NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Update – August 29th, 2021

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 08/29/2021 23:00:00 (UTC) to 08/30/2021 02:00:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.

The upcoming updates are as follows.

In-Game Function

1.New Report Reason Added

We have added a new report reason: Improper Party-making. When reporting a player for this reason, you will be asked to jump to an external page and upload the video evidence.

Out-Game Function

1.New Battle Stats Content

1)We've added strength descriptions of your opponent to the Battle Stats page: With Ease, Quite Challenging.

2.New Out-game Settlement Titles

1)Added new titles related to stash effects.


1.Moonbane Charm Custom Keybind

Moonbane Charms are by default used with the Z key, and this can now be changed in Settings.

Shop Updates

New Pack: Yoto Hime [Ceremonial Blade]

Contains Yoto Hime’s outfit [Ceremonial Blade] and the Greatsword skin [Cursed Sakura].

You may unlock either the pack or single items with Gold.

Hero Adjustment


1)Temulch's [Zephyr Wisp] and its variations can now be used when under attack.

2)Increased the cooldown of [Zephyr Wisp] and its variations:

[Zephyr Wisp]'s cooldown increased to 18 seconds (was 12 seconds).

[Zephyr Wisp: Tracking]'s cooldown increased to 25 seconds (was 18 seconds).

[Zephyr Wisp: Assault]'s cooldown increased to 20 seconds (was 14 seconds).

3)Zephyr Wisp can now block the projectiles of Cannon and Swarm.

2.Tarka Ji

1)Tarka Ji can now block the projectiles of Cannon and Swarm while using [Inner Fire] or sprinting under the effect of [Blackout].

2)Slightly reduced the cost of [Inner Fire: Gigaflame] under [Blackout: Vulcan].

3)Slightly increased the speed of following combos after countering an enemy's attack with [Inner Fire].


1)Reduced the healing of [Binding Prayer] in Solo to 350 (was 500).

2)Reduced the recovery of [Sacred Circle] and [Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance] in Solo to 200 (was 300).

//Kurumi's ultimate have been overperforming in Solo matches, so we've decided to tune down the amount it heals in Solo games alone. With this change, our goal is for Kurumi to still need to avoid as much damage as possible even while in her ultimate.


1)Reduced the damage multiplier against the Vajra's weak points to 1.5x (was 2x).

2)Reduced the Varja's health:

Health reduced to 3,650 (was 4,000) in Trio.

Health reduced to 2,500 (was 2,750) in Solo.

//We hope that Tianhai's Vajra form will last an overall more balanced period in battle. By reducing the damage multiplier of his weak spots, he will gain increased survivability when focused. By slightly reducing his health in Varja form, other players will be able to battle with him through attacking other parts of his body.

5.Yoto Hime

1)Reduced the damage multiplier of [Spirit Slash] to 150% (was 300%).

2)Adjusted [Spirit Slash]'s cooldown condition. New condition: 'Landing the final attack and killing the opponent in any way with Spirit Slash resets its cooldown.' The previous condition was: 'Killing an enemy with Spirit Slash resets its cooldown.'

3)Reduced the airborne stagger of players hit by [Ominous Blade].

4)Reduced the backswing of [Ominous Blade] and its variants, as well as the frontswing when she throws her blade.

5)Adjusted the Rage consumption percentage after her ultimate. Her ultimate now consumes 25% Rage, with each attack consuming another 25% (previously activation consumed 70%, and each attack 10%).

6)When slashing in [Spirit Slash] or [Spirit Slash: Crush], the blue Focus adjusted to the Gold Focus.


1)When using [Unseen Wings], [Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash] now only resets current charge (it previously reset 2 charges).

Weapon Adjustment

1.Melee Weapon Adjustment

1) Increased the damage of Upward Strike of all melee weapons:

Greatsword: Increased to 288% (was 199%)

Katana: Increased to 239% (was 167%)

Longsword: Increased to 288% (was 199%)

Spear: Increased to 301% (was 210%)

Dagger: Increased to 259% (was 185%)

2) Increased the backswing time of airborne vertical strikes of all melee weapons.


1) [Soulbreak] Adjustment

Reduced the damage of [Soulbreak] to188% (was 197%).

Increased the time required between [Soulbreak] and Dagger Dash to 0.65 seconds (was 0.6 seconds).

Reduced the stagger time of [Soulbreak] hits to 0.66 seconds (was 0.7).

2) [Uppercut Rush] Adjustment

Reduced the damage of [Uppercut Rush] to 241% (was 302%).

3) [Dagger Dash] Adjustment

Reduced [Dagger Dash]'s invulnerability frame to 0.4 seconds.

Increased [Dagger Dash]'s energy cost by 10%.

[Dagger Dash] cannot be used again in quick succession.

4) Dagger vertical strike charge changed to [Yurang's Rage].

5) Increased the backswing and stagger of horizontal strikes' second stages by 0.1 seconds.

6) Increased the backswing animation and stagger of vertical strikes' second stages by 0.13 seconds.

7) Optimized attacks against downed enemies with charged horizontal strike, crouch uppercut slashes, and sliding uppercut slashes.

8) Optimized attacks against airborne enemies with horizontal and vertical stage 3 strikes.

9) Optimized the hit-feel of grappling hook attacks with Dagger.


1)Optimized the attack determination of some Greatsword strikes (vertical strike 1st and 2nd stages, and vertical strikes when sprinting).

2)To optimize the hit-feel, subsequent combo is added after Greatsword stage 1 horizontal charged strike, and the stagger is slightly reduced.


1)Optimized Katana stage 2 airborne horizontal strike, and the hit is more stable and accurate now.


1)Increased the time to charge Bloodrippers while sprinting to 1 second (was 0.5 seconds). There will be no attack before the sprint charging is completed.

2)Adjusted the focus color of Bloodrippers to purple, making it easier to tell when the attack cannot be countered.


1)Cannon projectiles can now be cut down by weapons and blocked by some skills.


1)Decreased the precast of Musket shoulder-fire and aiming 0.1 sec respectively.


Swarm projectiles can now be chopped by weapons or blocked by some skills.

Souljade Adjustment

1.New Souljades

Dagger - [Netherstep]

Dagger - [Assassin's Lunge]

2.Buff Souljades

1)Melee Resist Souljade I: Changed damage reduction to 5% (was 6%).

2)Melee Resist Souljade II: Changed damage reduction to 7.5% (was 9%).

3)Melee Resist Souljade III: Changed damage reduction to 10% (was 12%).

4)Melee Resist Souljade IV: Changed damage reduction to 12.5% (was 15%).

5)Lowered the maximum melee damage reduction granted by Souljades to 25% (was 30%).

// At present, damage mainly comes from melee battles. This has resulted in melee resist being most players' go-to Souljades. We'd like to allow for a more varied Souljade selection, so have nerfed melee resist Souljades a little.

3.Item Souljades

1)Removed the dropping of Souljade [Swift Heal] in the game temporarily.

// We will reassess the performance of Souljade [Swift Heal] and make some adjustments. It will return to the drop library once the adjustments are completed.

4.Cannon Souljades

1)Bounce Shell: Reduced the explosion damage to 20% (was 45%).

2)Twinshot: Adjusted the damage reduction to 30% (was 36%).

3)Twinshot: Each projectile fired reduces Cannon durability by 1 (previously, each twin shot would reduce it by 1).

5.Pistol Souljade

1)Detonating Rounds: Targets can no longer Sprint Dodge to remove Detonating Rounds lodged in their flesh.

6.Longsword Souljade

1)Whirlwind: Reduced the height enemies are knocked into the air, and the time they remain airborne.

Glyph Adjustment

1.[Lunar] Agility

Adjusted the Dagger Dash Energy Cost reduction granted at each Glyph level, as follows:

1)Lv. 1: Reduced to 0.36% (was 0.4%).

2)Lv. 2: Reduced to 0.73% (was 0.8%).

3)Lv. 3: Reduced to 1.09% (was 1.2%).

4)Lv. 4: Reduced to 1.45% (was 1.6%).

5)Lv. 5: Reduced to 1.82% (was 2.0%).

// Character mobility has greatly increased with the addition of mechanics such as Dagger Dash. There's also been a marked increase in how difficult it is to pursue and defeat enemies. We hope that these adjustments to Energy-related Glyphs will reduce player’s frequency of consecutive Dagger Dash and make it easier to pursue the enemy.

In-Game Adjustment


1)Scale Rush

Adjusted the charge time of all melee Scale Rush attacks to 1.1 sec.

There will be no blue Focus until a charged Scale Rush succeeds.

2)Upward Strike

Increased backswing time of all melee weapons when initiating a Upward Strike.

Upward Strike can now be more smoothly followed by airborne attacks.

3)You can no longer use healing items while climbing a tree, while they can still be used when you stay still on the tree.

4)Previously, there was no delay when transitioning between dodging and crouching (while outside of battle). This has been adjusted to the same way in battle: 0.43 sec.

5)Optimized the duration in which player actions are queued if they've input whilst staggered.

6)Adjusted the duration that you cannot be hit by Grappling Hook attacks whilst dodging: from 1 sec to 0.36 sec.

7)Downed players can now get up immediately to attack or use skills once their stagger ends.


1)Interactive actions no longer trigger flaming cages or plaques (except clash with grappling hooks).

2)Adjusted the Hive release in a more concentrated area, and significantly increased the effect frequency under the debuff.

3.Rift Dealer Discount

1)Adjusted how Rift Dealer discounts from different ways (Glyphs, in-game buff) are calculated: from accumulative to multiplicative.


1)Adjusted the appearance timing of killing info (bottom-right corner), as follows:

Increased the duration of a single killing info.

Old killing info no longer disappear immediately once more than 3 info texts appear. Instead, the oldest text disappears when the newest appears.

5.Challenge Notifications

1)Emphasized the visual effects shown when in-game quests are completed.


1)Adjustments of Controller Keymapping:

Preset 1: Horizontal strike RT/R2, vertical strike RB/R1, skill LB+RT/L1+R2, ultimate LB+RB/L1+R1. Removed the Counter shortcut when using a controller, meaning that Counters can only be initiated by horizontal strike + vertical strike. (Xbox/PS4 controllers.)

Preset 2: Horizontal strike RT/R2, vertical strike LR/L2, skill RB+RT/R1+R2, ultimate RB+LT/R1+L2. Removed the Counter shortcut when using a controller, meaning that Counters can only be initiated by horizontal strike + vertical strike. (Xbox/PS4 controllers.)

2)Optimization of In-Game Combat:

Added settings that adjust attack direction, choosing either to attack from the camera direction or the stick direction.

Added an auto-lock function. Once enabled, melee attacks lock on to enemies in the range automatically.

Optimized the control when using Moonbane Charms. Your cursor no longer snaps to Rift Dealers and Soul Altars nearby when setting a location for Moonbane Charm release upon the map.

3)Out-game Controller Support:

Added controller support for the Inventory, Immortal Treasure pages, Journey's Dawn and Lobby.

Out-Game Adjustment

1.Inventory Adjustment

1)Removed the Discard function in Inventory.

2.Free Training AI Adjustment

1)Adjusted how the two AI enemies behave in Free Training's aiming practice. They now stay a distance away from the player instead of running at them.

3.Avatar Adjustment

Optimized performance of some social avatars.

Bug Fixing

Fixed the issue that the charging action of Dagger on a beam would repeat.

Fixed the issue of action animation: when interrupting a melee Flying Attack by crouching, it should play a quick falling instead of crouch.

Fixed the issue that dodging or rolling can sometimes evade Viper Ning's ultimate.

Fixed the issue that when going from sprinting to vaulting, the common attack would mistakenly become airborne attack.

Fixed a Glory Scroll icon display issue.

Fixed the counting error of Quests that require you to defeat Matari or Temulch while they’re using ultimate.

Fixed display issues of some in-game quests progress.