About South American and Oceania Servers

To the Oceania and South American NARAKA: BLADEPOINT community,

To guarantee optimal matchmaking experience, the team at 24 Entertainment has established network nodes in both Oceania and South America, which players from those regions will automatically connect to.

When matchmaking begins, players connected to the same nodes will be matched with each other, while if there aren’t enough players from Oceania or South America in the matchmaking queue, the nodes will redirect players to match with players in South East Asia or North America respectively, ensuring they can jump into the action as soon as possible.

24 Entertainment is constantly monitoring the situation in these territories; We're listening to the invaluable feedback of players in these regions and prepared to launch new servers as the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT community continues to grow. Please contact service@narakathegame.com when you need any support! 

24 Entertainment