NARAKA Best Duo!

There will be 3 matches, a game can be up to 30 teams. The matches will still start on schedule no matter the amount of participants. The top five teams in each game can score points!

Time & Host

2/19 7PM EST Poobi

2/20 7PM EST Jaxy

2/20 2PM CST LuckyMojo


Players are encouraged to participate as a team from beginning to end. If players play with different team members, their results will not be accumulated.

(Example: A+B for Match 1、A+B for Match 2、 A+C for Match 3, the result will be

Accumulated just for Match 1 &2 , A+C will be recognized as another team)

Score (each game)


10 pts + kills


7pts + kills


4 pts + kills


2 pts + kills


1 pts + kills

Tie breaker

Total kills in 3 matches

Total damage in 3 matches


1st place: USD 200 for each person

2nd place: USD 100 for each person

3rd place: USD 50 for each person

Team with most kills: USD 100 for each person (Each match has a champion team)