Dear Forerunners,

Since NARAKA: BLADEPOINT launched, we’ve been thrilled (somewhat ecstatic, actually) to see so many new players arrive on the Island of Morus, full of anticipation; looking to experience everything the game has to offer. However, we’ve seen some confusion around the use of bots, so we thought it best to publicly address the topic.

To be clear, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT does deploy AI-controlled opponents. We believe they are a useful tool for welcoming new players to the core gameplay of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, without other, more experienced, players eliminating them early on. This way, people learning the ropes can be eased into NARAKA’s ultra-competitive environment — ideally, avoiding a frustrating first impression.

Bots, however, will not be a constant presence in the game. As players continue to play the game — and their skills increase — bots will be replaced with other players at a similar skill level. By the time someone is familiar with the game and all its features, they’ll find themselves pitted against other players at a similar point of progression. The ultimate aim for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is to provide a truly competitive matchmaking experience.

Players can also utilise ‘Free Training Mode’ — sparring against a variety of different level bots. All Weapons, souljades, etc. are also available for players in this training environment. Players can conveniently pick up every weapon and souljade combination to try out different builds hassle-free. 

Here at 24 Entertainment, we’re constantly monitoring player experience — including the effect bots have on combat. We continue to work on improving bot behaviour, to provide better gameplay for players at all skill levels. NARAKA also has many complicated map interactions and movement systems, which poses a great challenge for the development of bots. With the help of cutting-edge technology like Deep Learning, we will continue to work on creating the best bot AI possible to ease newcomers into Morus Island. There is a lot of work ahead to reach this goal but it’s an important component for us to address to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Thank you,

24 Entertainment.