In conjunction with the release of the new Hero, Valda Cui, we will be launching a Dance Challenge on TikTok to celebrate her arrival. Active participants will have a chance to win rewards.

Date: Sep 18th 00:00 - Sep 27th 23:59 (PDT) 

How to Participate

Step 1: Follow @narakabladepoint on TikTok.

Step 2: Upload the swing video by using the new Hero, Valda Cui (or real-life dance video with the same swing moves) with the hashtags#NARAKASWING, #ValdaCui and #narakabladepoint.

Number of Winners

20 winners in total.


Each winner will be rewarded with the Naga's Treasure, which includes a Valda Cui Outfit [Unsinkable Naga], a Valda Cui Accessory [Mist Dragon] and a Valda Cui Hairstyle [Surfer]




Video Requirements

1. Use Valda Cui in game and click C constantly to perform the Swing Dance (click here to find a demo video on NARAKA's official account). You can also record a real-life dance video to perform the Swing Dance. Both in-game captured footage and real-life clips are acceptable.

2.Other Heroes can be shown in the dance video.

3.Various forms are accepted. The more creative, the better.

4.Music should be applied into the video by the participant.