NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update –February 16th, 2023

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from Feb 15th, 2023 at 23:00:00 (UTC) to Feb 16th, 2023 at 03:00:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand-new content!

I. Brand new Congeneric Weapon: Polesword

Courage sharpens the sword. With a cold gleam it fells foes and their steeds alike.

The new weapon Polesword will be available. Come and try it out for yourself!

You can see the Polesword's combos and skills here:


II. Limited-time Event: Meteoric Rise

Event Time: Feb 16th update – Mar 1st, 2023 at 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1. Each day, you may choose one of the two Divines

Moonbane's Howl: If you gain positive Scores in the ranked match, you will get a 25% Score bonus and Divine Blessings will diminish by 1.

Sunwing's Aura: If you gain negative Scores in the ranked match, only 50% of the Scores will be deducted and Divine Blessings will diminish by 1.

If you get 0 Score, it doesn't consume Divine Blessings.

You can choose only one type each day, and once chosen, it cannot be changed.

2. You will receive 1 Divine Blessing once you've made your choice.

3. An additional Divine Blessing is granted for each event quest you complete.  These quests are in 7 groups, each available at different times. The next set of quests can be unlocked only after completing the former ones.

4. Divine Blessings gained are valid for that day only. They do not carry over to the next day, so please use them in time.

5. Complete more quests to win more great rewards.


III. New Season: Untamed

Season 6 [Spark] will end on Feb 16th, 2023 at 00:00 (UTC). Meanwhile, the rank of this season will be settled and the new season [Untamed] will be open. Players can claim the rewards after the update of the new season. Thank you all for your support and feedback during the Spark Season. We will do our best to bring you more in the coming season!

1. Season Rewards

1) Season rewards will be awarded based on the highest rank gained in The Herald's Trial (Solo, Duos or Trios) during the Ordeal season.




Avatar [Spark·Bronze]


Avatar [Spark·Silver]


Avatar [Spark·Gold], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus]


Avatar [Spark·Platinum], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus], Legendary Bow Skin [Blue and White Porcelain]


Avatar [Spark·Solar], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus], Legendary Bow Skin [Blue and White Porcelain], Epic Group Background [Gigantic Gear], Spring Lantern·Ji x3


Avatar [Spark·Empyrean], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus], Legendary Bow Skin [Blue and White Porcelain], Epic Group Background [Gigantic Gear], Spring Lantern·Ji x5


Avatar [Spark·Astral], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus], Legendary Bow Skin [Blue and White Porcelain], Epic Group Background [Gigantic Gear], Spring Lantern·Ji x7


Avatar [Spark·Asura], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus], Legendary Bow Skin [Blue and White Porcelain], Epic Group Background [Gigantic Gear], Spring Lantern·Ji x10

<Unrivaled Asura>

Avatar [Spark·Unrivaled Asura], Feria Shen Epic Outfit [Division Robes·Phosphorus], Legendary Bow Skin [Blue and White Porcelain], Epic Group Background [Gigantic Gear], Spring Lantern·Ji x10


Score Reset

1. Scores in The Herald's Trial (Solos, Duos or Trios) will partially carry over to the new season.

Rank in Spark Season

Carry-over Rank in the New Season









































































Unrivaled Asura(5000-5999)


Unrivaled Asura(6000+)



2. Kill Score, Survival Score, and Hero Score will partially carry over to the new season, with a greater ratio being carried over for those with lower scores.

Score Range

Carry-over Ratio












Hero Adjustments

I. Wuchen

1. Adjusted the performance of [Spirit Blades·Array]. When the blade hits an enemy, instead of reducing the weapon's durability and triggering Clash or Counter, it will now reduce the enemy's energy by 5,000 points.

2. Reduced the CD of [Spirit Blades·Array] from 25 sec to 22 sec.

3. Adjusted the interval at which [Spirit Blades·Array] will auto release. The first blade is released after a shorter interval as enemy approaches, then the rest blades are released with constant intervals of 3 seconds between each one.

//Dev note: When the mechanism of a blade that automatically releases and clashes against an enemy's attack is included in the same skill, duel results become unstable and unpredictable. For this reason, we've adjusted the mechanism of the F2 skill and the combat pacing.

4. Increased the Vulnerable value of [Tai Chi Rift·Switch] for the teleported enemy from 10% to 15% while maintaining its duration.


II. Ziping Yin

1. Adjusted the Damage Reduction inflicted by the Skill [Aromatherapy] from 20% to 30%.

2. Instead of directly triggering [Inspiration Shield], the Skill [Aromatherapy: Protection] will now apply an 8-sec [Inspiration], then trigger [Inspiration Shield] when Ziping Yin is hit, lasting for 8 sec.

3. Adjusted the max Rage for her Ultimate [Saving Grace] and all the Talents from 75,000 to 60,000.


III. Matari

1. After releasing the Skill [Silent Flutter] and its derived Skills, Attack is boosted by 15% for 3 sec.

2. Reduced the CD of [Silent Flutter: Retrace Flash] from 30 sec to 22 sec. Adjusted the duration of the mark from 7.5 sec to 9 sec after the mark is left by the flash, and the Retrace Flash can be used under attack.

3. The Ultimate [Unseen Wings] and [Unseen Wings: Assassin] can be used under attack now; however, after Matari casts the Ultimate, she no long refreshes the skills for other teammates (but can still refresh her own skills).

//Dev note: When being hit, Matari now can use [Unseen Wings] and be teleported back after releasing [Silent Flutter: Retrace Flash]. We've made these adjustments to bring her higher flexibility and to encourage players to come up with more combat strategies.


IV. Feria Shen

1. Optimized the special effect of the Skill [Gunplay: Aim] when raising the gun.

2. Optimized the CD of Bronze Mech when switching the Cannon forms under all talents from 5 sec to 4 sec.

3. Optimized the releasing performance and space determination of [Mech Mayhem: Co-pilot]'s Beacon. Now it can be placed on rough terrain.

//Dev note: It was hard for Feria Shen to place beacons when battling on rough terrain, so we've made the optimization.


V. Tarka Ji

Slightly increased the range of the 2nd-stage dodge (elbow strike) when he is casting his ultimate.


VI. Takeda Nobutada

Reduced the staggering time of [Mythic Grab·Takedown] when hitting non-Blue Focus enemy.


VII. Other Adjustments

Added a display of the enemy's Energy Bar to the caster when some skills that can reduce the enemy's energy (e.g., [Zephyr Prison], [Spirit Blades·Array], etc.) hit the enemy.


Showdown Adjustments

I. Combat Adjustments

1. Reduced the ability of Hammer Evil-Ent and Mountain Ghost to bounce back ranged attack.

2. Hammer Evil-Ent will not use Purple Focus strikes twice in a row.


II. Omens Adjustments

1. Reduced the trigger interval of the Ice Thorn. Now, the Ice Thorn will only be triggered when the player enters the triggering area.

2. Adjusted the position of the following Omens in Gelid Yushan: Frozen Earth, Ice Wind, and Ice Thorn; and slightly increased the number of these Omens.


III. Enigma Domain Adjustments

1. Adjusted the boss' respawn location and rules to make it respawn nearer to the player.

2. Adjusted the distribution of monsters near Eventide Temple Cortile and Bhiku's Dorm to make it easier to find.

3. Adjusted the distribution of monsters near Lake Yellowleaf to prevent from disturbing the boss battle.

4. Now, in the Enigma Domain, Scout Bells will be placed instead of Nether Bells. And the number of Scout Bells is greatly increased.

5. Optimized the animation of disappearing the monsters when time's up.


IV. Souljade Adjustments

1. [Cavalry Bloom·Ice-wielding]

Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 6.06 to 6.49

2. [Erudition·Ice-wielding]

Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 10.5 to 11.18

3. [Aerial Rend·Ice-wielding]

Charged strike 1st stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 8.92 to 9.5;

Charged strike 2nd stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 11.39 to 12.13;

Charged strike 3nd stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 13.63 to 14.52.

4. [Dual Link]

Reduced the Pistol's Damage Multiplier of breaking Astral Aegis by 35%.

5. [Detonating Rounds]

Reduced the Pistol's Damage Multiplier of breaking Astral Aegis by 30%.

6. [Scattershot Enhance]

Reduced the Bow's Damage Multiplier of breaking Astral Aegis by 40%.

7. [Weaponry Chest Boon]

Decreased the Reduction Multiplier of ranged damage from 30% to 20%.

8. [Ice Bomb]

Increased the bullets' Frostbite Damage Multiplier by 16%.

9. [Frost Cannon]

Increased the Cannon's Frostbite Damage Multiplier by 16%.

//Dev note: In the current version, the Souljades of some ranged weapons are too strong to break the Astral Aegis, so we have made a balance adjustment accordingly. At the same time, the overall ranged weapon damage has been appropriately increased by adjusting the damage reduction multiplier of the Weaponry Chest Boon.

We hope you will understand and support this adjustment, and a certain number of Souljades Gifts will also be delivered after this update.


V. Hero Adjustments

1. Temulch

Reduced talents' and scattering arrows' Damage Multipliers of breaking Astral Aegis by 30%.

2. Tianhai

1) Optimized the Counterstrike Combo's move and attack range after Tianhai transforms into Vajra so that it's more convenient for him to hit the enemy.

2) Now, the boss monster will take Tianhai in Vajra form as their prior target.

3) Increased the Damage Multipliers of Vajra's ranged grab from 0.35 to 1.


VI. Animation Adjustments

Added an animation of gathering uncollected Souljades into the player's bag when settling.


In-game Adjustments

I. Combat Adjustments

1. When some weapons or skills hit the head, no extra damage is dealt. So we've removed the headshot's performance to avoid any confusion. The actual damage and performance remain unchanged.

Related Weapons include: Pistol, Cannon, Swarm, Flamebringer etc.

Related Talents include: Ranged Talents of Temulch, Tarka Ji, Valda Cui, Ziping Yin, Feria Shen and others.

Headshot's Performance include: Sound effect, characters' voice, crosshair change etc.

2. Springtime Targets are added in Ranked Mode, Quick Match and Bot Mode, which can be shot by weapon attack. And certain levels of Souljades or large amount of Dark Coins will come from the cracked Springtime Targets, which may vary according to the different forms of cracks.

3. Reduced non-bounty quests in the Survival mode at the beginning, and increased bounty quests in the next two quest refreshes in the match.

4. Rebirth Charm costs 9,000 Dark Coins in the Herald's Trial now.


Out-game Adjustments

I. Added Default Makeup for Some Heroes

1. Added Temulch's new hairstyle [Sirius], unlocked along with the unlock of the hero.

2. Added Ziping Yin's new preset face [Default Face 02].



I. Controller Setting Optimizations

Adjusted the preset value and default value for some PC Controller Sensitivity.

Including the following preset changes:

[Horizontal & Vertical View Sensitivity] 60 -> 30

[Horizontal & Vertical View Sensitivity (Aim)] 40 -> 20

[Horizontal Turning Boost] 50 -> 25

(This adjustment will only apply to newly created characters but will not affect current players' settings. You can also change the settings through “ESC - Controls - Controller - View Sensitivity”)


Feature Optimizations

I. Client Optimization

Optimized the loading of special effects to reduce lags during battles.


II. Out-game

1. Optimized the controller operating performance in the left section on the Hero Collection page and Weapons page; and reduced operation stuttering.

2. On the preview of Treasure Pavilion rewards, players can switch coloring schemes for Highlights hairstyles.

3. On the preview of Treasure Pavilion rewards, players can find the preset faces in the recommended collocation.

4. Added Battle Pass Quest Navigation. Now, players can navigate track the weekly and the season quests in the Battle Pass interface and check the progression in the battle.

5. Added Detail pop-ups for new items in the Battle Pass and store. Players can now directly check their information.

6. Added new challenge quests of Battle Pass.


Store Updates

I. Battle Pass Updates

[Untamed] Battle Pass is now available, which includes a variety of valuable items and skins! Players can obtain more rewards through unlocking Hidden Treasure!
The price of Treasure Scroll is 1,200 Gold; The price of Glory Scroll is 2,840 Gold. Battle Pass levels are now adjusted to 115, with the same price and same amount of rewards.

II. New Packs

1. Added Takeda Nobutada's Exclusive pack [Breaking Waves], which contains Takeda Nobutada's Legendary outfit [Breaking Waves], Takeda Nobutada's Legendary Accessory [Against Wave]. Standard price: 2,200 Gold; Now: 1,600 Gold.


III. Added New Discounts

1. Added new Polesword Legendary Skin [Divine Dragon]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.

2. Added new Polesword Epic Skin [Fierceness]. Standard price: 500 Gold; Now: 400 Gold.

3. Wuchen Legendary Outfit [Alioth]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

4. Matari Legendary Outfit [Misty Gauze]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

5. Kurumi Legendary Outfit [Silky Leisure]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

6. Katana Legendary Skin [Soulbloom Gem]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.


IV. Discounts End

1. Matari Legendary Pose [Blow Kiss] has returned to its standard price of 900 Gold.

2. Temulch Legendary Pose [Blush] has returned to its standard price of 900 Gold.

3. Katana Legendary Skin [Great Success·Trial] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.

4. Longsword Legendary Skin [Great Success·Stillness] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.

5. Spear Legendary Skin [Great Success·Wave] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.


Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

1. Fixed the issue where extra damage would be dealt when Valda Cui casts [Haze·Showdown] and hits the enemy in the head.

2. Fixed the issue where Tarka Ji could dodge counterstrikes and other execution strikes under certain circumstances.

3. Fixed the issue where Souljade [Titan's Call·Soul Seeking] cannot take effect in Enigma Domain.


II. Weapon-related Bugs

1. Fixed the issue where counterstrike was triggered in an incorrect stage after performing Stone Form with the Greatsword.

2. Fixed the abnormal size of the Greatsword when using the Skin [Onmyoji Arena·Ecliptic Blade] under certain circumstances.


Xbox Updates

I. Adjustments of Journey's Dawn event on Xbox

1. Journey's Dawn event is now divided into 2 sections: [Journey's Dawn Sign-In] and [Journey's Dawn Quest].

2. In [Journey's Dawn Sign-In] event, log in to get rewards every day. You'll get a new hero along with his/her outfit if you've logged in for 7 days in total!

3. Adjusted the quests and rewards in [Journey's Dawn Quest] event, where Showdown Scrolls are offered for players to start Showdown with their teammates at any time.


II. Showdown is coming on Xbox One

1. The in-game PVE mode, Showdown, is now available for all Xbox One players!


III. Optimization of Xbox One Performance

IO Optimization for all series of Xbox One is now available.

1. Speeded up loading of scene.

2. Reduced the lag in game.