Cross Blades for the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT x Conqueror's Blade Crossover Event!

Heroes of Morus Isle! Are you ready for a new, more strategic, challenge?

We're delighted to announce a crossover event with medieval warfare game Conqueror's Blade! The event will witness elements of NARAKA across Conqueror's Blade's battlefields; as the shadow corruption spreads to the cities Warlords will don the attire of Viper Ning and Tianhai.

You'll be able to battle in Conqueror's Blade, assisted by their unique strategies — while also commanding a plethora of units from various eras of history. Whether that’s the Winged Hussars or Viking Berserkers.

Join huge battles and fight alongside the warriors of old!

A crossover for the ages, this is a great opportunity if you haven't tried Conqueror's Blade before — why not take in the game’s breathtaking action with some familiar faces from NARAKA? Fight alongside players from all over the globe in epic 15v15 siege battles and conquer this expansive world.

We're looking forward to seeing you in the game — join us and see your legend forged in the heat of battle!