June 26 Test Server Notice

Souljade Adjustments


Sap Souljades Merged, No Longer Weapon-Exclusive

Given the range of different 'Sap' Souljades, it used to be difficult to get the one you want. They'd often take up all your slots, too.


Dual Ring, Stamina Strike II & Other 3rd-Strike Souljades Merged

There were too many 3rd-strike Horizontal Strike Souljades (e.g. [Stamina Strike II], [Blue Moon II]), which were often difficult to pull off and weapon-exclusive.


As such, we've merged some into the Epic [General Melee] Souljade, [Cyan Fang]. This should make Souljades easier to use and understand.


Damage Reduction Souljades Merged

Ranged Resistance was a big factor in your Souljade choices, so we've combined Ranged Resist and Melee Resist into the 'Damage Reduction' stat to balance this influence.



To help you make the most of Souljades, we're removing the following little-used or weaker Souljades for the time being. They'll be back once we've reworked them in later updates.

[Follow the Recall], [Abyssal Aura], [Ocean Parter], [Blue Moon]


We're merging several stronger ones too, and upping their appearance rate in Morus' Blessings and Spirit Wells. This should make it easier to seek out the Souljades you're after.

[Ripple Step & Phantom Step], [Soft Step & Gecko Foot]

[Warrior Pace & Infernal Slash], [Erudition & Spear Storm]

[Assassin's Lunge & Netherstep], [Soulshatter & Netherstep]

[Velocity Untold & Trigger]

Test Server Souljade Adjustments

1. Added the 'General' Souljade category.

①Changed Narakapedia categorization.

②Added Souljade category labels.


2. Merged Sap Souljades.


3. Merged Melee Resist, Ranged Resist and Head Defense into the Damage Reduction stat.


4. Removed Souljades:

[Follow the Recall]

[Ocean Parter]

[Blue Moon]

[Abyssal Aura]

[Curative Bolts & Healing Bolts]


Moved some Souljade effects to Potentials:

[Siphon Technique]

[Wave Roll]

[Auspicious Jade]


5. Merged some Souljades. Increased upgradable (non-Ranged) Souljades' drop rates in Spirit Well and Supply Drops, while reducing their rates elsewhere.

[Ripple Step & Phantom Step]

[Soft Step & Gecko Foot]

[Warrior Pace & Infernal Slash]

[Erudition & Spear Storm]

[Assassin's Lunge & Netherstep]

[Soulshatter & Netherstep]

[Velocity Untold & Trigger]


6. Merged all 3rd-strike Horizontal Strike Souljades, and changed all Silence effects to Health recovery instead.


Potential System Adjustments

Some Souljade effects have been transferred to Potentials instead, slimming down the Souljade roster while retaining their unique mechanics.


We hope these adjustments will improve [Lunar] and [Origin] Potential popularity, opening up more strategic possibilities for players.


Test Server:

1. Adjusted Potential effects:

[Lunar Warmth] [Minor]

Previous effect: Rescue Speed +3.3%/6.6%/10%

New effect: Gain +3%/6%/9% Damage Reduction for 10s after collecting Soulbloom Essence.

[Lunar Agile] [Medium]

Previous effect: After a successful Counter, you can Dodge and follow up with a Counterstrike Combo.

New effect: You recover 115 Health after a successful Counter, and can Dodge and follow up with a Counterstrike Combo. This recovery has a 60s cooldown (excess healing turns into Armor).

[Lunar Brace] [Major]

Previous effect: You recover 115 Health after a successful Counter (excess healing turns into Armor).

New effect: Recover 20% of damage dealt for 10s after a successful Counter or collecting Soulbloom Essence. Has a 60s cooldown.

[Origin Miracle] [Minor]

Previous effect: Luck +200/400/600

New effect: Luck +100/200/300. Party members share a 0.5%/1%/1.5% discount (stackable, added onto existing discounts).


2. Adjusted Potential effects & nodes:

[Origin Broker]: Changed from [Major] to [Medium].

New effect: Party members share a 3% discount (stackable, added onto existing discounts).

[Origin Deft]: Changed from [Medium] to [Minor].

New effect: In Survival modes, earn 4%/8%/12% more Dark Tide Coins when completing a Scroll Quest.


3. Added new Potentials:

[Lunar·Vital Essence] [Medium]

Shortens your skill cooldowns by 15% when you or a teammate collect Soulbloom Essence. (15% of your skills' total, not remaining, cooldown time.)

[Origin·Chaos Jewel] [Medium]

In Survival modes, completing a Scroll Quest also grants a random Souljade.

[Origin·Retail Therapy] [Major]

Restore Armor equal to 8% Max Armor over 2s when staggered by an attack. Has a 60s cooldown. Increases by 3% for every 2,000 Dark Tide Coins spent this match, up to 3 times.

[Omni·Wave Roll] [Medium]

Secondary Dodges cost no Stamina.


4. Removed Potentials:

[Origin Golden], [Lunar Rejuvenate], [Omni Origin]


Hero Adjustments



1. F1 [Flash]

Flash towards the aimed direction and increase Attack.

· Can flash twice.

· During Matari's Ultimate, tap F to flash behind the enemy and unleash a special attack.


2. F2 [Flash: Swoop]

Reworked skill effects:

Lunge towards the aimed direction, stopping when you hit an enemy.

· Charge for increased distance and damage, and to penetrate enemies.

· During Matari's Ultimate, she recovers Health with each enemy hit by [Flash: Swoop].


3. F3 [Flash: Retrace] has been removed.


1. V1 [Invisible Assassin]

Knock back nearby enemies, resetting all allies' skill cooldowns and granting them [Stealth].

· Matari's skill cooldowns are also reset.

· Allies can restore their Health and Armor by attacking enemies.


2. V2 [Invisible Assassin: Restore]

Reworked Ultimate effects:

Knock back nearby enemies and enhance Matari's skills for 25s.

· Matari's skill cooldowns are also reset.

· Tap V to flash behind the enemy, gaining Attack and brief [Stealth].

·  [Flash] can be cast without interrupting other actions (aside from attacks).


3. V2 [Invisible Assassin: Scale Rush] has been removed.




V1 [Tai Chi Teleport]

· Increased Wuchen's [Yin Yang Orb] cast range from 50m to 60m, and reduced the distance he has to travel before it disappears from 120m to 90m.

· A beam of light marks the teleport endpoint for a short while after teleporting.

*Note: We'll be making further tweaks to his other skills in days to come.


Wishing Well Adjustments

Players noted that they'd often come across many weapons yet still struggle to find ones compatible with their Souljades.


Following this update, you can now cast unwanted weapons into Wishing Wells for a random same-rarity, same-type (ranged/melee) weapon: throwing a Legendary Longsword would yield a random Legendary melee weapon, for example.



Please note that these adjustments will be applied in the Test Server as of June 26. Details may have changed by the time they're officially rolled out.