NARAKA 3rd Anniversary Rewards and Events

As we celebrate Naraka’s third anniversary, don't miss out on the exciting events and special rewards up for grabs! This celebration brings exclusive in-game items and unique challenges to enhance your NARAKA experience. Dive into the festivities and maximize your enjoyment during this milestone event.


Log-in Giveaway


Ensure you're logged into the game on the pivotal date of July 2nd, as we've lined up something extraordinary to commemorate our 3rd Anniversary. This exclusive gift, thoughtfully curated for the occasion, is our heartfelt way of showing appreciation to our dedicated community.


Perdoria Exploration

Get the Legendary Valda Cui Outfit, her Pirate Hat, bases & backgrounds, Treasure Choice Gifts, and more from quests!


Prosperous Grotto

There are also Destiny Stones that you'll want to keep an eye out for. Get them from Perdoria Exploration, matches, and Fairyland Penglai. They're used for Prosperous Grotto draws, and exchanged for Legendary Outfits and items! Draw for special-effect Accessories like Sunwing Buddha and Longmen Buddha, as well as Grappling Hooks: like Tarka Ji's Zhurong's Jadeball, Flying Squirrel, and Lionheart!



Antique Chest

Watch for Morus Isle Antique Chest drops and those on Holoroth over the event.


Appraise Antique Chests at set Fairyland Penglai locations, and you’ll get Legendary Choice gifts including Laudation·Blaze The Thorn, Dragon's Bane, Katana - Gale's Edge, Dual Blades - Gourmet's Feast, and more! Open match Stashes and play Showdown for a chance to receive Antique Chests.


Justice Chamber

Join a Justice Chamber and hunt for treasure two days or more a week! Some are pretty hefty so you’ll need a helping hand. Introducing Justice Chambers-exclusive Fairyland Penglai! Enter the Justice Celebration Arena, grab Red Packets, and win rewards.


Call a friend or two, and get to treasure hunting!


Perdoria Sign-in


That aside, we've got a few more straightforward events in store for you, too. First: the Heaven Sent Luck giveaway! Sign in for 7 days for awesome rewards: The Wuchen Outfit, Fengshen Chronicles·Shen Gongbao. Get 10 Luck Treasure Choice Gifts by signing in for 10 days! Use them to choose a treasure from any past season!


Retro Bazaar


Missed out on your chance to claim limited-edition Outfits? Well, take advantage of the Retro Bazaar! It's opening for 4 weeks with the anniversary edition! There are discounts on the Creatures Myth cosmetics, Faint Light weapon skins, and other limited-edition goodies. So catch them while you can!


Anniversary Stats

Feeling a bit nostalgic, perhaps? Participate in our Anniversary Stats event and take a trip down memory lane. Share your cherished memories from your journey with us and you can earn Aeon Treasure. Additionally, for a limited time, treasures from the previous season are making a comeback!