – Friday

Saturday - Sunday

















First-Round Tournament Start Time (UTC):

NA: 2024.02.02 03:00

AS: 2024.02.02 11:00

SEA: 2024.02.02 11:00

EU: 2024.02.02 19:00


VIII. Spring Lantern·Rui with bonus Star - Collections

Event Duration: Feb 1, 2024 Update - May 4, 2024 00:00 (UTC).

1. When opening Spring Lantern·Rui, there is a chance to receive the Extreme Outfit, Star - Rimefrost Fairy and the Legendary Outfit, Star - Martial Legend.

2. How to obtain: Each time opening a Spring Lantern·Rui, there is a chance to obtain them as an additional reward. This chance increases as you obtain more Legendaries. The Maximum chance is 100%

3. The chances for the 2 Star-Collections are calculated separately and do not impact each other. After getting a Star-Collection, the corresponding chances will then reset.

4. Each account can receive a maximum of 10 [Star - Rimefrost Fairy] and 2 [Star - Martial Legend].

5. The number of Star-Collections granted through the Spring Lantern·Rui is limited and available while stocks last.


IX. Limited-time Event: Spring Festival Special Offer

 Event Duration: From the Feb 1st, 2024 Update to Mar 6, 2024 at 20:00 (UTC).

Event Rules:

1. During the event, 4 kinds of vouchers are claimable on the event page: Legendary Outfit 40% discount voucher, Legendary Weapon 40% discount voucher, Legendary Accessory 40% discount voucher and other Legendary Item 40% discount voucher. There are 2 of each voucher type to be claimed.

2. Use a voucher when purchasing the corresponding Legendary cosmetic with Gold, and you'll get a 40% discount. These discounts cannot be applied when purchasing gifts for friends.

3. Please note that vouchers are only eligible for the Legendary cosmetics of Season 8: Reckoning Season and previous seasons.

4. Vouchers are valid for a limited time only. Make sure you use yours before it expires.


Hero Adjustments

I. Hadi

Reduced the dash distance of the charged attack in flight state and slightly delayed the timing for capable dodging or attacking after the charged dash move.

II. Tessa

Slightly increased the interactive range for all Soul Vessels under Ultimate, so as to optimize the interaction.


Weapon Adjustments

I. General Adjustments for all Melee Weapons

The weapon switch can now be pre-input earlier during the Uppercut Slash move.


II. Heng Sword

1. Slightly increased the stagger time caused by Straight Lunge and Lethal Jab on hit.

2. Slightly delayed the timing for a capable combo after hitting with Straight Lunge and Lethal Jab.

3. Reduced the disengagement value caused by hits of follow-up horizontal strikes launched after Straight Lunge or Lethal Jab.


III. Spear

Accelerated the follow-up move timing when the Precise Charged Attack misses.


Souljade Adjustments

I. Fan Souljade

New Souljade: [Martial Art·Tai Chi Fan]


In-game Adjustments

I. Feature Optimizations

1. Moonbane Slaying

(1) The Moonbane Slaying gameplay will appear by chance in the Herald's Trial (Solo and Duos) and Quick Match (Solo, Duos, and Trios).

(2) The chance that Moonbane Slaying gameplay will appear has increased.

2. In BOT Mode, when all team members have selected their heroes, spawn points, and left the quest interface, the countdown during the preparation stage will be directly reduced to 15 sec so as to decrease the waiting time in the preparation stage.


Out-Game Adjustments

I. Brand-new Feature: [Hero's Theme]

The golden blade upholds justice, while the mirror reflects her righteous heart.

Shayol Wei exclusive theme [Wielding the Golden Blade] is now available. Equipping it changes the Hero's [Combat BGM].


II. Gestures Sync

Some gestures now support synchronized playing with other players.

When another player within 6m is playing a gesture, aim at them, open the wheel, and select the same gesture for a synced playing with them.

The following gestures support synchronization:

[Dragon Will·One Inch Punch], [Dragon Will·Jeet Kune Do], [Smooth Combo·Subject Three], [Tianhai·Shaolin Staff], [Wuchen·Tai-Chi Fan], [Zai·Hexa-Harmony Spear], [Tessa·Will-Form Hook], [Feria Shen·Octa-Slash Blade], [Journey of Blades·Elegance], [Journey of Blades·Web Veil], [Journey of Blades·Alluring Bones], [Tessa·Fan Dance], [Poetic Rhymes·Fish Dragon Dance], [Fuchun Mountains·Gleaming Peak], [Pop Dance·Right], and [Pop Dance·Left].


III. Collection Points for Star-Collections

1. Each Star-Collection owned contributes to your Collection Points.

2. The Collection Points of each Star-Collection equals the sum of Basic Collection Points and Constellation Collection Points.

Basic Collection Points: Each Star-Collection has a fixed number of Collection Points before restyling.

Constellation Collection Points: The points are based on the number of revealed Constellations and their quality. Constellation Collection Points vary with the actual restyle result.

3. When you lose a Star-Collection, the Collection Points from the Collection will also be removed.

After the update, all Star-Collections you own grant you Collection Points in the corresponding amount.


IV. Fairyland Penglai

1. Sky-high Racing

Optimized the display of the number of players on the track and reduced instances where players are blocked by others.


Showdown Adjustments

I. New Content

1. New Showdown Souljades:

[Arcane Thunder]: Using skill or ultimate will trigger a high-damage Thunderbolt at the closest enemy.

[Tundra Might]: Attack is increased by 10%, and Frostbite damage dealt by attacks is increased by 40% for 5 sec whenever your Frostbite increases.

[Frozen Blast]: Ice Blast DMG is increased by 25%, and the cooldown of Ice Blast is reduced by 33%, but Max Frostbite is reduced by 450.

The above Souljades will drop in Yama's Abyss after Stage 25 and in the new Void Space stage.

2. New stages of Yama's Abyss:

New stage: Void Space. There are three different sub-stages for Void Space. You can unlock them when you clear Stages 25, 30, and 35 in Yama's Abyss respectively. Void Space introduces easier challenges, more blessings and, a longer game.

//Dev Notes: We aim to provide a Yama's Abyss gameplay experience with less pressure, encouraging players to try different builds.


II. Yama's Abyss Adjustments

1. You can now challenge Yama's Abyss up to Stage 48.

2. New Anima Rings. The Awakening: [Thunder Array] and [Incessant Thunder Array]; The Yin-Yang: [Yin Yang Soulseek]; The Survival: [Armor Recovery Passive], [Armor Recovery Shockwave], and [Armor Loss Slide].

3. Starting from Stage 26 of Yama's Abyss, each stage will have a fixed set of "Stage Omens" effective throughout the stage, eliminating random Omens in-game (except in Hard-mode monster areas). Additionally, a large number of new Omens will be added to Yama's Abyss.

From Stage 26, the Health of all monsters in both Solo and Trios in Yama's Abyss will be significantly reduced (0%–30%, higher reduction at higher stages), and the Attack of all monsters in Trios will be significantly reduced (0–40%, higher reduction at higher stages).

//Dev Notes: We aim to enrich the combat experience across different stages without increasing the difficulty.

4. New area: Money Hungry. You have a chance to encounter this area during a Yama's Abyss game.

5. Anima Ring Effect Changes

(1) The quality of Anima Rings [White-Blue: Yang Emergence] and [Blue-White: Yin Resurgence] are modified from Epic to Rare.

The damage multiplier of Level 1 [Yang Decay] has been reduced from 1.4 to 0.6. The damage multiplier of Level 1 [Yin Haze] has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.1, and its Aegis-breaking ability has been reduced from 400 to 300.

(2) Level 1 effect of Anima Ring [Yin Haze Corruption] while above 50% Health:

 · Previous: the damage from [Yin Haze] increases by 100%.

 · Now: the damage to 'Astral Aegis' from [Yin Haze] increases by 160%

Level 1 effect of Anima Ring [Yang Decay Eroding] while above 50% Health:

 · Previous: the damage from [Yang Decay] increases by 100%.

 · Now: the damage from [Yang Decay] increases by 160%.

//Dev Notes: In previous versions, Yin-Yang Anima Rings were scarce and challenging to build; in the new version, we hope to address this by lowering quality and adding new Anima Rings.

(3) The effects of Anima Rings [Fortified Armor], [Armor Conversion], and [Armor Synergy] are now based on the Max Armor gained from Anima Rings and Souljades instead of only from Anima Rings.

(4) Matari can now trigger Thunderbolt with her Aegis-break Martial Skill [Dancing Leaves] when equipped with Anima Ring [Lightning Rod·Swift].

6. Lowered the AI difficulty of all normal monsters and some Boss monsters in the first 3 stages and replaced the appearances of Fiery Monster with Mountain Ghost.

7. Reduced the frequency of Nerusa's attacks in Hard-mode monster areas.

8. Enemies spawned by the curse [Powerful Foe] will no longer use Ultimate skills.

9. The Anima Ring provided at the initial level has been adjusted from [Blessed Weapon Repair Kit] to [Enhanced Thunderbolt]

10. Adjusted the recommendation logic for certain Souljades


III. Potential Adjustments

The following potentials in the red potential branch have been modified:

(1) [Honed Skills] -> [Divine Thunderfall]. It causes a Thunderbolt to strike at the nearest enemy every 2 sec while in Honed status.

(2) [Divine Ultimate] -> [Caller of Lightning]. It grants Honed status and 15% Thunderbolt damage boost for 25 sec after unleashing Ultimate.

(3) [Honed Apparatus] -> [Divine Storm]. It increases Thunderbolt damage by 40% and grants extra elemental accumulation.

(4) [Valiant Spirit]: Now increases DMG to Boss instead of reducing DMG taken from non-Boss monsters.

(5) [Divine Hunt]: Each monster you assist in defeating now grants you the Honed status for 5 sec instead of 3.

(6) [Divine Rider]: Become Honed for 9 sec instead of 6 upon having attacked 3 different enemies within 10 sec.


IV. Hero Adjustments

1. The invulnerability duration of Tianhai's [Brahma Seal] has been increased, and [Defuse·Combo]'s attack resistance takes effect earlier.

2. Adjusted the hit effect of [Onslaught] and [Arhat's Fury] of Tianhai with Staff in Showdown so that enemies won't be knocked airborne for too long a distance.

3. The invulnerability duration of Tarka Ji's [Blazing Phoenix Flash] has been increased, and [Defuse·Combo]'s attack resistance takes effect earlier.

4. The Focus of Tarka Ji's [Flame Force: Showdown] is now Golden Focus.

5. The Focus of Valda Cui's [Water Trap: Showdown] is now Golden Focus.

6. While playing as Valda Cui, the moves [Winter Frost] and [Heavenly Flaming Strike] can be interrupted by dodging or jumping at any time.

7. The mechanisms for unleashing a hero's [Aegis-break Martial Skill] while using [Defuse·Solve] have been unified. Kurumi now unleashes [Severing Gust] with a vertical strike instead of a horizontal strike after a charged attack.

8. Increased the damage multipliers of [Dragonslayer] and [Heartstopper Kick] from 1.41 to 6.97.

Adjusted the damage multiplier of [Nezha] from (0.42+0.53+0.69)*2 to (1.31+1.74+2.18)*2.

[Dragonslayer], [Heartstopper Kick], and [Nezha] no longer have additional Aegis-breaking abilities.

9. Increased the damage multiplier of [Arhat's Fury] from 1.1*2 to 1.26*2.

     Increased the damage multiplier of [Brahma Seal] from 0.31*7 to 0.36*7.

10. Increased the damage multiplier of Dual Blades Souljade [Cavalry Bloom·Ice-wielding] from 1.08*6 to 1.31*6.


V. Feature Adjustments

1. Souljade Conversion

[Souljade Conversion] has been renamed to [Advanced Souljade Conversion], and a [Basic Souljade Conversion] feature has been added. Using [Basic Souljade Conversion], you can convert 20 Rare and Common Souljades into 1 random Epic or Legendary Souljade.

2. Hero Selection in Showdown

While in Showdown mode, you can now select duplicate heroes in Normal/Hard Main Mode and in Yama's Abyss before Stage 25.

3. Brand-new Anima Ring Collection Hero Badge

A new Hero Badge [Rings of Chasm] has been added to the game, which can be unlocked by progressing in the Anima Ring collection during the Chasm Season.

4. Season Settlement Time Adjustment

We have postponed the settlement time of [Showdown 1.0 Chasm] from March 7 to March 21, and postponed the expiration time of Showdown Pass accordingly.

//Dev Notes: In the first season of Showdown, we continuously adjusted and optimized Yama's Abyss by making significant changes, especially in the current version. Therefore, we want everyone to have more time to challenge and reach higher tiers, during which we can also better prepare the content for the next season.


VI. Combat Adjustments

1. The Health of Boss monsters in the last 4 waves and the Astral Aegis of Boss monsters in the last wave of Enigma Peak have been reduced.

2. The Attack of Omnius·Hell Scorch has been reduced in Omnius Descent (Normal).

3. The flight speed of ghostly underlings summoned by Omnius·Hell Scorch in Omnius Descent has been reduced, and they cannot interrupt Golden Focus moves.

4. The ranged chasing moves of Omnius·Hell Scorch, Omnius·Aureate, and Omnius·Beast, as well as Iron Taifeng's 4-hit combo, all now knock targets airborne.

5. Omnius·Beast's water bombs and the minor water tornadoes created by its major water tornado, as well as Omnius·Void's water wall, can all now hit dodging targets.

6. The weak points of Omnius·Aureate will not recover when broken.

7. Optimized some of Iron Taifeng's attacks and the startup frames for some of its moves.

8. Thunderspawns and Cursespawns can now block attacks with moves only when there is the Omen [Banner of Metal].

9. Axe Evil-Ents, Bow Evil-Ents, Thunderspawns and Cursespawns can now dodge only when there are certain Omens.

Axe Evil-Ent: It can dodge when there are Omens [Icy Blast Axe], [Icy Axe], and [Split Axe].

Bow Evil-Ent: It can dodge when there is the Omen [Relentless Volley].

Thunderspawns and Cursespawns: They can dodge when there is the Omen [Banner of Metal].

10. Thunderspawns and Cursespawns: The interval of Miasma Ghost summoning and the Omen [Double Trouble] are increased.

11. When a Thunderspawn or a Cursespawn uses their healing move, it will now only restore their own Health, not the Health of other Thunderspawns and Cursespawns.

12. Reduced the ranged attack resistance of all ranged monsters by 20%.

13. The Hammer Evil-Ents in Eventide Ember (Normal) can now only use single Blue Focus moves.

14. You can now view the duration of Honed status obtained from your Potential in the upper left of the screen.

15. You can now see your cooldowns for triggering Ice Blast or Divine Thunder beside the Boss's Health Bar.

16. The Armor restored for you by the Omen [Ice Flower] when it is attacked has been reduced.



I. Combat Settings

Added "Justina Gu Shadowswipe's Pulling Settings":

After turning this on, the skills "Shadowswipe" and "Shadowswipe: Blizzard" derived from Justina Gu's Ultimate "Arctic Wraith" and "Arctic Wraith: Blizzard" have been optimized. Now, if either move hits any enemy during the dash and the player then uses a melee attack to cancel the dash, that attack will have a slightly improved melee auto-aim and pulling effect, prioritizing targets hit by the dash.


Feature Optimizations

Appropriately optimized the lighting performance of character skins without affecting performance.


Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where Tarka Ji's skills [Flame Force] and [Flame Force: Block] couldn't block Draco Storm and the effects of the Souljade [Stormstride].

2. Fixed an issue where some heroes' ranged skills could pass through invisible walls.

3. Fixed an issue where enemies linked by Viper Ning's Ultimate [Moonbane Control] could break the link by repeatedly crouching next to a wall.


II. Showdown-related Bugs

1. Fixed an audio issue that would occur when players successfully used Souljade [Thunder Counter] to counter Divine Thunder.

2. Fixed an issue in Yama's Abyss where players couldn't move after entering the first Zone.

3. Fixed an issue where Viper Ning's Ultimate could be interrupted by weapon attacks if she used her Ultimate right after using a Defuse move.


III. Controller-related Bug

1. Fixed an issue where button combinations, like LB + X, would conflict with one another while using a controller.


IV. PlayStation-related Bug

1. Fixed the occasional freezing issue when experiencing network lag.



The 2023 J Cup came to a successful conclusion on December 17th, 2023. We would like to express our gratitude to each and every participant for delivering an exciting competition. Congratulations again to [TE] for winning the 2023 J Cup Trios Champion! Congratulations to [GZ.AOW.Mike] for winning the 2023 J Cup Solo Champion!

1. After the update, the championship entries of [TE] and [GZ.AOW.Mike] will be added to the Tournament Champion Leaderboard in RANK.

2. [TE.TXJ]. [TE.LYD], [TE.Leo], and [TE.VVV] from [TE] will be awarded the exclusive title of "2023 J Cup Trios Champion". And the "2023 J Cup Trios Champion" trophy will be added to their "Personal Highlights" interface.

3. [GZ.AOW.Mike] will be awarded the exclusive title of "2023 J Cup Solo Champion". And the "2023 J Cup Solo Champion" trophy will be added to his "Personal Highlights" interface.

4. At the same time, congratulations to the following players for winning the awards of "MVP" and "Bloody Yama" with the corresponding exclusive tournament titles and medals.

Congratulations to [TE.TXJ] for winning the 2023 J Cup Trios MVP.

Congratulations to [TE.TXJ] for winning the 2023 J Cup Trios Bloody Yama.

Congratulations to [GZ.AOW.Mike] for winning the 2023 J Cup Solo Bloody Yama.


Store Updates

I. Shop Discount

All items from the Mythic Season and all future seasons that are currently available in the Shop will be discounted at the same rate as when they were initially added.


II. New Packs

1. Newly added Shayol Wei exclusive Pack [Justice Order Pack], including Legendary outfit [Justiciary Robes], Legendary Hairstyle [Dauntless], Legendary Accessory [Lawgiver's Cap], Legendary Hero Theme [Wielding the Golden Blade]. Standard price: 4,600 Gold; Now: 2,880 Gold.

2. Newly added Pack [Festive Color], including Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Festive Color], Hadi Epic Outfit [Brocade Shirt·Festive Color]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 400 Gold.


III. New Discounts

1. Newly added Legendary Mark of Victory [Iridescent Halo]. Standard price: 2,000 Gold; Now: 1,200 Gold.

2. Newly added Justina Gu Legendary Hairstyle [Cold Hoarfrost]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

3. Newly added Zai Legendary Hairstyle [Four Heavenly Kings·Melody]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

4. Newly added Zai Legendary Accessory [Four Heavenly Kings·Pipa]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

5. Newly added Temulch Legendary Hairstyle [Four Heavenly Kings·Force]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

6. Newly added Temulch Legendary Accessory [Four Heavenly Kings·Divine Umbrella]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

7. Newly added Tessa Legendary Hairstyle [Four Heavenly Kings·Purity]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

8. Newly added Tessa Legendary Accessory [Four Heavenly Kings·Marten]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

9. Newly added Legendary Avatar [Soul Land·Devil-Eye Tiger]. Standard price: 600 Gold; Now: 300 Gold.


IV. New Items in Spectral Silk Store

1. Newly added [Spring Lantern·Rui] with a price of 3,600 Spectral Silk. Please note that there is a limit of 1 purchase per 24 hours, and a maximum of 6 purchases for each player.

2. Newly added Justina Gu Legendary Accessory [Argentus Frost] with a price of 12,000 Spectral Silk.