Winners Announcement of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Filming Contest: UNCHAINED

We are pleased to announce that the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Filming Contest has successfully ended and the winners have all been chosen! We’d like to convey our sincere graduates to all the participants for your support and cooperation and all the amazing entries for the contest.

Please find below the list of winners:

The First Prize:【NARAKAUNCHAINED】Duel!(by AGe)


Thoughts from the NARAKA team:

“From the quick switches in angles to the slowed-down moments before the ultimate strikes, we were blown away by how AGE captured the excitement of the duels of Naraka: Bladepoint!”

I'm very excited to receive the award for this contest. Thank you very much for the help and inspiration Naraka: Bladepoint has given to the creators. I am also grateful to Alienware for sponsoring this contest, which gave us the motivation to create. I would also like to thank my partners who filmed with me and gave me advice.


The Second Prize: "Liquidate" [NARAKA: BLADEPOINT FilmingContest] (by Nirumi)


Thoughts from the NARAKA team:

“The storytelling of Nirumi's entry is outstanding: from the beginning to the end they keep the viewers in suspense, the mysterious moments and how they capture our hero's emotions truly captivated us.”

Thank you for this competition and for the opportunity to prove myself. Next time I will definitely take first place. I would like to say a huge thank you to my friends for their help in creating the video, namely: Dmitry Zotov, Pavel Savrin, and Vyacheslav Lysenko.


The Third Prize:【Naraka】Fight turn to me (by NAVI)


Comments from the NARAKA team:

“From sharp cuts to exciting fights, we felt that NAVI's entry is an accurate representation of what makes Naraka: Bladepoint so compelling to play.”

Many thanks to the Naraka team. Naraka: Bladepoint is such an interesting game for me and I am happy I won the third prize. It gives me more motivation to create more outstanding works in the future.


Forerunners’ Choice: Designated Rival (by Jamie)


After a community vote, Jamie’s work turns out to be the most popular choice among all the participants. We can see the power from Jamie’s friends and family who support Jamie a lot to get the prize.

Thanks to all who have entered and shown to the world what makes Naraka: Bladepoint truly UNCHAINED! We enjoyed watching all your entries; you all have demonstrated exquisite skills. We were humbled by so many exciting participants, we decided to choose 3 more winners in the Honorary Mentions category (the winner of honorable mentions will be rewarded with $100 Steam Gift Card or an equivalent cash reward.):

Brothers (by MantLeelee):




We Create Legends (by Duwa):

Congrats to all the winners and massive thanks to all the participants!