NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – August 19th, 2022

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 08/18/2022 23:00 (UTC) to 08/19/2022 03:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The details for this update are as follows:

Brand-new content!

Ⅰ.New Map: Holoroth

图片 4

5 Regions: Plumed Castle, Mehtaab, City of Tang, Empyreal Village, and Yushan Ruins.

(Yushan Ruins is unavailable now: In northwestern Holoroth sits the inaccessible Snowy Peaks that have been ice-bound for years. But something abnormal is plotting inside Snowy Peaks these years, evident in the abrupt cracks on the ice. Perhaps the ice will melt soon.)

1. Brand New Mechanisms

Thorny Roller: Maintains cyclic motion, knocks players airborne once touched and deals a huge amount of damage.

Trap Clip: Interact with it to set a trap. Deals a small amount of damage to enemies stepping on it and bans Grappling Hook and Tracking for a certain time.

Spikes: Knocks players airborne once entering the trap and deals damage. There is a cooldown.

Cactus: Activated by player attacks, deals ranged damage to nearby players and knocks players hit to a far distance.

Firefly Cage: Interact with it to absorb Rage. It can be interacted with multiple players simultaneously and has an upper limit for a single absorption. Upon being drained, it will enter a CD.

Frost Moth: Activated by player attacks, releases ice mist in a wide range and freezes enemies within.

Sand Konjac: Activated by player attacks, releases dust in a wide range and blind enemies within.

Falcon Statues: Keep updating four statues in the Salvation Podium until they face their respective correct direction, in which case mysterious treasures will appear.

Campfire: Interact with it to disperse the Chill brought by the Snowstorm.

Rising Wind: Strengthens the jumping ability of players within range.

Ghostly Hand: Silences the objectives attacked by it for a while.

2. Weather System

In the game, Snowstorm, Sandstorm, and Ghostly Mist will be triggered in random areas at a random time. More advanced Troves will appear in areas affected by weather events.

Snowstorm: Occurs only in the cloudy environment. In a Snowstorm, players affected will gain Chill, forcing players into Heat Loss and reducing Rage constantly when the gauge is full. You can disperse the Chill by getting close to the Campfires marked on the map. New Troves will appear in Snowstorm areas and disappear after the weather changes.

Sandstorm: Occurs only in the cloudy or dusk environment. During a Sandstorm, a large amount of Rising Wind will appear in the area. New Troves will appear in Sandstorm areas and disappear after the weather changes.

Ghostly Mist: Occurs only in the cloudy or dusk environment. During a Ghostly Mist, a large number of Ghostly Hands will appear in the area. New Troves will appear in Ghostly Mist areas and disappear after the weather changes.

3. Regional Gameplays

1) Sliding on the Ice: When Sliding on the ice in Snowy Peaks, players' speed and max sliding distance will be greatly boosted. Enjoy your wild journey in Yushan!

2) Ecosystem: Embracing complex terrain, Holoroth has abundant species. Sand Pears that have two efficacy is an easy-to-find specialty here. You can also pick the Snow Lotus, an antidote to numerous poisons. But icecones may fall from nowhere, so be cautious. The snow caps on pine trees fall from occasionally, and squirrels keep hoarding food in the tree. In the desert, which seems to be desolate and uninhabited, there roam scorpions and lizards.

4. Map Selection

In the Herald's Trial, Quick Match, and Bot Mode, players can choose a specific map or any map to match;

//Players selecting the "Any Map" can be matched with players choosing a specific map, making the matching more effective.

5. New BGM

1) New Combat BGMs

All 5 main regions in Holoroth will have characteristic and exclusive combat BGMs. The new combat BGMs are still designed on the main idea of "Unfettered" as the old ones did. With the improvisation of locally featured instruments, we hope players can obtain an immersive gaming experience on the new map of Holoroth.

2) New Final BGMs

All 5 main regions in Holoroth have new BGMs exclusive to the Finals. Moreover, the 5 main regions in the Morus Isle also have their Final BMG renewed. The Final BGMs are played during the 6th and 7th corruption spread to generate passion in players fighting in the Finals.

3) New Combat BGMs Triggering Mechanism

Optimized BGM mechanism for frequent switching between combat and normal states. This smarter BGM triggering mechanism will enhance your combat experience.

II. New Crossover Hero: Ziping Yin

Gifted and selfless, she gives her all in healing and treating anyone in need.

Such is her medical skill that you'd be forgiven for thinking just her presence alone can heal the sick, or return the fallen from their eternal slumber.

Ziping's gentleness and lively nature belied her strength: for here she stood, unflinching and unwavering though her family and the entire nation were under threat.

"Saving a single life is one thing. To save everyone, however... Yet no matter how tough, I'll do what I can!"

图片 3

(The third F skill and V ultimate variants are not yet available in this version. Once available, complete hero's Cultivation Quests to unlock. Unlocked automatically if you've already completed the required Cultivation Quests.)


III. New Season: Dawn

The Season 4 [Ordeal] will come to an end on 08/19/2022 00:00:00 (UTC). Meanwhile, the rank of this season will be settled and the new season [Dawn] will be open. Players will be able to claim the rewards after the update of the new season.

1. Season Rewards

1) Season rewards will be awarded based on highest rank gained in The Herald's Trial (Solo, Duos or Trios) during the Ordeal season.





Avatar [Ordeal·Bronze]


Avatar [Ordeal·Silver]


Avatar [Ordeal·Gold], Takeda Nobutada Epic outfit [Gusoku·Myth]


Avatar [Ordeal·Platinum], Takeda Nobutada Epic outfit [Gusoku·Myth], Nunchucks Legendary skin [Falling Grain]


Avatar [Ordeal·Solar], Takeda Nobutada Epic outfit [Gusoku·Myth], Nunchucks Legendary skin [Falling Grain], Epic Background [Divine Thunder], Fortune Treasure x3


Avatar [Ordeal·Empyrean], Takeda Nobutada Epic outfit [Gusoku·Myth], Nunchucks Legendary skin [Falling Grain], Epic Background [Divine Thunder], Fortune Treasure x5


Avatar [Ordeal·Astral], Takeda Nobutada Epic outfit [Gusoku·Myth], Nunchucks Legendary skin [Falling Grain], Epic Background [Divine Thunder], Fortune Treasure x7


Avatar [Ordeal·Asura], Takeda Nobutada Epic outfit [Gusoku·Myth], Nunchucks Legendary skin [Falling Grain], Epic Background [Divine Thunder], Fortune Treasure x10

Score Reset

1. Scores in The Herald's Trial (Solos, Duos or Trios) will partially carry over to the new season.

Rank in Ordeal Season

Carry-over Rank in Dawn Season












Silver V (1500)


































































2. Kill Score, Survival Score, and Hero Score will partially carry over to the new season, with a greater ratio being carried over for those with lower scores.

Score Range

Carry-over Ratio












Ⅳ. Adjustments of the Rank scores in Dawn Season

1. Added new Rank [Unrivaled Asura]

Above [Asura], a new Rank [Unrivaled Asura] was added. Players with 5,000+ scores in The Herald's Trial mode will reach to [Unrivaled Asura].

2. Adjustments of Rank [Asura]

Score requirements of [Asura] are changed from 4,500+ to 4,500-4,999 in The Herald's Trial.


V. New Season Lobby

Theme of the Lobby page has been updated to [Dawn]. Along with the new map of Holoroth, lobby BGMs were changed to Holoroth theme music "Iridescence of Holoroth" and Season theme music "Cascading Glory". Hope this will bring you excellent audiovisual experience.


VI. Limited-time Event: Anniversary Roll Call

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 09/14/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

During the event, players could get limited-edition rewards including outfits, accessories and avatars by checking in for 10 days in total.


VII. Limited-time Event: Plumed Holoroth

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 09/14/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

1. Players could choose one region to explore upon the first time participating in the event.

2. When exploring the chosen region, the Exploration Progress will be advanced by completing Exploration Quests The player will gain corresponding rewards once the exploration is completed. This means the player has to complete Special Quests and finish the Exploration Progress to claim the rewards.

3.Players can obtain Map Fragments by finishing Exploration Quests. Map Fragments can be used to help other players. Each time helping another player who is exploring the same region, both players can gain 3 points in the Exploration Progress. If the two players are exploring different regions, then only progress of the supported one will increase.

4. Finish exploring all regions to obtain the final Exploration rewards.


VIII. Limited-time Event: The Hero Returns

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 10/12/2022 20:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

1. You are qualified to participate in The Hero Returns as long as you have not logged in for over 28 days since your last login.

2. Each round of The Hero Returns lasts for 7 days which will be timed since your return date.

3. Complete the Hero Returns quests and get the Rebirth Seal, which can be used to redeem limited-edition rewards in the Rebirth Seal Store. You can also redeem the Rebirth Seal with Spectral Silk in the Spectral Silk Store.


IX. Limited-time Event: Free Trial

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 08/22/2022 17:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

1. During the event, one can play NARAKA: BLADEPOINT for free trial without purchasing the game.

2. Free trial of the game allows players use heroes including Viper Ning, Temulch, Matari, Tarka Ji, Kurumi and Tianhai, and experience modes including The Herald's Trial, Omni's Nightmare, Bloodsport, Showdown (players with free trial will be matched with each other in priority).

3. Players with free trial cannot participate in Torchbearer event, recharge, send public chat messages, receive gifts or use items like Treasures and Name-change Card. While all the data during free-trial playing will be permanently reserved. Players can enjoy the full version of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT by purchasing the game anytime.


X. Limited-time Return: Season Treasure

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 09/15/2022 00:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

1. Tidal Treasure, Cavalry Treasure, and Echelon Treasure will be available again for a limited time.

2. As the crossover ended, the Tianhai Legendary outfit [Dragon Shadow·Brink of Death] will no longer be available in Cavalry Treasures. The chance to obtain this reward will be evenly distributed to other Legendary rewards in the Cavalry Treasures to maintain the same overall drop rate of Legendary rewards.

3. The content and drop rate of rewards in other Treasures will remain unchanged.

4. The number of times to trigger a Guarantee for all Treasures will not be reset, and the Guarantee progress for each season will be reserved.


XI. Limited-time Return: Limited-edition Cosmetics

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 09/15/2022 00:00 (UTC)

Event Details:

You can buy limited-edition cosmetics of past seasons during this event on the [Store - Cosmetics Return] page. They are divided into four groups: Hero Outfit, Weapon Skin, Accessory & Grappling Hook, and Other cosmetics, with a purchase limit of three pieces per group.


XII. Newly added: Meeting Chest

It only takes a low price to unlock the Meeting Chest. You can respectively choose one reward from the [Ashy Cloud] Hero Outfits, the [Unfeigned] Ranged Weapon Skins, and the [Hidden Blade] Melee Weapon Skin for 3 consecutive days, as well as Advanced Hidden Treasure Voucher, Limited-edition Avatar such as [Drunken Fire], and other valuable rewards equaling more than 2,000 Gold!  


XIII. Personal Annual Report

Event Time: 08/19/2022 update – 09/19/2022 15:59 (UTC)

Event Details:

During this event, scan the QR code on the event page with your phone to open the link, or directly go Naraka+ APP and click the advertising on the home page to get your own exclusive annual report. Please see the specific event page for details.


XIV. Celebration Balloon

Newly added Celebration Balloons in the preparation stage. Thank you for your companions all the way!


Hero Adjustments

Ⅰ. Temulch

1. Temulch's [Zephyr Wisp] and all his Talents will get into blue Focus while summoning Zephyr Wisp. The stagger time of blowing the enemies is now always 3s and not determined by the number of remaining wisps.

2. Temulch's [Zephyr Prison] and all his Talents can now block the enemy's skill lock, including [Binding Prayer] and [Backstab].

3. Decreased startup frames of Temulch releasing Ultimate in the air and on beams to be consistent with the startup frames when on the ground.


II. Valda Cui

1. Adjusted Valda Cui's [Nether Nightmare: Bind] startup frames from 3.2s to 1.6s. Adjusted the max duration of the Sea Dragon from 20s to 12s, during which Valda Cui can hurl unlimited water spears. All water spear attacks during this Ultimate are ranged strikes.

2. Valda Cui's [Nether Nightmare: Bind] now binds the enemies with [Dragon's Coil] for 1.8s, and the binding is unbreakable. The enemies will be bound at a 1.5m height rather than 3.5m, allowing them to be hit by melee attacks. Enemies are immune to [Dragon's Coil] for 3s after unbinding.

3. Adjusted horizontal strike Damage Multiplier of Valda Cui's [Nether Nightmare: Bind] water spear from 0.72 to 0.25, vertical strike Damage Multiplier from 4.65 to 2, with its startup and recovery frames shortened, keeping the same feel as the horizontal strike.

//Dev Note: The special mechanism of Valda's ultimate makes it difficult to cooperate with other heroes except Tianhai and Viper Ning. Thus, we lower the height of Dragon's Coil in [Nether Nightmare: Bind], so the bound enemies can be attacked by weapons on the ground. Meanwhile, use of water spears is also optimized, which can hit the enemies simpler. Hope this can bring more lineup alternatives with Valda Cui.

III. Viper Ning

Optimized enemy animation of taking damage when [Stunned].


Weapon Adjustments

I. Dual Blades

Optimized charging animation for Dual Blades when moving.


II. Bow

1. Increased speed of bow shots for different charging states.

2. Adjustments to Damage Multipliers:

Horizontal strike Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 2.8 to 2.15;

Charged strike First-stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 4.05 to 3.1;

Charged strike Second-stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 5.5 to 4.2.


III. Musket

1. Increased speed of Musket shots for different states, including equipping Sunwing Shot.

2. Musket's Damage Multiplier has been reduced from 2.4 to 2.15.


Ⅳ. Pistol

1. Increased speed of Pistol shots for different charging states.

2. Increased hit range of Pistol shots.

3. Adjustments to Damage Multipliers:

Pistol's horizontal strike Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 0.4 to 0.32;

Pistol's charged strike Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 0.84 to 0.68.


V. Cannon

1. Canceled explosion range damage decay. The adjustments include:

Central explosion Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 3 to 2.15;

Middle Circle explosion Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 2.25 to 2.15;

Outer Circle explosion Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 1.5 to 2.15.


//Dev Note: The experience of using ranged weapons varies greatly between players. We expect to improve it for all players by increasing the overall hit rate while limiting weapons performance by reducing the damage.


Souljade Adjustments

I. Move Souljades

Optimized special effect of [Focus Slide].


II. Melee Weapon Souljades

[Pride's Fall]: After hitting, first-stage attack will not be interrupted by Counterstrike. Adjusted damage from 1.11*2+3.32 to 1.34*2+4.03.


III. Ranged Weapon Souljades

1. [Scattershot]'s shoot damage reduction: adjusted from 55% to 60%;

2. [Fire Arrows]'s burning damage: adjusted from 50 to 30;

3. [Burst Arrow]'s shoot damage reduction: adjusted from 82% to 88%;

4. [Armor Pierce]'s shoot damage reduction: adjusted from 25% to 10%;

5. [Bounce Shell]'s shoot damage boost: adjusted from 20% to 12%;

6. [Storm Cannon]'s shoot damage reduction: adjusted from 20% to 35%;

7. [Burn]'s shoot damage reduction: adjusted from 40% to 35%;

8. [Burn]'s burning damage: adjusted from 40 to 30.


In-game Adjustments

I. Feature Optimizations

Optimized the Stash icon. The Stash icon now shows three states representing [Unavailable], [Opening] and [Open] besides outlines.


II. AI Opponents Adjustments

Optimized behavior of AI opponents.


Ⅲ. Adjustments in Omni's Nightmare

Slightly reduce the XP of Evil-Ents gained by defeating heroes.


Out-game Adjustments

I. Narakapedia

Added descriptions of Holoroth's mechanics and events.


II. Custom Room

Holoroth map is now available for The Herald's Trial in Custom Room.


III. Season Stats

Evil-Ent Lord Stats can now be recorded separately in the Omni's Nightmare Season Stats.


Ⅳ. Adjustments of Heroes' Cultivation Quests

1. All Heroes' Cultivation Quests for reaching [Mortal Legend]:

1) "Open 100 Troves in [Certain Region]" is adjusted to "Open 100 Troves in the Survival Mode".

2) "Defeat 1 enemy in [Certain Region]" is adjusted to "In the Survival Modes, spend at least 50,000 Dark Tide Coins".


V. Added New Default Faces

As the new Season Dawn opens, some heroes will possess a new Default Face, which will be available in the Customization Interface after the update.


Store Updates


[Dawn] BATTLEPASS is now available, which includes a variety of valuable items and skins! Players can obtain more rewards through unlocking Hidden Treasure!

[Justice Chamber] was newly added. After purchasing Advanced Hidden Treasure, players can create a Justice Chamber with friends and complete the Justice Quests to get rewards.


Ⅱ. New Packs

Added Kurumi Exclusive Pack [School Maillot], which contains Kurumi Legendary Outfit [Summer Party·School Maillot], Kurumi Legendary Accessory [Unicorn Float]. Standard price: 2,700 Gold; Now: 1,800 Gold.


Ⅲ. Added New Discounts

1. Added Tarka Ji Legendary Outfit [Summer Party·Twilight Sunshine]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

2. Added Ziping Yin Legendary Outfit [A Chinese Ghost Story·Floral Shade]. Standard price: 1,800 Gold; Now: 1,500 Gold.

3. Added the new Dual Blades Legendary Skin [Lunular Blades]. Standard price: 1,500 Gold; Now: 1,250 Gold.

4. Added Ziping Yin Legendary Pose [Overlook]. Standard price: 900 Gold; Now: 750 Gold.

5. Added Tarka Ji Epic Pose [Volleyball]. Standard price: 300 Gold; Now: 240 Gold.


Ⅳ. Discounts End

1. Justina Gu Legendary Accessory [White Cat Tail] has returned to its standard price of 900 Gold.

2. Justina Gu Legendary Accessory [White Cat Ears] has returned to its standard price of 1,200 Gold.

3. Nunchucks Legendary Skin [The Breaker·Golden Sun] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.

4. Longsword Legendary Skin [The Breaker·Cloud Ride] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.

5. Katana Legendary Skin [The Breaker·Dazzling Sun] has returned to its standard price of 1,500 Gold.


V. Spectral Silk Store Updates

1. Added new item [Rebirth Seal], with the price of 800 Spectral Silk.

2. Added Matari Epic Outfit [Guillotine's Edge], with the price of 6,000 Spectral Silk.

3. Added Viper Ning Rare Outfit [Splitjaw], with the price of 2,400 Spectral Silk.

4. Added Nunchucks Epic Skin [Earthen Tempest], with the price of 5,000 Spectral Silk.

5. Added Pistol Rare Skin [Rouge Rage], with the price of 2,000 Spectral Silk.

6. Added Valda Cui Legendary Accessory [Lunar Beauty], with the price of 9,000 Spectral Silk.

7. Added Rare Accessory [Mighty Daruma·M], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.

8. Added Rare Accessory [Mighty Daruma·F], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.

9. Added Epic Bubble [Counter them!], with the price of 2,000 Spectral Silk.

10. Added Epic Gesture [All Male Characters·Greetings], with the price of 3,000 Spectral Silk.

11. Added Epic Background [Golden Twilight], with the price of 2,000 Spectral Silk.

12. Added Yueshan Epic Base [Roster Platform], with the price of 4,000 Spectral Silk.

13. Added Kurumi Rare Pose [Stroll], with the price of 1,200 Spectral Silk.

14. Legendary Outfit 30% discount voucher, Legendary Weapon 30% discount voucher and Legendary Accessory 30% discount voucher are no longer for sale after Aug 18, 20:00 (UTC).


Bug Fixes

I. Hero-related Bugs

Fixed an issue where recovery effects with damage (e.g., those from Yoto Hime's Ultimate and Souljades of Sap) are not affected by burning reduction.

//Dev Note: We are working to maintain more comprehensive interaction rules and results among Heroes and Souljades.


II. Weapon-related Bugs

Fixed an issue where Nunchucks and Greatsword's Scale Rush can go through the floor.