The hit battle royale celebrates a successful year with the first ever Naraka Fest announcing collaborations with Bruce Lee, Fall Guys, Shadow Warrior and more!

24 Entertainment of global games developer and operator NetEase Games is proud to have hosted its inaugural NARAKA FEST, which featured exciting announcements for NARAKA including upcoming Bruce Lee skins, crossovers with Fall Guys and Shadow Warrior, and more.


To celebrate an exciting year for NARAKA, 24 Entertainment announced a free weekend for players from December 17th at 8 am PST through December 21st at 8 am PST. New players will be able to explore and learn NARAKA at their own pace as matchmaking will be divided between players that already own the game and those trying out the game for the first time.

The highlight of Naraka Fest was the revealing of the Bruce Lee / NARAKA crossover event. Players can gear up in official Bruce Lee apparel: with a new outfit for Tianhai that takes inspiration from Lee's unrestrained flowing movements and limitless martial prowess. Outfits for other male and female characters Inspired by Bruce Lee will be available for Tarka Ji, Tianhai, Temulch, and Yueshan,Viper Ning, Matari, Kurumi, and Valda.


These 'Dragon Will' and 'Dragon Shadow' outfits for Tianhai ,Yueshan,Kurumi and Valda be available beginning on December 14th, at 11 am CST / December 13th 7pm PST. The remaining outfits will be introduced in the weeks to follow.


Commemorating Lee’s kung-fu 'system' , Jeet Kune Do — Nunchucks, an all-new melee weapon, will arrive in NARAKA on December 14th.The Nunchucks 'JIngwu' with Bruce Lee's signature will be also available for every player.


NARAKA Fest also saw an update on NARAKA’s Global Championship. The NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship, now underway. Following several rounds of play-offs, 24 three-player teams and plenty of solo players contended for spots in the NARAKA World Championship tournament. Catch up or rewatch all the battles on:https://www.twitch.tv/narakabladepoint

From December 17-20, NARAKA will be rolling out a variety of in-game events. During the game’s holiday event, players can find troves by breaking boxes, completing quests, or slaying foes that will award players with XP, Battle Pass Levels, or materials like Spectral Silk and loot boxes Every player that logs in during the event will receive a new skin for the brand-new weapon, nunchucks — the legendary ChinWoo Nunchucks.


Other NARAKA Fest announcement highlights included:

  • Viper Ning to appear in Mediatonic's Fall Guys (without a grappling hook!)
  • Raikou, NARAKA’s Katana skin, will be available in Shadow Warrior’s 3, while Shadow Warrior’s 3 Shuriken Spitter will appear in NARAKA.
  • NARAKA FEST also hosted Mr. Wen Chenhua, the founder of Armor Forgers, a renowned Chinese armor restorer of the Tang and Song dynasties, and the designer of the armor in The Longest Day in Chang’an.
  • “History in action in NARAKA” — 24 Entertainment and Armor Forgers collaborate together to make all in-game armor historically accurate.
  • Yueshan will be receiving new apparel honoring the great power and majesty of the Terracotta Warriors.
  • The Wuxia Crossover will also show off “The Legend of Sword And Fairy” and the “Xuanyuan Sword''. Naraka will carry on Meteor, Butterfly & Sword legacy.
  • In March, Li Xiaoyao and three other characters will reunite in Naraka in an all-new fashion.