NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – December 1st, 2022

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 11/30/2022 23:00 (UTC) to 12/01/2022 03:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:


Brand-new content!

I. Limited-time Event: Clash League

1. Gameplay:

(1) Basic Rules: Same as the rules of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT official tournaments.

(2) Time: 01:00-03:00 (UTC) every day for NA Server during the dates when the Clash League tournament is open.

(3) Schedule:

·Start Time of Sign-up in Week 1: Nov 30th, 23:00 (UTC)

·Start Time of Tournament in Week 1: Dec 7th, 16:00 (UTC)

·Start Time of Sign-up in Week 2: Dec 14th, 17:00 (UTC)

·Start Time of Tournament in Week 2: Dec 18th, 16:00 (UTC)

(4) Battle Zone

·All Justice Chambers will be grouped into different battle zones according to their members' ranks. Players of different battle zones won't be matched.

·The battle zone of each Justice Chamber will be determined when the members first start a matchmaking, and will not be changed during the week.

·Rewards vary with different battle zones.

(5) Match Limit

·Each Justice Chamber can play 20 matches at most per week.

· Quitting the match during the preparation stage also consumes the available chances left.

(6) Matchmaking Rules:

·All members of Justice Chambers can participate in the match.

·With 1 team in a match, others in the same Justice Chamber cannot join another match.

(7) Member Adjustments

Once the Justice Chamber has started its first matchmaking, members cannot leave the chamber, rename the chamber/add restrictions, remove other players or change the team leader during the week. Other players are forbidden to join the chamber

2. Score Rules:

(1) Weekly Score

Scores of each Clash League match will be settled when it's finished. The Week Score is the sum of the 6 highest-scoring matches played by each Justice Chamber during the week.

(2) Score Rules of Each Match

Score of Each Match=Ranking Score + Eliminates by the Team*Ranking Multiplier

*Eliminates: A player being killed to Death (one's Cairn runs out of Health with or without Rebirth chance) is regarded as an Eliminate.

Ranking coefficient and ranking score according to different rankings are as follows (shown as ranking / ranking coefficient / ranking score):

#1 / 1.4 / 5

#2 / 1.4 / 3

#3 / 1.3 / 3

#4 / 1.3 / 2

#5 / 1.2 / 2

#6 / 1.2 / 1

#7 / 1.2 / 1

#8 / 1.1 / 1

#9 / 1.1 / 1

#10 / 1.1 / 0.5

#11 / 1.1 / 0.5

#12 / 1 / 0.5

#13 / 1 / 0.5

#14 / 1 / 0

#15 / 1 / 0

#16 / 1 / 0

3. Scoring Rules of the Clash League Leaderboard (Weekly)

 (1) Week 1

The Clash League Leaderboard·Week 1 will be settled on 12/14/2022 16:00 (UTC).

The Weekly Leaderboard is ranked in a unit of Justice Chambers. After the settlement, if your Justice Chamber ranks top 100, you will obtain Avatars and item rewards.

The score of the Clash League Leaderboard·Week 1 is the sum of 6 highest-scoring matches played by each Justice Chamber during the week.  When two Justice Chambers get the same scores, the Chamber that reaches those scores first will be ranked higher.

(2) Week 2

The Clash League Leaderboard·Week 2 will be settled on 12/25/2022 16:00 (UTC).

The Weekly Leaderboard is ranked in a unit of Justice Chambers. After the settlement, if your Justice Chamber ranks top 100, you will obtain Avatars and item rewards.

The score of the Clash League Leaderboard·Week 2 is the sum of 6 highest-scoring matches played by each Justice Chamber during the week. When two Justice Chambers get the same scores, the Chamber that reaches those scores first will be ranked higher.


II. Limited-time Event: Mysterious Mechanisms

Event time: 12/07/2022 20:00 (UTC) to 12/21/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Rules:

1.  By completing Daily Quests, players can obtain Puzzle Shard of Feria Shen and have additional chance to obtain any one of Tae, Spectral Silk, Legendary Outfit and Legendary Accessory Gift at random.

2. The Puzzle has 16 pieces and four Sections, which can be unlocked randomly with the random Puzzle Shards or specifically by corresponding Puzzle Shards.

3. You can claim rewards by unlocking any of the four Sections. Some rewards will be available after the new version is released, so stay tuned.

4. Each day, you can help a player obtain a Puzzle Shard (by tapping the contact list, selecting a "Puzzle Shard of Feria Shen”, and confirming to share it). You won't consume your Puzzle Shards by doing so. However, each player will be given just one Puzzle Shard per day.

5. You can still claim unlocked rewards on the event page and unlock Puzzle Shards to obtain rewards anytime within the remaining time to claim rewards after the end of the event. But you can no longer complete Quests or send Puzzle Shards during that period. You can get 160 Tae for each Puzzle Shard destroyed at the Inventory after the end of the time period available to claim rewards (i.e., upon the expiration of the item).


III. Limited-time Event: Clash League Roll Call

Event Time: Update – 12/21/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Info: Players who sign in a total of 7 days during the event can receive limited-edition Bubbles, Regular Treasure Choice Gift, Spring Lantern·Ji, and other event rewards.


IV. Limited-time Event: Victory Reforged

Event time: From 11/30/2022 20:00 (UTC) to 12/21/2022 23:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

There are four different events that Victory Reforged involves, where players can redeem for a great many rewards.

Event 1: Fire Sparkles

You may join the event using 1200 Spectral Silk. Complete 5 Daily Quests during the event, and you could draw prizes announced once the NBWC 2022 Champion is named! Prizes include 1200 Spectral Silk (guaranteed) and also a chance to win other great rewards!

Event 2: Willpower

Players may complete the Quests for "Volition Emblems", and use "Volition Emblems" to redeem exclusive event rewards.

Event 3: Monument

Exclusive cosmetics and customized items of NBWC 2021 return! All exclusive cosmetics share the same time-limited discount of 40%. Players may use Gold to buy those cosmetics or consume "Volition Emblems" to redeem for other customized items. With certain numbers of cosmetics or other customized items collected, you could redeem for more "Volition Emblems".

Event 4: Popularity Poll

Head to the official tournament website to join the NBWC 2022 Popularity Poll event. Gain "Volition Emblems" that can be used to redeem loads of valuable rewards.


Hero Adjustments

I. Takeda

[Demonic Strike] under [Demonic Aid] now no longer charges but instead consumes 25% of Rage. [Demonic Strike] no longer gets more times of use upon Souljades or Hero skills. (Only related to the Rage)


Weapon Adjustments

I. Staff

1. Optimized the performance of Staff strikes.

2. Optimized the sound effect of Staff strikes.

3. Optimized the pre-input of [Heaven Uproar] and the performance of enemies hit by it while standing. Slightly reduced the airborne height of enemies hit by it.


Souljade Adjustments

I. Staff Souljade

Slightly reduced the airborne height of enemies hit by [Merciless Havoc].


Showdown Adjustments

I. Omen Adjustments

1. When Omens appear, players will have more Luck which can increase the chance of obtaining rare Souljades. The more challenging the Omen is, the more Luck you will have.

2. Decreased the accumulating speed of [Spirit Erosion] and increased the fading speed of the accumulated [Spirit Erosion].


II. Combat Adjustments

1. Optimized the start-up motion of Omnius·Hell Scorch, Omnius·Rock, Mountain Ghost, Stone Monster and Fiery Monster.

2. Reduced the performance of Axe Evil-Ent and Wyrmling's strikes when blocking ranged attacks.

3. Reduced the hit range of Hammer Evil-Ent's downward smash.

4. Optimized the motion of [Defuse·Solve] of Greatsword.

2. Optimized the combat move of Stone Monster


III. Out-game Adjustments

1. Now players can select network nodes in different regions in Showdown.

2. Now players can change Showdown Souljades during the preparation phase.

3. Optimized how the Souljades are dragged to be equipped and replaced.


In-game Adjustments

I. Movement Adjustments

In order to bring the players a more healthy, stable, and positive game environment, we've made some changes as follow. Besides the art resources, we have also adjusted the use of non-compliant words and English letters in the game upon request.

1. Outfit

We've done optimization to the performance of inertial motion of characters' chests as well as adjustments to the following outfits:

Valda Cui's Outfits of [Cloth Attire] Collection, Valda Cui's Legendary Outfit [Dragon Will·Unchained],

Yoto Hime's Legendary Outfit [Sakura Dance], [Onmyoji Arena·Ocean Coral] and her Default Outfit,

Matari's Extreme Outfit [Flawless Elegance].

2. Adjustments on Hero Info of Yoto Hime, Justina Gu and Kurumi

3. Other Cosmetics Adjustments

(1) Bubbles

[Awaiting rescue], [Evil-Ent·You're hooked], [Greet], [Pew pew!], [I'm the best], [Tianhai·Aim], [Boo!], [Yueshan·Unstoppable Might]

(2) Naming Adjustments:

Changes in the description of Souljade, Outfit, Accessory, Weapon, names of Accessory, Weapon, Bubble, Background and Pose.

We truly appreciate the love and passion you have given to the characters and apologize for these adjustments. We will soon make more optimizations to the design of these outfits and offer refund service through in-game Customer Service. Thank you for your support to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT as always.


II. Feature Optimizations

1. While viewing through walls, the camera will no longer zoom in. And the transparency of the walls was improved.

2. After Heroes such as Tianhai, Valda Cui and Yoto Hime cast their Ultimates, the camera will no longer be stuck at the ceiling.

3. Energy Bar will turn red when it's insufficient to parry.


III. Gameplay Adjustments

When Heroes turn into Cairns with Vermillion Bird's Might, they will yield Rebirth Blossom Spirits.


Out-game Adjustments

I. Justice Chamber

1. Added the Weekly Activeness

(1) Members can increase the Activeness of their Justice Chambers by playing the match. When the weekly Activeness reaches stated goals, members will get Justice Coins correspondingly, which can be used to redeem various rewards in the Justice Store.

(2) Play any mode for 1 minute to increase 2 Activeness points, up to 2500 per person per week. Partying up with the members of the Justice Chamber will receive a 1.5x Activeness Bonus.

2. Added Justice Chamber label in friend list, where player’s Justice Chamber will be shown.

3. Added the Justice Store

Justice Coins can be redeemed for rewards. The Justice Store will be updated from time to time.


II. Videos Playing Adjustments

1. Adjusted demo videos of Weapon Advantages, which will now play after clicking.

2. Adjusted demo videos of Hero Skills and Ultimates, which will now play after clicking.


III. Custom Room

If the target weapon is banned, it cannot be obtained through Crafting Hammer.



I. Ref Spectate

Go "Setting-Gameplay-Ref Spectate” to use the newly added feature “See-through under Free Roam”. After enabled, the Ref Spectate will be added a see-through effect to the objects in front of the camera at a certain distance.


Client Optimization

Adjusted the special effect, sound effect loaded by grades to ensure a more fluent combat.


Store Updates

I. Added New Discounts

1. Added Ziping Yin Legendary Outfit [Melted Snow]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

2. Added Yueshan Legendary Outfit [Laudation·Blaze The Thorn]. Standard price: 2,000 Gold; Now: 1,800 Gold.

3. Added Greatsword Legendary Skin [Exalting Leap]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.

4. Viper Ning Legendary Accessory [Leopard Ears]. Standard price: 1,200 Gold; Now: 1,000 Gold.

5. Viper Ning Legendary Accessory [Leopard Tail]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.


II. Discounts End

1. Kurumi Legendary Outfit [Sundo Miko] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.

2. Staff Legendary Skin [Immortal's Mountain] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.

3. Valda Cui Legendary Accessory [Merfolk Tail] has returned to its standard price of 900 Gold.

4. Valda Cui Legendary Hairstyle [Scarlet Wave] has returned to its standard price of 900 Gold.

5. Viper Ning Legendary Outfit [Maple Snowfall] has returned to its standard price of 1,800 Gold.

6. Katana Legendary Skin [Soulbloom Gem] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.


III. Spectral Silk Store Updates

Added the Takeda Legendary Accessory [Stag Antler] with the price of 12,000 Spectral Silk.


IV. BATTLEPASS Optimizations

Added recommended collocation, where the matched rewards in the Hidden Treasure will be recommended as a combination.


Ⅴ. Gifting Adjustments

Only Gold that are gained by purchasing can be sent to others as gift.


Bug Fixes

I. Bugs in the Realm of Yang

1. Fixed a bug where one may accidentally fall from the Realm of Yang on some special occasions.

2. Fixed a bug where one may lose the immunity to the damage of Moonbane Charm 5 sec after getting teleported from the Realm of Yang.

3. Fixed a bug where Mortal Defiance and Ziping Yin's [Sedate Soul] cannot be triggered before Yang Depletion coming to an end.


II. Hero-related Bugs

Fixed a bug when under certain strikes or motions when being hit, one may parry [Twilight Crimson] and all other skills' determination from Viper Ning.


III. Weapon-related Bugs

1. Fixed a bug where Gold Focus Strikes of [Merciless Havoc] will get into a clash with Blue and Purple Focus Strikes.

2. Fixed a bug where the final stage of [Abyssal Aura]'s damage could be parried.

3. Fixed a bug where the special effect appears earlier than the model when entering combat or viewing the weapon page.


IV. Battle-related Bugs

1. Fixed a bug where Crafting Hammer is not available in some circumstances.

2. Fixed a bug where Quick Counter failed when landing by jumping after taking the weapon back.


V. Showdown Bugs

1. Fixed a bug where the health of Omnius·Rock will be locked when it casts ground shocking and grabbing skills for the second time under the Nightscream difficulty.

2. Fixed a bug where Valda Cui shows a wrong expression after using [Summer Party·Teashades].

3. Fixed a bug where rank may be disordered when players have completed Doom·Racing with the same time of duration.

4. Fixed a bug where Omnius·Rock strikes with no startup frame after a Counterstrike.