Free Weekend FAQ

Hello everyone! The Free Weekend of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will start onDec 17that 8 am PST and last until Dec 21stat 8 am PST,4 days in total. We welcome all the heroes and your friends to join us in Morus Isle.

Progress and purchase of the full game:

Q: Will my progress from the free weekend carry over if I purchase the full game?

A: All progress will carry over to the full game if purchased.

Q: How to purchase the full game during the free trial?

A: You can buy the game directly through the popup dialogue, or turn to the official website, Steam and Epic to purchase the full game.

Please note that free-trial players neeaad to restart the game after purchasing the game in order to switch from the trial to the full version.

Q: Is there any discount for free-trial players to purchase the game?

A: We will have a discount up to 30% off betweenDec 17that 8:00, 2021 to Jan 5that 10:05 PST.Don’t miss out the chance to get the full game!

Download and Installation

Q: How can free-trial players download the game?

A: Here is the link for download on the official website:

If you’d like to purchase the game from Steam or Epic, please search NARAKA: BLADEPOINT in the stores.

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: Please see detailed system requirements in the link:

Q: How to handle the problem when game fails to start?

A: Please refer to the FAQ in the link:

If your questions are not included, please contact the support stuffs.

About the Game Content

Q: What content is available for free-trial players?

A: During the Free Weekend, free-trial players will be able to play six heroes, including Viper Ning, Temulch, Matari, Tarka Ji, Kurumi and Tianhai. They will also have access to all modes, (Free trial players will need to get to level 15 or higher before they can enter the Herald’s trial) Free-trial players can gain heroes and weapon proficiency the same as normal players.

Q: Can free-trial players conduct purchase in game?

A: NO. Free-trial players are not able to purchase in game, speak in the public channel, receive gifts or open treasures (except events like martial treasures.). The name-change card is also unavailable.

Note: Free-trial players can gain the treasures by increasing the weapon proficiency. Treasures will be sent in players’ email box and they can open them after purchasing the full game.

Q: Can free-trial players participate in Torchbearer

A: NO. Only full game players are allowed to participate in Torchbearer. (Free-trial players on Steam and Epic are barred from participating in Torchbearer. )

About Matching

Q: Can free-trial players match with normal players?

A: They will be in the different matching pools. Trial players will be prioritized to match with trial players first.

Q: Can normal players team with free-trial players?

A: YES. Normal players can play with free-trial players, but the team will be prioritized to match free-trial teams first.

Q: Can free-trial players start custom matches? Will the custom matched be independent from the normal players?

A: Free-trial players are able to open custom matches, and the matching is the same as the full game version.

Q: Is the difference between the EPIC store version and others?

A: It doesn't matter if you are on Epic or Steam. You can team up, make matches, and so. Just with a different platform to log in.