NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – December 21st, 2023

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from December 20th, 2023 at 23:00 (UTC) to December 21st, 2023 at 03:00 (UTC). We suggest you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand New Content

I. New Hadi Skill [Mechanical Arm: Pursuit]and Ultimate [Aerial Ascent: Rescue] are now available. 

II. Disengage System

Shadow Surge and Capture the Spirit Well modes will both support the Disengage System.


III. Fairyland Penglai

1. Scenery Updates

Fairyland Penglai has been updated in accordance with the Martial Infinity and Holly Christmas themes:

(1) In the Martial Infinity Theme Area, players can interact with Martial Pedastals and display the flag of their chosen school;

(2) In the Holly Christmas Theme Area, players can interact with Gift Boxes to turn into snowpeople!

2. Castell

Four (4) Castell mechanisms have been added to the plaza in front of the Pantheon on Fairyland Penglai. After activating the ring, a Martial Arts Manual will appear above. Bring your friends and earn rewards!

(The reward for interacting with a Martial Arts Manual will change with version updates. In this version, you will get up to 1 Martial Box, a Martial Infinity event item, per week.)

In addition to the rewards, players can also challenge new heights: stack on top of each other to reach the flags above the ring.


IV. Limited-time Events:

1. Martial Infinity

Our possibilities unlimited, our martial spirits unchained.

Event Rules

(1) During the event, you must join one of the following schools: Will-Form, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Baji, or Shaolin. By completing Daily Quests and School Quests, you will earn rewards and Martial Fame. Reach certain Martial Fame milestones to claim rare rewards.

(2) During the event, open Stashes in Ranked Mode, Quick Match, Immortal's Trial, and BOT Mode for Martial Boxes. You can obtain up to 2 Martial Boxes per game and up to 3 per day. Upon match settlement, you gain Martial Fame based on the number of Martial Boxes acquired. The daily cap for Martial Fame earned by Stashes is 300. Opening a Martial Box randomly yields rare items, with a chance to receive Banner·Martial Arts.

(3) During the event, match settlement of Ranked Mode, Quick Match, and BOT Mode earn Martial Fame based on the number of times their team captures a Spirit Well. If 2 or 3 team members belong to the same martial arts school, the Martial Fame earned will receive a 20% or 50% bonus, respectively. The daily cap for Martial Fame earned by capturing the Spirit Well is 600.

(4) Martial Fame you accumulate through various means will also be counted as Martial Fame for the martial arts school you belong to. The school that accumulates enough Martial Fame the quickest will be crowned the Unrivaled School.

(5) If you reach 12,500 in total Martial Fame, you will receive the Legendary Emote Gesture [Martial Infinity·Victory] via mail after the event ends and the next version update rolls out. The design of this reward will be based on the school elected as the Unrivaled School.


2. Holly Christmas

The holiday bells are ringing, a wish for peace and happiness in the New Year.

Event Rules

(1) Gain Pinecones by completing quests during the event. Pinecones can be redeemed for great event rewards.

(2) During the event, in all modes except Showdown, the ranged weapon Cannon will be changed to Snow-Cannon, firing snowballs. The Cannon Souljade [Rupture Gale Orb & Burn] will temporarily be replaced with [Rupture Gale Orb & Frostwind], but the effects and damage remain the same.


3. Gingerbread Joy Sign-In

As the year ends, remember the Gingerbread.

Event Rules:

Players can get special rewards by signing in on specific days during the event and can make-up for yesterday if it was missed. If you sign in for 5, 10 or 15 consecutive days, you will get extra rewards such as Epic Pose, Spectral Silk*2024 or Regular Treasure ChoiceGift*2.


4. Christmas Limited-time Discount

(1) Season Treasure in limited-time return

During the event, Tidal Treasure, Echelon Treasure, Fortune Treasure, Dawn Treasure and Reckoning Treasure will be available again for a limited time.

(2) Christmas Special Offer

During the event, 4 kinds of vouchers are claimable on the event page: Legendary Outfit 30% discount voucher, Legendary Weapon 30% discount voucher, Legendary Accessory 30% discount voucher and other legendary Item 30% discount voucher. There are 2 of each voucher type to be claimed. Use these vouchers to get a 30% discount on cosmetics released before the Untamed Season.

(3) Selected Cosmetics Discounts

We have brought [Journey of Blades·Divine Seal], [Poetic Rhymes·Lion Dance] and [Udumbara] back to the store for a limited-time discount. For more details, please visit the "SHOP-Featured".


V. Playstation Exclusive Mode

1. A brand-new Solo mode "PlayStation®Tournaments - Martial Artist Solo" is now open for limited-time test! Contend with other players in a 1v1 mode to experience the epitome of competitive combat!

Test Time: Dec 21, 2023 - Jan 3, 2024 20:00(UTC+0)

The mode will go live officially after the update on Jan 4, 2024, offering great rewards for players to enjoy!

After the game mode opens up, there will be a tournament held every day. In groups of 16, players will compete in 1v1 Best of 5 matches to advance, culminating in a single victor for the group, after which the competition will end.

Tournaments are hosted on respective servers, each with its own start time. Please select the appropriate tournament to register. Once registered, players are required to join in within 5 minutes after the tournament's start time.

Registration Instructions: To register, open the PlayStation Tournaments Card on your PlayStation, or select the"PlayStation® Tournaments Martial Artist Solo" mode in game and select "Start Game."

Participation: Before the tournament starts, log in to the corresponding server, select "Start Game," and access the PlayStation Tournaments Card to join.


Hero Adjustments

I. Hadi

1. Reduced the stagger time of Plume Blade's horizontal 1st stage charged attack.

2. Increased the time that Hadi has to wait to attack after dodging while flying.

3. Slightly reduced the strike coverage time of charged dash attack, making it match the animation better.

4. Optimized the special effects of Hadi's Skill Mechanical Arm: Pursuit, solving issues that would occur when Hadi hit targets that were bound by Water Bombs, Frozen or being controlled by others skills.


Weapon Adjustments

I. Staff

(1) When Stanchion·Rising Cloud misses, the following Heaven Uproar's second hit will grant Blue Focus instead of Gold Focus.

(2) Restrictions to the timing of using grappling Hook during the third hit of Heaven Uproar.


II. Fan

(1) Reduction in hit stun duration of charged Horizontal Strikes and Vertical Strikes.

(2) Reduction in damage coefficient of charged Horizontal Strike from 2.77*2 to 2.55*2.

 Reduction in damage coefficient of charged Vertical Strike from 2.5*2 to 2.29*2.


III. Polesword

(1) Improvements to the gestures of charged vertical Strikes.

(2) Slight increase in the time frame for a possible interruption to a charged Vertical Strike.

(3) Reduction in the Polesword's Stone Formdamage reduction from 75% to 60%.


Souljade Adjustment

I. Dual Blades Souljade

Souljade "Martial Art·Octa-SlashBlade” added.


In-match Adjustments

I. Feature Adjustments

In-match quest "Salute" was adjusted such that players only need to send the emote to the specified Clay Figurine once, instead of twice.


II. Realm of Yang Adjustments

The collision size of the pillars in the Realm of Yang has been adjusted.


III. BOT Mode Adjustments

The logic of AI opponents using Hero Ultimates improved, slightly increasing the frequency of Hero Ultimates.


Out-of-match Adjustments

I. My Info

Statistics for past Showdown seasons have been added. They can be viewed in "All Seasons" and "Showdown Pre-Season."


II. . Request Party

Players can now send a party request to friends in the game through the friend list.


III. Mastery Leaderboard

Players must be at least Lv.50 to be ranked on the Mastery Leaderboard.


IV. The "Golden Poetry of Tang" Event

An in-game icon for the H5 event, "Journey with Tang Poetry" in "Golden Poetry of Tang” has been added.


Showdown Adjustments

I. Opening of Yama's Abyss Leaderboards

The number of available levels in Yama's Abyss has been increased to 45, accompanied by a new challenge: the Yama's Abyss Leaderboard, a part of the Showdown Leaderboards.

In Yama's Abyss, reaching higher levels, trying different heroes, and completing stages with greater speed will help you rise to the top of the leaderboards and earn rare titles and Hero Badge rewards.

The rules are as follows:

1. The leaderboards are separated into Solos and Trios. Getting records in different modes will be registered on the respective leaderboard.

2. We hope that each hero will shine on the leaderboards. For this reason, each hero will have their own leaderboard for Yama's Abyss.

3. After leaderboards open, completing a stage will create a record. Data from before leaderboards are opened will not be recorded.

4. Leaderboards will consider both the stage reached and the time taken, reaching higher stages will increase your rank; when there is a tie in stage reached, ranking will occur by the time taken, down to the second. If there is still a tie, then the player who created the record first will be given a higher rank.

5. After the update, the leaderboards will be settled every Wednesday at 20:00 (UTC). If any one of your heroes ranks within the top 500 at the time of settlement, you will receive a title reward. At the end of the current Showdown season, a limited-edition avatar will be awarded to you based on your best title ranking and your final ranking. After the settlement of the season's final week, the top 3 players will also receive a unique Hero Badge, with only 1 Hero Badge per player based on their highest rank.

At the same time, we will also optimize the Speedrun Leaderboard: The Speedrun Leaderboard will also be separated by Hero. We hope that this will let everyone use their favorite hero to get the appropriate glory.


II. Combat Adjustments

1. Increased the scattering angle between arrows when the Bow Evil-Ent is on Hard and above, and when it has the [Relentless Volley] Omen, to avoid multiple arrows hitting the same target, and reduced the damage value of [Relentless Volley] by a certain amount.

2: A [Ocean Yaksa] using [Swirl Crossbow] can still attack while being hit by a melee white attack.

3. Players will no longer switch to an unarmed state after they stop using the [Swirl Crossbow]. Instead, they will revert to using the weapon that was equipped prior to the crossbow.

4. The Hammer Evil-Ent in Normal mode will no longer perform consecutive ground smashes.

5. The clash window of usable moves when attacked for [Thunderspawn] and [Cursespawn] has been removed, and the cooldown of usable moves when attacked has been increased.

6. The casting interval and probability of the Blue Focus move of the Fiery Monster in Hard mode have been slightly reduced.

7. The Fiery Monster will now proactively exit the affected area of the [Hellhole] Omen when it finds itself within it.

8. The probability of Nerusa using the dive move in the Yama's Abyss has been reduced.

9. The kneeling animation of Nauticus and Nerusa post-Aegis-break has been optimized to fix a bug that prevented certain moves from attacking them in the Aegis-broken state.

10. The invincibility status of Mountain Ghost, Fiery Monster, and Stone Monster upon spawning in the Enigma Domain and Yama's Abyss modes has been removed. The invincibility status of Thunderspawn and Cursespawn upon spawning in any mode has also been removed.

11. The damage of some moves of Omnius·Aureate has been reduced.

12. The collision detection area for the tail and limbs of [Omnius·Beast] has been enlarged. Additionally, the collision detection area for its head during the post-Aegis-broken falling state has been adjusted.

13. Delayed the time at which [Omnius·Beast]'s charged tail strike will hit after it flips itself over.

14. The invincibility of players upon rebirth has been altered. Now, even if a player performs an action, the invincibility will not be canceled. However, the player will be unable to deal damage during the invincibility period.

15. The difficulty level of all Boss monsters in the single-player mode has been toned down.

16. An issue causing a mismatch between the attack range of certain monster moves and their special effect range has been resolved.

17. The impact of monster attack moves on the environment (such as trees, grass, water) in PvE battles has been optimized.

18. Optimized the movement of Counterstrike combos when using the Katana, the Nunchucks or the Staff, making it easier to hit monsters.

19. The attributes of Soul Altars·Immutable Wood in Immovable have been slightly increased.

20. The accumulation meter for Frostbite, ThunderShock, Spirit Erosion, and Liquid Miasma has been relocated to the right side of the player information panel.

21. When Feria Shen is driving the Bronze Mech, she will no longer sustain direct damage from attacks. Additionally, the mechanism that made the Bronze Mech "less likely to be targeted by Bosses" has been eliminated.


III. Yama's Abyss Adjustments

1. Rift Dealer Adjustments

(1) A refresh feature has been introduced, enabling players to refresh the temporary enhancement items and Souljades offered by the Rift Dealer. Players are granted one refresh opportunity each time they enter the Boss Zone.

(2) The likelihood of the Rift Dealer selling the same type of Souljade that the player currently has equipped has been increased. The Rift Dealer is also more likely to sell Souljades that can form combo effects with Souljades and Anima Rings already owned by the player.

(3) Players who have previously purchased Ice Essence or Thunder Essence will be unable to purchase the same type of Element Essence again.

(4) The display of Souljades sold by the Rift Dealer has been improved. Players can now accurately view the Elemental Attributes of the Souljades.

2. The likelihood of players receiving Souljades that can form combo effects with Souljades and Anima Rings they already own has been increased when completing area quests for Souljade rewards.

//Devs' Note: In Showdown, certain Souljades can create potent effects when working with other specific Souljades.We have optimized the Souljade loot rules to enhance players' chances of experiencing these combo effects in Yama's Abyss.

3. Adjustments to the Dark Tide Coin Loot Rules in Yama's Abyss:

(1) Monsters will no longer drop Dark Tide Coins upon defeat. Instead, all players will directly receive a specified number of Dark Tide Coins. In multi-player scenarios, all players will share the Dark Tide Coins obtained from defeating monsters equally.

(2) In the "Capture the Spirit Well" and "Braving the Ambush" quests, monsters will no longer provide Dark Tide Coins rewards after their second respawn.

//Devs' Note: We have revised the Dark Tide Coins loot rules to address the issue of some Dark Tide Coins not being automatically collected, and the problem of a single player in a multi-player mode collecting most of the Dark Tide Coins.

4. Combat Items Adjustments

(1) The startup frames for the animation of using the Boss summoning item and the animation of Boss attacks have been reduced, and the damage to Astral Aegis caused by items has been significantly increased. Different items will also yield different buffs. The specific effects are as follows:

[Ignis Blaze]: When this item is used, it not only summons Omnius·Hell Scorch to unleash a flame attack, but also restores Rage to all team members.

[Annihilate Light]: When this item is used, the laser strike will render the enemy into a [Vulnerable] state, increasing the damage they receive from melee and ranged attacks.

[Obliterate Hammer]: When this item is used, it not only summons Omnius·Aureate to execute a hammer smash but also restores Armor to all team members.

(2) Boss summoning items can now be purchased from the Rift Dealer, while [Yushan Bladestorm] cannot be.

5. Stage Unlocking Adjustments:

In Yama's Abyss mode, when you and other teammates complete a stage that you have not unlocked, this completion record will be saved for you. Once you complete the prerequisite stage for this stage, this stage will also be marked as completed immediately.

//Devs' Note: Currently, in Yama's Abyss mode, players have varying progress statuses. We aim to ensure that players who are progressing at a slower pace can also advance when playing with their friends.

6. Portal Adjustments

(1) Improved the placement of Portals leading to the next area, ensuring that they correspond better.

(2) After teleporting, the player's character will no longer keep their hands raised.

7. Adjusted the levels at which different content appears, lower stages will now feature Omens, Cursed Chests and Hard Monster Zones. Details are as follows:

Stage 1: Monster Areas will contain the "Capture" mode.

Stage 2: Curse Chests may appear in The SHOP area, and players can choose whether to open them. They may contain [Melee Sunder], [Ranged Sunder], and [Health Sap] curses.

Stage 4: An Omen will appear in the monster area.

Stage 6: A Hard-mode monster area may appear, and players can choose whether to enter it.

Stage 8: Curse Chests may contain [Powerful Foe] and [Lost] curses.

//Developer's Comment: Players can now experience some elements that offer varied gameplay but will not significantly increase the difficulty level in the early stages of Yama's Abyss.

8. Adjustments to Omens in the Yama's Abyss:

(1) In the "Capture the SpiritWell" quest, the [Ghostly Hand], [Ice Wind], and [Frozen Earth] Omens will no longer appear.

(2) The positions of some Omens that were too close to the player's spawn point have been adjusted.

(3) The number of Omens in the Boss area has been reduced.

9. Cursed Chest Adjustments

(1) Adjusted the curse effect of [Health Sap] so that it won't reduce a player's health below 0.

(2) A text prompt will now appear after a Curse Chest is opened and the Dark Tide Coins and Curses contained inside are collected.

10. Players who utilize Cleanse Stones to refresh the enhancement content will no longer encounter the same rewards that were previously available before the refresh.

11. The total remaining battle time is now displayed above the minimap.

12. The descriptions of some Blessings and items sold by the Rift Dealer have been optimized.

13. The tags of Anima Rings have been optimized, and players will now receive recommendations for suitable enhancement content based on their current style.

14. The size of the Boss area has been expanded.

15. The quantity of Nerusa in the initial areas has been increased.


IV. Omen Adjustment

Activation time of Divine Thunder and Ice Mound omen mechanisms increased. The player will only be attacked 5 seconds after their appearance.


V. Anima Ring Collections Adjustments

(1) When selecting Anima Rings in Yama's Abyss, the player will get a prompt if a higher-level Anima Ring has not been collected.

(2) Details of each type of Anima Ring in the Anima Ring Collections added.


VI. New Showdown Souljade

Swift Heal: Use Special Healing Berries and Special Armor Powder quicker.


VII. Souljade Adjustments

Yushan Shadows

(1) Reduction in the number of Frostbite stacks required to summon a Matron of Yushan Shadow for an assist attack from 3 to 1, and the maximum stacks from 3 to 2. Reduction in the damage coefficient of Matron of Yushan Shadow from 25 to 12.

(2) When using Defuse (Counterattack), players can consume 1 stack to summon 2 Matron of Yushan Shadows for assist attacks. However, the damage coefficient of each Matron of Yushan Shadow will be reduced by 30%.


VII. Others

(1) Showdown Season Reward Adjustment

Extra Showdown Seals and Hero Badges added to Showdown Season rewards. Final Rewards:

Required Rank


Showdown Solar

Regular Treasure Choice Gift ×2, Showdown Seal ×10

Showdown Empyrean

Regular Treasure Choice Gift ×3, Showdown Seal ×20, Hero Badge "Chasm·Showdown Empyrean"

Showdown Astral

Regular Treasure Choice Gift ×5, Showdown Seal ×30, Hero Badge "Chasm·Showdown Astral"

Showdown Paragon

Regular Treasure Choice Gift ×10, Showdown Seal ×40, Hero Badge "Chasm·Showdown Paragon"

(2) Descriptions of Martial Skills added to the Hero Upgrade panel. The Lv.12 and Lv.18 skills are Aegis-break Martial Skill and Defuse Martial Skill, respectively.


Feature Adjustments

I. Performance Adjustments

(1) Characters' sprinting movements adjusted.

(2) The position of red aura from Counters changed.

(3) Issue where the character in Home was facing the wrong direction when holding a bow and arrow fixed.

4. Optimized some frequently appearing special effects in Showdown mode, reducing the number of effects that will appear onscreen at the same time and reducing lag.

5. Modified the interaction between certain accessories and hair, making the hair appear more natural.


II. Xbox Performance Optimization

Reduced memory usage by 80MB, lowering the likelihood of crashes on low-memory devices due to insufficient memory.


Bug Fixes

I. Hero Bugs

1. Fixed an issue with the damage reduction type of Mighty Bellow of Yueshan's General's Call: Protection. Effects remain unchanged.

2. Fixed an issue where Zai's Flame Ward: Firestorm failed to immediately generate a hit under specific circumstances.


II. Showdown Bugs

1. Fixed an issue where the incorrect number of Dark Tide Coins would be dropped by certain monsters in Yama's Abyss.

2. Fixed an issue with the map that would occur in Yama's Abyss's cave stages.

3. Fixed an issue where players could not clash with some of Depth Fiend's Purple Focus moves.

4. Fixed an issue that would occur when attacking the Water Ent while it was in stealth and countering it while it was dealing an execution move.

5. Fixed the shaky camera that could occur when locking onto Omnius·Beast.

6. If Kurumi uses a Horizontal Strike when neutralizing an action with the Martial Skill "Fang Severing Slash," she will now cast Thunderstorm instead of the Aegis-break Martial Skill "Severing Gust."

7. Fixed incorrect recommended Sense Levels for the Topaz Enigma Domain.


Store Updates

I. Yin Yang Pool·Martial Infinity Goes Live

Each pull requires 1 Ingot·Martial Infinity, which costs 400 Gold. There are as many as 21 rewards, including Tessa's Legendary Outfit [Martial Infinity·Will-Form], Wuchen's Legendary Outfit [Martial Infinity·Tai Chi], and the brand-new Legendary Group Gesture [Martial Infinity·Yin-Yang Debate]. The first open is free. You will not receive duplicate rewards, which means you can get all the rewards after opening 21 times. Each open grants a chance to get all the remaining rewards in the pool. After getting all the rewards, you can go to your Inventory to convert unused Ingots·Martial Infinity into Gold.


Based on the above drop rate, players are guaranteed to receive at least one Gold (Legendary) reward within the first 4draws. Another guaranteed Gold (Legendary) reward within 5 more draws, followed by the next guaranteed Gold (Legendary) reward within 7 more draws.


II. New Packs

Newly added Feria Shen exclusive Pack [WingChun Pack], including Legendary Outfit [Martial Infinity·Wing Chun], EpicHairstyle [Martial Infinity·Wing] and Legendary Pose [Martial Infinity·Wing Chun Kuen]. Standard price: 3,100 Gold; Now: 2,400 Gold.


III. New Arrival Discount

1. Feria Shen Legendary Outfit [Martial Infinity·Wing Chun]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

2. Feria Shen Epic Hairstyle [Martial Infinity·Wing]. Standard price: 400 Gold; Now: 330 Gold.

3. Feria Shen Legendary Pose [Martial Infinity·Wing Chun Kuen]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

4. Legendary Emote Pose [Smooth Combo].Standard Price: 1,000 Gold; Now: 500 Gold.

5. Feria Shen Legendary Emote Gesture [Feria Shen·Octa-Slash Blade]. Standard Price: 1,000 Gold; Now: 800 Gold.

6. Wuchen Legendary Emote Gesture [Wuchen·Tai-Chi Fan]. Standard Price: 1,000 Gold; Now: 800 Gold.

7. Tessa Legendary Emote Gesture [Tessa·Will-Form Hook]. Standard Price: 1,000 Gold; Now: 800 Gold.

8. Feria Shen Epic Background [MartialInfinity·Equilibrium]. Standard price: 200 Gold; Now: 150 Gold.

9. Grappling Hook Skin [Flying Squirrel]. Standard price: 4,200 Gold; Now: 2,520 Gold.

10. Hadi Legendary Outfit [Dove of the Desert]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

11. Yueshan Legendary Accessory [Journey ofBlades·Divine Seal]. Standard price: 5,800 Gold; Now: 3,350 Gold.

12. Epic Kill Announcement [Dissipated].Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 200 Gold.

13. Grappling Hook Skin [Poetic Rhymes·LionDance]. Standard price: 3,600 Gold; Now: 2,400 Gold.

14. Tianhai Legendary Outfit [Journey ofBlades·Wujing]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

15. Kurumi Legendary Hairstyle [PoeticRhymes·Starry Bridge]. Standard price: 800 Gold; Now: 600 Gold.

16. Fan Legendary Skin [Udumbara]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,200 Gold.

17. Kill Announcement [Journey ofBlades·All-Seeing Eye]. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 200 Gold.

18. Zai Legendary Outfit [Laudation·Chain Break]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

19. Zai Legendary Outfit [Robe of Annica]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

20. Tessa Legendary Outfit [Noir Sash]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

21. Legendary Mark of Victory [Feline's Call]. Standard price: 2,000 Gold; Now: 1,200 Gold.

22. Grappling Hook Legendary Skin [2674·SkyClaw 3000]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.


IV. Discounts End

1. Tarka Ji Legendary Accessory [Zhurong's Jadeball] (Unlock it to get a new appearance for Tarka Ji's Ultimate "Fire Frenzy") has returned to its standard price of 4,600 Gold.

2. Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Razor Robes] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.

3. Tarka Ji Legendary Accessory [Festive Dragon Head] has returned to its standard price of 1,200 Gold.

4. Epic Pose [Flutter·Left] for all heroes has returned to its standard price of 400 Gold.

5. Epic Pose [Flutter·Right] for all heroes has returned to its standard price of 400 Gold.

6. Valda Cui Legendary Outfit [Justice·Gossamer Iris] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.

7. Valda Cui Legendary Hairstyle [Justice·Raptor] has returned to its standard price of 800 Gold.

8. Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Justice·Iris' Whisper] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.

9. Tarka Ji Legendary Hairstyle [Justice·Hue] has returned to its standard price of 800 Gold.


V. Featured Cosmetics Return for Limited-Time

1. Hadi Legendary Outfit [Dove of the Desert] with a price of 1,500 Gold.

2. Yueshan Legendary Accessory [Journey ofBlades·Divine Seal] with a price of 3,350 Gold.

3. Epic Kill Announcement [Dissipated] with a price of 200 Gold.

4. Grappling Hook Legendary Skin [Poetic Rhymes·Lion Dance] with a price of 2,400 Gold.

5. Tianhai Legendary Outfit [Journey of Blades·Wujing] with a price of 1,500 Gold.

6. Kurumi Legendary Hairstyle [Poetic Rhymes·Starry Bridge] with a price of 600 Gold.

7. Fan Legendary Skin [Udumbara] with a price of 1,200 Gold.

8. Kill Announcement [Journey of Blades·All-Seeing Eye] with a price of 200 Gold.

9. Zai Legendary Outfit [Laudation·Chain Break] with a price of 1,500 Gold.

10. Zai Legendary Outfit [Robe of Annica]with a price of 1,500 Gold.

11. Tessa Legendary Outfit [Noir Sash] with a price of 1,500 Gold.

12. Legendary Mark of Victory [Feline's Call] with a price of 1,200 Gold.

13. Grappling Hook Skin [2674·SkyClaw 3000]with a price of 1,000 Gold.

14. Grappling Hook Skin [Glacial Chain] with a price of 1,200 Gold.

15. Wuchen Legendary Hairstyle [Nine Ridges] with a price of 1,200 Gold.

16. Wuchen Legendary Background [Yin-Yang Mirror] with a price of 600 Gold.


VI. New Store Items

Added the new store item "SurmountCard·Pioneer," which can be used to upgrade the Pioneer Hidden Treasure by 30 levels for only 1,800 Gold. Can only be purchased once