F2P & PS5 FAQ | 2nd Anniversary

Free-to-play FAQ

1. When will NARAKA go free to play and what exactly does this change mean?

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will go free to play on July 13, 2023. The server will go offline for maintenance at 2 p.m. PST that day.

After the maintenance, you can download the game from our website, Steam, Epic, Xbox, and PS5, and create a free account; then join us in Morus Isle—we look forward to meeting all of you!


2. Why did you choose to go free to play?

We want to make NARAKA accessible for as many players around the world as possible, so we're making it free to play. We hope that reaching this milestone will boost the game's popularity and help us reach an even wider audience!


3. What does the free version offer to players?

All in-game content is available to free players, including all game modes, events, cosmetics, character customization, etc.

You can also purchase any of the Standard/Deluxe/Ultimate editions with gold in game which will grant access to new heroes more quickly.

Free Players Standard/Deluxe/Ultimate Players**
Available in-game weapons All All
Available Maps All All
Available Modes All All
Cosmetics Open Open
Customization Open Open
Events Open Open
Join/Create a Justice Chamber Open Open
Rank LV50 LV20
Lobby Chat LV20 LV5
Customized Lobby Can join lobbies, but not create them Open
Initially Playable Heroes Viper, Tianhai, Zipin Yin & Matari Viper, Tianhai, Zipin Yin, & Matari plus 300 Hero Coins** 
Hero Coins Obtain Limit*

35 Hero Coins can be earned in a week.

100 Hero Coins will unlock 1 hero 

No limit
Price 0 Starts from 980 gold

* Hero Coins are the currency used to purchase new heroes in NARAKA. There are a variety of ways in-game to earn them. New players will have a cap of 35 per week but those who wish to remove that limit can purchase any of our edition upgrades.

** The bonus of 300 Hero Coins is only available to new players who upgrade their game. Players who have previously purchased an edition of NARAKA will not be eligible to receive Hero Coins if they purchase a new edition upgrade.


4. If I already have an account, do I need to take any steps before the transition?

No, if you already have a NARAKA: Bladepoint account then you are all set. Simply login and continue playing.


5. What can I receive if I already own the game?

Depending on the edition of NARAKA that you purchased you receive a set amount of Gold, and all editions receive the same items. You will receive 1960 Gold for Standard Edition, 3360 Gold for Deluxe Edition, and 4960 Gold for Ultimate Edition. In addition, all editions will receive an exclusive Avatar,  another exclusive Viper Ning outfit, and 10 Glory Chest Choice Gifts.

You will receive all items by in-game mail after the server maintenance on July 13. Remember to log in and claim your rewards before they expire on October 14.


6. What if I buy and play NARAKA Bladepoint between now and when it goes free to play. Do I get anything?

If you purchase NARAKA and create a character during this period, you will be eligible for our existing players rewards:

  • Gold based on the edition of NARAKA you have purchased
  • An Exclusive Avatar
  • 10 Seasonal Chests
  • A Legendary Weapon Skin
  • Soul Bloom-themed Legendary Viper Ning Skin


7. Do I get to keep all of my items from playing NARAKA Bladepoint before?

Yes, all of your account data and items will remain when NARAKA transitions to free to play.


8. If I refunded NARAKA on Steam, can I still receive the existing player rewards?

Yes, as long as you purchase NARAKA on Steam again before 9 a.m. PST, July 13.

All data of the refund player will be cleaned at 9 a.m. PST, July 13.


9. Is NARAKA going to add features or have new content with free to play?

NARAKA is a constantly evolving game, each season brings new heroes, cosmetics, and new discoveries to explore. Going free to play allows more players to join and share in our thrilling melee combat as they vie for the Mask of Immortality.


10. Can F2P players team-up/match with existing players?



11. Will you add pay-to-play content in the future?

No. All game modes, weapons, heroes, and Souljades will be available to everyone for free.


12. Where can I play NARAKA Bladepoint?

NARAKA: Bladepoint is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Official Website), Xbox, and PlayStation 5.



1. When does NARAKA arrive on PlayStation?

NARAKA will be available on PlayStation on July 13, 2023.


2. Which PlayStation system is NARAKA available on?

At launch, NARAKA will be available on the PlayStation 5.


3. Do I need a PlayStation Plus account to play NARAKA?

No, a PlayStation Plus account is not required to play NARAKA but it will enhance your experience.


4. Do PlayStation Plus players get any additional value?

Yes, PlayStation Plus players receive a special bundle of items and an exclusive cosmetic item. The contents of the bundle are subject to change and may change based on the current season of NARAKA.


5. Are there any differences between the PlayStation version of the game and other platforms?

No, there are no differences between the PlayStation version of the game and other platforms. All game modes that are available in NARAKA are available on all platforms.


6. Can I play with my friends who are on other platforms?

Yes, you can play with friends on other platforms. You can team up with your friends and take down opponents in duos and trios. For more details on Crossplay please see our FAQ here.


7. Are there in-game purchases? If so, where do I go if there are issues?

You can make in-game purchases in NARAKA for a variety of cosmetics. If you encounter any issues at all with your purchases, our Support team is here to help. You can contact them through our Help Center!


9. I have a NARAKA account on another platform, can I transfer to PS5?

No, all NARAKA accounts are bound to the storefront and platform that the game was initiated on. This means that you cannot migrate your PC account to PS5 and similarly you cannot migrate your Epic Games account to Steam.


10. Where can I go to find out the latest news about NARAKA on PlayStation?

If you want to be most up-to-date on what is happening in NARAKA then make sure to follow our social channels - Twitter, Reddit, and Discord to be in the know!


Xbox FAQ

1. Do Xbox Game Pass players get any additional value?

All Game Pass members will get free conversion from the current Standard Edition to the new Deluxe Edition along with in-game rewards.


2. What's in the Deluxe version?

The Deluxe version includes two legendary weapon skins - Dual Blades Lacerator and Spear White Viper, 300 Hero Coins and 10 Immortal Treasures.



1. How to get the 2nd Anniversary Special Avatar?

You can join our social media and community events for a chance to win the avatar!

Here's the event list:

Tune in to the livestreams of our star hosts to join the chat giveaway and have a chance to win the avatar!


More events coming soon, stay tuned!