Blade Of Art: Share Your Artwork And Win 36,000 Gold!


Event Time:



How To Participate:

Create an avatar with the theme of "weapons" and share it in the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT official Discord community's #blade-of-art-avatar-creation-event channel.

The weapon depicted in the avatar must be related to NARAKA and the artistic style should match the visual style of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

Community members can vote on the artwork using specified emoji and express their appreciation and praise in the comments section.

*By submitting your artwork, you acknowledge and accept that the event reserves the right to adjustment, interpretation, and final decision if any disputes arise.



1.The number of votes will be based on the specified emoji count, and other emojis will not be included in the valid vote count.

2.Designs created or generated by AI are not considered valid submissions and will be immediately removed if discovered.

3.Any attempts to artificially inflate likes or engagement on designs will result in disqualification.

4.The submitted artworks must include the creator's signature to declare originality, and if any plagiarism is found, the participation qualification will be revoked.

5.The highest number of votes doesn’t mean the grand prize winner; the development team will choose the grand prize winner based on the in-game compatibility of the avatar.

6.All submitted artworks must strictly comply with intellectual property laws and not infringe upon the copyrights of other games, movies, comics, and other fields. Any artworks suspected of copyright infringement will have their participation revoked.

7.The details and rarity of the final avatar are determined by the development team, and the details of the final avatar may change.



Grand Prize: (1 winner)

Honor: Your artwork will be made into an in-game avatar

Reward: 36,000 Gold

Condition: Selected by the development team


Finalist Prize: (5 winners)

Rewards: 1 Legendary Weapon of choice (store items) + 1 Jade Treasure Choice Gift

Condition: Awarded to the top 5 creators based on the final stage of voting


Active Participation Prize: (3 winners per week)

Reward: 1 Legendary Accessory of choice (store items)

Condition: Awarded to the top 3 creators with the highest votes in each week, with a maximum of 2 rewards per creator


Lucky Prize: (10 winners per week)

Reward: 1 Peerless Treasure Choice Gift

Condition: Awarded to 10 active players who participate in interactions and support event each week


Participation Prize: (based on the number of submissions)

Reward: Content Creator Gift

Condition: Awarded to all participants who submit their artwork.



If you have questions, please contact @moderator in the NARAKA official Discord community.


Gratitude To The NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Community Creators:

We are incredibly grateful for the creators who bring so much to our NARAKA: BLADEPOINT community. From talented artists to content creators, your creativity and passion are the lifeblood of our game. You add a unique and vibrant dimension to the experience, building a sense of community beyond the screen.

With that being said, we would like to extend warm regards and thank Xiran for her phenomenal contribution made in our Discord Event. The "Tessa·Pat" emote has rapidly grown to become one of the favorites, with a charm and playfulness that stands out deep inside the community. We can't wait to see what amazing work you come up with next!

For those who haven't grabbed the "Tessa·Pat" emote yet, keep an eye out for our special events!