Ahead of release on PC this year, 24 Entertainment is launching a scheme for social media creators to produce NARAKA: BLADEPOINT content.


24 Entertainment is proud to announce that they have partnered with gaming brand 4Gamers to launch a Creator Affiliate Program ahead of the launch of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.


This program will see online creators produce social media content around 24 Entertainment's 60-player battle royale, showcasing the various features as fans prepare for the game's release. If you are interested in joining us and producing content while enjoying your journey in Morus Isle, please contact:






Rules & Rewards

This rule change will be implemented from April 2022. The main changes as follows:

● In response to the need of community for advanced game guide and creative video, we adjust the direction of content create and make an adjustment for the factor of Youtube to support it.

Naraka team will provide the advertising fund and also assist the promotion of Tiktok video.


1. NARAKA Videos or live-stream should ≥ 2 every month, and the maximum submissions per month are 6. ( 2≦ NARAKA Videos /Stream ≦ 6 )

2. Live stream video must be > 30 min;Youtube video must be >1 min (except for YT shorts)

3. The reward calculation will be based on the views/CCV of each video.

4. Naraka ads team will help with the promotion fund and optimize the exposure of Tiktok videos. Advertising by yourself is not recommended. (Please fill the application form before the 25th of each month. the team will aid with obtaining better advertising effectiveness.)

5. The top three Viewership score video every month will receive extra bonus :

1st : 500 USD

2nd: 300 USD

3rd: 100 USD


Reward Table

  Twitch/Facebook/Youtube Tiktok
VIEWS/CCV Viewership score Reward
Tier 5 0-3000 USD 50 40
Tier 4 3000-6000 USD 150 100
Tier 3 6000-9000 USD 200 150
Tier 2 9000-15000 USD 250 200
Tier 1 >15000 USD 350 250

To calculate your Viewership score:

       Twitch: views x 1.5

       Twitch: CCV x 60

       Facebook: views x 1.1

       YouTube: views x 1.5

       Tiktok: views x 1


*Please note that this program is for NA players only, if you would like to find out about other creator programs, please contact:

EU server:  

or contact DeltaxXLP#4750 in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Discord

SEA Server: