NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – September 16th, 2021

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 09/15/2021 23:00:00 (UTC) to 09/16/2021 02:00:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.


The upcoming updates are as follows.


New Hero: Valda Cui

A new hero, [Valda Cui], is now available!

Players may unlock Valda Cui by 600 Gold or 12,000 Tae.

[Valda Cui] Trial Vouchers have been added, granting players 3 chances to try her out in battle.

More info on [Valda Cui] can be found in-game.


New Event: Mid-Autumn Festival

A new event, [Mid-Autumn Festival], is now underway!

The event rules are as follows:

1.Gain [Mooncakes] by completing quests during the event. [Mooncakes] can be redeemed for great event rewards.

2.During The Herald's Trial's preparation stage, as Morus Isle's night falls, players must gather their efforts to release all 10 lanterns within the time limit. If this is achieved, all players will receive a [Mid-Autumn Giftbox] during that match's settlement stage. Rewards may be received up to 3 times per player, per day. (The Night Scene only)

*Note: Rewards may only be redeemed while the event lasts, so don't leave it too late!


In-Game Function

1.Added Shadow Corruption UI prompts

Added UI prompts: 'After the third spread of the Shadow Corruption, health recovery within the area is greatly reduced.


Out-Game Function

1.Added Free Training options

1)Added 'Rage Regeneration' and 'Reset Sparring Partner' to Free Training mode.

2.Added Friend Notes

1)Added a function allowing you to add notes to friends, visible in your friends list and upon their profiles.

3.Added preview videos for weapon skins

1)Added a video preview function for Extreme weapons in weapon skin pages.

4.Added facial hair colors

1)Added facial hair color options to the Customization interface. Players can now adjust upper/lower facial hair colors as they choose.



1.Added a new 'Ceiling Interaction' option

1)Turn on the option, you can move forwards + jump toward a ceiling to hang from it.

2)Turn down the option, you only grab on to ceilings after grappling into them.

Once hanging, you can move around the ceiling, jump, and dodge.

'Ceiling Interaction' is set to be Off by default. You can change this by pressing Esc - 'Settings' - 'Game' - 'Combat' - 'Ceiling Interaction'.


Store Update

1.Added Pack: Valda Cui·[Naga's Treasure]

Pack includes

1)Valda Cui outfit [Unsinkable Naga]

2)Valda Cui accessory [Mist Dragon]

3)Valda Cui hairstyle [Surfer]

You may unlock either the set or single pieces with Gold.


2.Added new [Valda Cui] outfits


3.Added Tidal Treasure

1)The new Season Treasure [Tidal Treasure] includes 22 brand-new items as follows.

[Extreme]*2: outfits·Atlantis Wonder, weapon skin·Stalactice

[Legendary]*6: base·Joy, outfits·Gladiator's Fury, weapon skin·Amaranthus, weapon skin·Infernal Chains, accessory·Snakevine Crown, accessory·Wolfrage Helm.

[Epic]*14: outfits·Sparidae Carapace, outfits·Seafarer Scales, weapon skin·Bronzite, accessory·Mistbreak Scales, accessory·Tempest Wrap, accessory·Kitsune Mask, accessory·Bamboo Dome, emote·Flap Wings, emote·Mad, hairstyle·Grey Wolf Vanguard, hairstyle·Undercurrent, background·Grey Wolf Crags, base·Bamboo Court, gesture·Waverider.

[Rare]: Tidal Treasure does not include rare items.


2)Outlined below are the drop rates of Tidal Treasure rewards of each grade.

Red (Extreme): 0.6%

Gold (Legendary): 7.6%

Purple (Epic): 91.8%


3)Minimum Guarantee

Loop Guarantee: On top of the basic drop rate, players are guaranteed to receive at least 1 Red (Extreme) reward during the process of opening their first 100 Immortal Treasures. This can be triggered multiple times.​


4)The new [Tidal Treasure] is priced at 360 gold. Sale time: From the update on September 16 to the end of the S1 (November 11, 2021).


5)Open Tidal Treasure for all kinds of new, rare cosmetics. These will only be purchasable until the season ends.


Hero Adjustment


1)Increased the moving speed of other heroes who are controlled by [Zephyr Prison].

2.Tarka Ji

1)Reduced the Rage granting speed after Tarka Ji's ultimate [Blackout: Frenzy] in The Bloodbath.

2)While Tarka Ji's ultimate is in effect, he loses all [Wave Roll] Souljade effects. Players may still punch as usual and consume Energy.

3.Viper Ning

1)Improved the hit determination and animations for [Yushan Enigma] and all its variants when jumping.

2)Reduced the stagger duration for downed enemies hit by [Yushan Enigma: Lockdown] and [Yushan Enigma: Enfeeble] to stay the same as those standing enemies.

4.Yoto Hime

1)The first three strikes of Yoto Hime's ultimate [Ominous Blade] and all its variants now briefly stagger Tianhai when he's in Vajra form.

2)Adjusted [Ominous Blade: Restore]'s effects: it no longer absorbs Cairns. Now, she gains a large amount of health and armor with each strike that deals damage (with priority given to health recovery).

3)The first three strikes of [Ominous Blade] and [Ominous Blade: Combo] grant Yoto Hime certain health or armor recovery upon dealing damage.

4)Slightly increased the distance that Yoto Hime launches her blade after swinging it with her ultimate [Ominous Blade] and all its variants.

//Given Yoto Hime's poor mobility while using her ultimate, she's often left unequipped to deal with enemy Vajra. Following these changes we hope to see them more evenly matched. The newly-added restorative effects should also slightly improve her survivability.


Weapon Adjustment

1.Melee weapons

1)Adjusted the timing of switching melee weapons while attacking.

2)Optimized the hit stagger caused by melee for downed enemies.



1)You can now Counter following a [Dagger Dash].

2)Increased [Dagger Dash] distance slightly.

3)The vertical strikes following a [Dagger Dash]/[Yurang's Rage] have been changed to running vertical strikes. The time it takes to follow a running vertical strike with a [Dagger Dash] has been increased, while the attack range of running vertical strikes reduced.

4)Increased the speed at which you can start running or jumping following a [Dagger Dash].

5)Added blue Focus when initiating a [Soulbreak]. Also increased the speed at which [Soulbreak] can be followed up with further attacks.

6)Improved hit determination for charged horizontal strikes, vertical strikes, and uppercut slashes.

7)Reduced the time it takes to start crouching, jumping, or dodging following your second vertical strike.

8)Increased the distance of the forward dodge when wielding a Dagger.



1)Improved hit determination for running vertical strikes, vertical strikes following horizontal strikes, and vertical strikes following crouching horizontal strikes with a Greatsword.

2)Improved hit determination for charged vertical strikes and charged vertical strikes followed by horizontal strikes.



1)Adjusted the height of Katana horizontal strikes against enemies in midair.

2)Adjusted the height of the first Katana horizontal strike against enemies in midair.

3)Increased the distance of the forward dodge when wielding a Katana.



1)Improved the reliability of Longsword counterstrikes.

2)The counterstrike combo will knock the enemies to the ground.

3)Combined Longswords' two sword energy strikes into a single strike, with total damage unchanged.



1)Increased Musket shots' basic bullet velocity.



1)Decreased the damage of Bow’s first-stage charged attack, from 455% to 405%.

2)Decreased the damage of Bow’s second-stage charged attack, from 625% to 550%.


Souljade Adjustment

1.Movement Souljade

1)[Phantom Step] now affects [Dagger Dashes].


2.Dagger Souljades

1)Adjusted [Abyssal Aura] so that you can now dodge after your blade returns to you.

2)Changed [Abyssal Aura] to have four strikes; its total damage remains unchanged.

3)Enhanced [Assassin's Lunge] visual effects.

4)[Netherstep] retains its former effects, but now also reduces [Dagger Dash] Energy consumption.


3.Musket Souljade

1)Increased the bullet speed bonus of [Sunwing Shot].


4.Bow Souljade

1)Decreased the explosion damage damage caused by [Burst Arrow], from 225% to 190%.


In-Game Adjustment

1.Combat Adjustment

1)Improved fluidity of the animation of running charged vertical strikes when the player is unarmed.

2)Improved vaulting fluidity, so that it's possible to flow from breaking a window into vaulting through it from all directions. Previously, players would often start wall walking instead.


2.Hero Voice Adjustment

1)Made a distinction between enemy and ally attack voice of Ultimate.

//We hope that this will help players hear whether enemies or allies are using ultimate, even in a chaotic battle environment.


3.Quest Adjustment

1)Lowered the [Spirit Walker] quest difficulty. Now you need only mark a single enemy to receive its quest reward.


4.Drop Adjustment

1)Increased the drop rate of melee weapons among all weapon drops, and reduced that of ranged weapons.


5.Controller Adjustment

In-Game Bag optimization

1)Optimized the picking up action. When you open the bag and checks the nearby items, you can directly swap the current item to the corresponding ones in weapon, souljade or item areas.

2)You can now select items with right stick. When you open the bag and there is no item nearby, the first weapon in weapon bag is selected by default.

Out-Game Controller Function

1)Added the controller functions of Lobby, Treasure Pavilion, Inventory, Cultivation, Profile, Mail, Mid-Autumn Festival event.


Out-Game Content

1.Player level displays

1)Player levels are now shown alongside their avatars in the Home page.

Emphasized the level-up animation effect shown in the settlement page.


Bug Fixing

Fixed the issue where you could be hit by sword energy even during Longsword clashes.

Fixed the issue where, following the first attack of Dagger move [Yurang's Rage] that knocks enemies a distance away, its following attacks wouldn't connect.

Fixed the issue where players couldn't crouch following airborne vertical strikes with Greatswords/Katanas.

Fixed the issue where some heroes' ultimates and skills would be blocked by the Greatsword's Stone Form.

Fixed the issue where the Spear Souljade [Scale Rush] would fail to clash with blue Focus attacks.

Fixed the issue where, when deflecting projectiles with [The Divine Bell], deflected projectile damage would not take the attacker's Souljades into account.

Fixed the issue where players grabbed by a Vajra would be able to avoid taking damage while the Vajra is pressing F skill.

Fixed the issue where players could not exit the sliding animation.

Fixed the issue where players running into a tall wall would trigger a stride action.

Fixed the issue where Katana’s third vertical strike, Katana Souljade [Stamina Strike], Greatsword crouched horizontal strikes following vertical strikes, Spear Souljade [Erudition], Dagger Souljades [Abyssal Aura] and [Assassin's Lunge] would have no blue Focus light effects.

Fixed the issue where players could grapple to interrupt their attack during the Longsword [Sword Energy], Longsword Souljade [Phoenix Blast], the second and third charged Greatsword strikes, Greatsword Souljade [Earthshaker]/[Infernal Slash]/[Aerial Rend], Dagger Souljade [Yurang's Rage]/[Abyssal Aura], Katana Souljade [Soul Slash].