Random Rewards in Wells of Fate

Greetings to all players, we would like to officially announce the details of random rewards available in the Wells of Fate event. Please find the information below:

Category Name
Grappling Hook Flying Squirrel
Weapon Skin Shadow Warrior·Shuriken Spitter
Weapon Skin Floating Petals
Weapon Skin Crimson Demonic Blade
Weapon Skin Pelagyon·Sturdy Wave
Weapon Skin Onmyoji Arena·Ecliptic Blade
Weapon Skin Onmyoji Arena·Retribution Blade
Weapon Skin Onmyoji Arena·Coral Blade
Weapon Skin Onmyoji Arena·Cursed Sakura
Weapon Skin Evil Bane
Weapon Skin Blastburn Spear
Weapon Skin Bamboo Bolt
Weapon Skin Great Success·Trial
Weapon Skin Great Success·Wave
Weapon Skin Great Success·Glittering Victory
Weapon Skin Exalting Leap
Weapon Skin Onmyoji's Halberd
Weapon Skin Demonic Blade
Weapon Skin Minamoto's Bow
Weapon Skin Purple Parasol
Weapon Skin Onmyoji's Onikiri
Weapon Skin Chimera
Weapon Skin Blossom Branch
Weapon Skin Lunular Blades
Weapon Skin Immortal's Mountain
Weapon Skin Heaven's Broken Heart
Weapon Skin Galaxus
Weapon Skin Divine Dragon
Weapon Skin Midnight Shriek
Weapon Skin The Breaker·Dazzling Sun
Weapon Skin The Breaker·Cloud Ride
Weapon Skin The Breaker·Myriad Edge
Weapon Skin The Breaker·Golden Sun
Weapon Skin The Breaker·Cavern
Weapon Skin Komorebi
Weapon Skin White Venom
Weapon Skin Nightmare
Weapon Skin Wind Blast
Weapon Skin The Cinnabar King
Weapon Skin Longmen·Longmen Guardian
Weapon Skin Rotting Lotus
Weapon Skin Winter's Savor
Weapon Skin Raikou
Weapon Skin Dragonforce Koi·Bamboo
Weapon Skin Dragonforce Koi·Chrysanthemum
Weapon Skin Dragonforce Koi·Blossoms
Weapon Skin Dragonforce Koi·Scorch
Weapon Skin Sky Crusher
Weapon Skin Soulbloom Gem
Weapon Skin Tiger's Grace
Weapon Skin Light Bane
Weapon Skin Gale's Edge
Weapon Skin Beggar's Staff
Weapon Skin Dawn's Edge
Weapon Skin Peacebreaker
Weapon Skin Fang of Nabi
Weapon Skin Summit's Edge
Weapon Skin Shroudslasher
Weapon Skin Wind Cut
Weapon Skin Leaning Heaven·Moongazer
Weapon Skin Dreadraven
Weapon Skin Mara's Edge·Obsidian Shine
Weapon Skin Venomous Ice
Weapon Skin Cedary Flow
Weapon Skin Death of Saints
Weapon Skin Ogre Spine
Weapon Skin Heaven's Decree·Hibiscus
Weapon Skin Niello
Weapon Skin Heaven's Decree
Weapon Skin Greenfang
Weapon Skin Wicked Beast
Weapon Skin Sun's Edict
Weapon Skin Withered Sin
Weapon Skin Drowned Grace
Weapon Skin Willowshade
Weapon Skin Cold Tendon
Weapon Skin Gilded Glory
Weapon Skin Ryuzan·Frost Reflection
Weapon Skin Ryuzan (Cerulean)
Weapon Skin Ryuzan (Ebony)
Weapon Skin Salix Leaf·Jasmine Gale
Weapon Skin Salix Leaf·Peacock's Talons
Weapon Skin Salix Leaf
Weapon Skin Killing Thunder
Weapon Skin Graceful Pearl
Weapon Skin Lunar Pearl
Weapon Skin Porcelain Hornet
Weapon Skin Aubilis
Weapon Skin Fierceness
Weapon Skin Marrowblade
Weapon Skin Earthen Tempest
Weapon Skin Malice·Silver
Weapon Skin Malice·Darkshine
Weapon Skin August Glory
Weapon Skin Dynasty's Remains
Weapon Skin Muramasa
Weapon Skin Zen·Pristine
Weapon Skin Zen·Agar
Weapon Skin Zen·Wealth
Weapon Skin Tianxu·Vaulted Sky
Weapon Skin Bambusa
Weapon Skin Waxen
Weapon Skin Stormcaller·Ebony
Weapon Skin The Harvest
Weapon Skin Rouge Rage
Weapon Skin Corpsegilt
Weapon Skin Dojigiri Yasutsuna·Sepia
Weapon Skin Lushwood Bow
Weapon Skin Autumnal Eve
Weapon Skin Decadent Chaos
Weapon Skin Fleeting Willow
Weapon Skin Reaper's Quill
Weapon Skin Gilded Perch
Weapon Skin Keen Edge·Verawood
Weapon Skin Keen Edge·Indigo
Weapon Skin Leonine Warning
Hero Outfit Sakura Dance
Hero Outfit Crimson Yoto
Hero Outfit Onmyoji Arena·Ceremonial Blade
Hero Outfit Onmyoji Arena·Ecliptic Meander
Hero Outfit Onmyoji Arena·Retribution Light
Hero Outfit Onmyoji Arena·Ocean Coral
Hero Outfit Floral Scent
Hero Outfit Ivorius
Hero Outfit Laudation·Blaze The Thorn
Hero Outfit Hell of Iron Mills
Hero Outfit Unsinkable Naga
Hero Outfit Silky Leisure
Hero Outfit Alioth
Hero Outfit Breath of Itsumade
Hero Outfit Midnight Kiss
Hero Outfit Twilight Bamboo
Hero Outfit Xuan-Yuan Sword·Chen Jingchou
Hero Outfit A Chinese Ghost Story·Floral Shade
Hero Outfit Incompletion Robe
Hero Outfit Elucidae
Hero Outfit Maple Snowfall
Hero Outfit Lion Samurai
Hero Outfit Bone Breaker
Hero Outfit Godlike Force
Hero Outfit Yamabuki Tea
Hero Outfit Divine Garment of Water
Hero Outfit Valley Finery
Hero Outfit Sundo Miko
Hero Outfit Wings of Aosagibi
Hero Outfit Chef·Gourmet
Hero Outfit Tsunami
Hero Outfit Ill Omen
Hero Outfit Razor Robes
Hero Outfit Aquabolt Robes
Hero Outfit JTeam·Magenta Mane
Hero Outfit JTeam·Mountain Shaker
Hero Outfit JTeam·Yushan Elite
Hero Outfit Longmen·Flying Immortal
Hero Outfit Operatic Legend·Madam White Snake
Hero Outfit Serpent Sacrifice
Hero Outfit Great Plains Wolf
Hero Outfit Stowaway Shawl
Hero Outfit Jinsha Site·Dream of Shu
Hero Outfit Hell of the Wrongful Dead
Hero Outfit Inner Glow
Hero Outfit Huaxia Armors·Qin Epithet
Hero Outfit Huaxia Armors·Righteousness
Hero Outfit Spring Blossom
Hero Outfit Aegis Embroidery
Hero Outfit Melted Snow
Hero Outfit Divine Charioteer
Hero Outfit Cirrus Fairy
Hero Outfit The Howling Prophecy
Hero Outfit Silver Owl
Hero Outfit The Clear Eye
Hero Outfit Great Brawler
Hero Outfit Misty Gauze
Hero Outfit Bamboo Pit Viper
Hero Outfit The Royal Maw
Hero Outfit Pearl of the Dragon King
Hero Outfit Hakuja no Myojin
Hero Outfit Shark Carapace
Hero Outfit Ray Carapace
Hero Outfit Spring Silk
Hero Outfit Division Robes
Hero Outfit Silk Dress·Cyan
Hero Outfit Silk Dress·Vitex Stripe
Hero Outfit Gusoku·Ritual
Hero Outfit Scale Finery·Ashy Cloud
Hero Outfit King Pingden
Hero Outfit First Yama
Hero Outfit Hunter·New Year
Hero Outfit Hunter·Rightful King
Hero Outfit Hunter·Grasslands Guardian
Hero Outfit Alchemist Apparel·Golden Orchid
Hero Outfit Alchemist Apparel·Fortune
Hero Outfit Yushan Attire·Ashy Cloud
Hero Outfit Gilded Scales
Hero Outfit Snakebite Wound
Hero Outfit Eastern·Grand General
Hero Outfit Long skirt·Ashy Cloud
Hero Outfit Playful Kawauso
Hero Outfit Jorogumo's Web
Hero Outfit Amabie's Harvest
Hero Outfit Blood Eagle
Hero Outfit Golden Bell
Hero Outfit Witch's Bridle
Hero Outfit Scold's Bride
Hero Outfit Baxia's Crossing
Hero Outfit Qiuniu's Song
Hero Outfit Judge Bi'an
Hero Outfit Cowl·Ashy Cloud
Hero Outfit Pine Hitatare
Hero Outfit Bamboo Blouse
Hero Outfit Glaze Blouse
Hero Outfit Boomslang
Hero Outfit Asp
Hero Outfit Egg-eater
Hero Outfit Noble Apparel·Xun
Hero Outfit Noble Apparel·Gen
Hero Outfit Noble Apparel·Dui
Hero Outfit Jackal
Hero Outfit Cub
Hero Outfit Huokang
Hero Outfit Huangquan
Hero Outfit Bronze Breastplate
Hero Outfit Gold Breastplate
Hero Outfit Steel Breastplate
Hero Outfit Deft Mechanic·Emrald
Hero Outfit Deft Mechanic·Olive
Hero Outfit Deft Mechanic·White
Hero Outfit Green Cloth Attire
Hero Outfit Blue Cloth Attire
Hero Outfit Claw
Hero Outfit Riversong
Hero Outfit Chasm
Hero Outfit Petrichor
Hero Outfit Omagatoki
Hero Outfit Onibi
Hero Outfit Okubi
Hero Outfit Cloth Shirt·Milkvetch
Hero Outfit Cloth Garb·Viole
Hero Outfit Drown
Hero Outfit Stone
Hero Outfit Pillory
Hero Accessory Jasmine Cap
Hero Accessory Inkslab
Hero Accessory Heavenblaze
Hero Accessory White Cat Ears
Hero Accessory Lion Dance
Hero Accessory Twilight Visage
Hero Accessory Rabbit Ears
Hero Accessory Pearldust Gauze
Hero Accessory Samurai Helmet
Hero Accessory Coral Horns
Hero Accessory Helm of Malevolence
Hero Accessory Inventor's Hood
Hero Accessory Kitsune Ears
Hero Accessory Stag Antler
Hero Accessory Operatic Legend·Crown
Hero Accessory Wolf Ears
Hero Accessory Triumph
Hero Accessory Sun's Thicket
Hero Accessory Mystic Tanuki
Hero Accessory Huaxia Armors·Military Feather
Hero Accessory Huaxia Armors·Restoration
Hero Accessory Tiger Helm
Hero Accessory Winter Hare
Hero Accessory Tiger Hat
Hero Accessory Leopard Ears
Hero Accessory Origami Yoto Hime
Hero Accessory Origami Ubume
Hero Accessory Fox Tail
Hero Accessory Soul Peal
Hero Accessory White Cat Tail
Hero Accessory Astrolabe
Hero Accessory Rabbit Tail
Hero Accessory Imperial Jade
Hero Accessory Monk's Wisdom
Hero Accessory Longmen·Lotus Halo
Hero Accessory Longmen·Gargoyle Glow
Hero Accessory Wolf Tail
Hero Accessory Azure Wine Gourd
Hero Accessory Golden Tambourine
Hero Accessory Jinsha Site·Heliacal Flight
Hero Accessory Merfolk Tail
Hero Accessory Ceremonial Tusk
Hero Accessory Red Jade Flask
Hero Accessory Heraldic Aura
Hero Accessory Mist Dragon
Hero Accessory Leopard Tail
Hero Accessory Silver Masquerade
Hero Accessory Nightmare Hunter
Hero Accessory Sloth
Hero Accessory Marching Cloth
Hero Accessory Immortal's Mountain
Hero Accessory Scarlet Glare
Hero Accessory Sly Treasure
Hero Accessory Nuribotoke Mask
Hero Accessory Birdbrain
Hero Accessory Panda Bear
Hero Accessory Bamboo Hat
Hero Accessory Aviation Goggles
Hero Accessory Wrathful
Hero Accessory Against Wave
Hero Accessory Leather Hunting Cap
Hero Accessory Kitsune Face
Hero Accessory Lucky Lantern
Hero Accessory Ruthless
Hero Accessory Eaglet
Hero Accessory Serene Sky Blue
Hero Accessory Eternal Lamp
Hero Accessory Royal Augur
Hero Accessory Ramskull
Hero Accessory Snowman
Hero Accessory Spring Furin
Hero Accessory Tai Chi Furnace
Hero Accessory Lucky Fish
Hero Accessory Kami Bells
Hero Accessory Swordtail Crab
Hero Accessory Firebrand Conch
Hero Accessory Demon Form
Hero Accessory Tiger Seal
Hero Accessory Compass
Hero Accessory Candied Haws
Hero Accessory Astro Anchor
Hero Accessory Endless knot
Hero Accessory Silken Aroma Pouch
Hero Accessory Ward Daruma · F
Hero Accessory Ward Daruma · M
Hero Accessory Wooden Offering
Hero Accessory Lucky Daruma · F
Hero Accessory Lucky Daruma · M
Showdown Item Legendary Rune Key
Showdown Item Alchemical Crystallized Soul*10
Treasure Echelon Treasure
Treasure Tidal Treasure
Treasure Dawn Treasure
Treasure Immortal Treasure
Treasure Lotus Treasure
Item Mythic Coin*15
Item Untamed Treasure
Item Mythic Coin*3
Item 2h Treasure Bonus
Item 2h XP Bonus
Hairstyle Gingko
Hairstyle Peacock Plume
Hairstyle Moonlight
Hairstyle Surfer
Hairstyle Poria
Hairstyle Grey Wolf Leader
Hairstyle Grey Wolf Royal
Hairstyle Lotus Flower
Hairstyle Glittering Pinion
Hairstyle Logwood
Hairstyle Longmen·Feather
Hairstyle Purple Aster
Hairstyle Scarlet Wave
Hairstyle Yunchang Crown
Hairstyle Pure Moon
Hairstyle Yu'er
Hairstyle Xiaoyao
Hairstyle Green Skies
Hairstyle Ling-er
Hairstyle Jingchou
Hairstyle Morning Glory
Hairstyle Violet Braids
Hairstyle Gallant
Grappling Hook Copper Wimble
Grappling Hook Imperial Creed
Grappling Hook Imperial Crane
Bubble Nuh-uh
Bubble Hee Hee
Bubble Shake Head
Bubble Cheer
Bubble Counter them!
Bubble Koi of Fortune
Bubble Takeda·Sheathe
Bubble Lovey Dovey
Bubble Beware the Thorny Roller
Bubble Beware the Toxishroom
Bubble Wuchen·Lend A Hand?
Bubble Temulch·Moved
Bubble Gift
Bubble Feria Shen·Snipe
Bubble Kurumi·Showtime
Bubble Justina Gu·You ruffian!
Bubble Justina Gu·Strum
Bubble Envy
Bubble Awaiting rescue
Bubble Valda Cui·Surfing
Bubble Zai·Daggers
Bubble Whoops
Bubble Hmph
Bubble Heart
Bubble Give Up
Bubble Soul Release
Bubble Bawl
Bubble Scholarly
Background Idyll•Firefly
Background Takeda Flame
Background Firearms Division
Background Mountain Boughs
Background Nezha·Break
Background Encroaching Yin
Background Dormant River
Background Volcano
Background Valley Falls
Background Sunshine Waters
Background Frost
Background Golden Wings
Background Childhood Days
Background Flowing
Background Cascade
Background Fireworks
Background Ancient Town
Background Lost Sands
Base Delightful Blossom
Base Idyll•Wild Deer
Base Samurai Arena
Base Gear Twirl
Base Magma
Base Autumn Boughs
Base Nezha·Transform
Base Spring Celebration
Base Tide Master
Base Jade Drum
Base Triumphal Sacrifice
Base Herb Garden
Base Sweet Zongzi
Base Shrine Chest
Base Summer Beach
Base Paper Lanterns
Base Aureate
Base Convallaria
Base Wither Stone
Base Flower Seas
Base Lotus
Base Wreck
Base Frost
Base Mountain Roots
Base Pillar
Base Guest Seat
Base Moss Pond
Pose  Overlook
Pose  Wish
Pose  Nezha·Soar
Pose  Blush
Pose  Aim
Pose  Operatic Legend·All Existence
Pose  Operatic Legend·Return
Pose  Operatic Legend·Phoenix
Pose  Blow Kiss
Pose  Shivering
Pose  Fast Blade
Pose  Cozy
Pose  Piacevole
Pose  Surfing