Ahead of release on PC this year, 24 Entertainment is launching a scheme for social media creators to produce NARAKA: BLADEPOINT content.

24 Entertainment is proud to announce that they have partnered with gaming brand 4Gamers to launch a Creator Affiliate Program ahead of the launch of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

This program will see online creators produce social media content around 24 Entertainment's 60-player battle royale, showcasing the various features as fans prepare for the game's release. If you are interested in joining us and producing content while enjoying your journey in Morus Isle, please contact: or Domingo#2750 in NARAKA Discord

Rules & Rewards:

Required content quantity per month: 4

Reward Table:

Viewership score    Reward
<10,000 USD 200
10,000 – 50,000 USD 500
50,000 – 100,000 USD 800
>100,000 USD 1,000


To calculate your Viewership score:

Tiktok: views x 1

Facebook: views x 1.2

YouTube: views x 1.25

Twitch: views x 1.5



​​​◼ Adopted views

  • Video: accumulated views by end of month
  • Livestreaming: views during each live session

◼ If the Creator produces more content than required, only top 4 will be taken in consideration for adopted views.

◼ The Content shall contain game’s features provided by 4Gamers prior production.


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is set to launch later this year on PC after one of the most successful beta tests ever; hitting the top 5 most played games on Steam with more than 145,000 concurrent players.

About 24 Entertainment

24 Entertainment is a Chinese game studio founded by a group of artists, engineers, and designers; who are all gaming industry veterans. We have a shared vision of introducing global players to Eastern cultures through cutting-edge gaming technology.