Final Beta Patch Notes - June 16

Optimized overall performance and environmental interactions:

1. Forward jump (holding forward + jump): Trigger interactions with objects around you, such as through wall running, tree climbing, jumping atop eaves and beams, vaulting through windows, etc. (These were triggered by pressing the jump key in previous versions. We've changed this in order to prevent accidental interactions.)

2. Jump (without pressing any directional key): Perform a 'back roll' to exit from certain interactions (such as climbing walls or trees, hanging atop eaves, etc. You could drop down from these with the 'C' key in previous versions, and has been changed to simplify controls.)

3. Climb up: Hold a directional key to climb up while hanging from eaves. Releasing the key before you've completed the action cancels it. (The jump key was used to climb up in previous versions, and has been changed to make less key-presses necessary in gameplay.)

4. Check: Hold a directional key while crouching atop a tree or the edge of a building to 'check' the area and then drop down. Releasing the key before you've completed the action cancels it. (The jump key was used to do this in previous versions. We've changed this in order to prevent players from starting the action accidentally.)

5. Extended interactions: Point the camera in a set direction and initiate a forward jump during various interactions (such as climbing walls or trees, hanging atop eaves, etc.) in order to extend your interaction range in that direction. For example, looking up while climbing a tree allows you to grab onto eaves that would be out of reach otherwise.

6. You now automatically climb up onto beams or ropes when grabbing them, and can no longer hang underneath them. Press C to drop down. (Changed to improve ease-of-use.)

7. Slightly reduced slide speed and increased the capacity for turning whilst sliding. Added a new animation for consecutive slides.

Default Grapple Settings:

Having got out your Grappling Hook, both left- and right-click are set to 'Auto Aim'. You can adjust Auto Aim settings for the left or right mouse button, and toggle Auto Aim to your liking by pressing the escape key then heading to Settings. (Right-clicking would enter Auto Aim in the previous version. We've changed this to make the controls easier for new players.)

Optimized network and functionality:

1. Optimized how memory/video memory is managed to smoothen frame rates.

2. Optimized loading of resources from the hard drive, making loading smoother.

3. Optimized hardware support for mice with high polling rates, smoothening camera movement at high frame rates (over 60 FPS).

4. Optimized controller support.

5. Updated NVIDIA DLSS, improving rendering efficiency while also making even better graphics possible.

6. Other assorted efficiency and graphics optimizations.

7. Optimized rendering efficiency of the Team Stats page, reducing stuttering and frame drops encountered while viewing it.

8. Tuned network settings to fix several issues that would occur at high latency and during network disturbance. Icons are now displayed by characters' heads during high latency to indicate a poor connection.

Combat adjustments:

1. Bag adjustments:

a) Valuable equipment can be picked up and swapped out for low-quality equipment of the same kind in your Bag (Souljades, Vitalia, Armor Powder, weapons etc.).

b) Added the ability to swap your equipped weapon. Press '3' to swap it with a nearby weapon you haven't picked up.

c) Once you've maxed out your Bag's capacity, you'll no longer be able to pick up Bag Upgrades.

d) You can now interact with Troves and Rift Dealers while your Bag is open.

2. Optimized the animations, effects and SFX for attacks with melee weapons.

3. Optimized the view shown for various charged moves.

4. Added damage text. You can toggle damage and healing text in Settings - Combat.

5. Added a bar to indicate the remaining duration of important debuffs.

6. Added a bar to indicate the progress of weapon repairs/healing.

7. Optimized colorblind mode for items (in and out of games): Item quality is now displayed directly in drops & item descriptions, making it no longer necessary to see an item's text to assess its rarity.

8. Counter sword energy: You can trigger a Counter when your weapon clashes with an enemy's, but Counters now also reflect sword energy too.

New weapon: Spear

General description: 

Following prolonged discussions and consideration we have decided to introduce a new melee weapon as part of the Final Beta: the [Spear]. Along with the Spear, we'll be introducing combos to go with it and more Souljade content, too. Known as the 'King of All Weapons' in ancient China, it has a reasonably large range compared to other melee weapons.

New attack method, 'On Target': When charging up a blow with the Spear, releasing at just the right moment initiates an even-stronger golden Focus strike.

Souljade [Erudition]: Enhances charged vertical strikes.

Souljade [Scale Rush - Spear]: Launching a Scale Rush with a Spear initiates a new move upon hitting the ground.

Weapon balance adjustments:

1. Redesigned the Pistol. It now fires five shots, while charged shots fire a number of explosive rounds (depending on how many you've loaded into the chamber). These rounds deal explosive damage within a small area.

2. Slightly increased the speed of the Flamebringer's fire.

3. Slightly increased the speed of Repeating Crossbow shots.

4. Reduced the Bow's basic damage by 5%.

5. Increased the Cannon's basic damage by 7%, and optimized projectile trajectories.

6. Headshot damage from Repeating Crossbows, Muskets and Bows reduced to 1.5x damage (down from 2x). Other ranged weapons' headshot damage remains unchanged.

7. The Grappling Hook no longer deals a small amount of damage to enemies hit.

8. Slightly reduced damage from charged attacks.

Souljade changes:




Change/New Effect



Speeds up repairs and raises max durability.

It now also raises max durability.

Focus Slide


A Focus slide that can knock enemies airborne.

The slide now works similar to how it does without any Souljade equipped, i.e., you can now jump cancel and continue sliding.

Advanced Heal


Vitalia can now heal you continuously over a period of time.

A crystallized soul of an ancient Onmyoji. Can prolong healing effects.

Group Heal


Vitalia can now heal your teammates.

A crystallized soul of the Great Onmyoji. Allows you to utilize the power of light to share healing effects with teammates.

Soft Step


Silences your footsteps.

Completely eliminates any sound you make while moving, making you silent to both teammates and enemies.

Target Lock


[Bow Skill]: Cripple

Has been changed to epic quality. Landing a shot on an enemy with your Bow leaves them unable to sprint or dodge for 2 sec. Attacks on the same enemy can only trigger this once per 30 sec.



[Bow]: Explosive Tips

Has been changed to legendary quality.



[Repeating Crossbow]: Enhanced Burst Fire

A crystallized soul of the Great Scholar. Contains the Valtheca's unique modification to the Repeating Crossbow.



[Repeating Crossbow]: Decreased Spread

A crystallized soul of the Great Scholar. Contains the Valtheca's unique modification to the Repeating Crossbow.

Venom Tip


[Repeating Crossbow]: Toxic Bolts

Poison damage has been reduced, but it can now stack up to 5 times.

Sunwing Shot


[Musket]: Enhanced Shot

Has been changed to epic quality. Raised the bullet speed increase.

Armor Pierce


[Musket Skill]: Armor Pierce

Has been changed to legendary quality.

Tu Na


Regain your energy through the ancient breathing art of Tu Na.

While focusing on your breathing you recover health over time. After doing so for a certain time, you also begin recovering armor over 120 sec.

Fire Arrows


[Bow]: Fire Arrows

Bow shots charged to the second charge state deal less damage, but can set the area around enemies on fire for sustained damage.

Healing Bolts


[Repeating Crossbow]: Healing Bolts

Allows you to heal teammates by shooting them with Repeating Crossbows.

Rupture Gale Orb


[Cannon]: Larger Explosions

Increases the radius of Cannon shots' explosions.



[Cannon]: Incendiary Ammo

Burns enemies you hit with Cannon shots, who then take damage over time.



[Cannon]: Straight Trajectory

Alters the Cannon's firing trajectory and speed, making shots fire straight and faster.



[Pistol Skill]: More Shots

Normal Pistol shots launch one additional bullet.

Quick Charge


[Pistol]: Quicker Charge

Reduces charged Pistol shots' damage, but allows you to load up to two shots at a time.

Detonating Rounds


[Pistol Skill]: Detonating Rounds

Reduces charged Pistol shots' damage, but makes them fire bullets that lodge inside enemies' flesh, exploding after 2 sec. Sprint Dodging in time can remove these bullets.

Slow Tremor


[Musket]: Reduced Scope Recoil

Shortens the time it takes to aim down the Musket's sights, making it easier to dodge while already aiming.

Soothing Boon


There's a chance that items will not be consumed.

Combines the ability to not consume neither Armor Powder nor Vitalia.



[Skill]: Armor Steal

Restores you to full armor upon killing an enemy.



Alters charged three-stage horizontal slashes. Can be pressed repeated times for more attacks, and interrupted by jumping.

Alters charged three-stage horizontal slashes. Can be pressed repeated times for more attacks, and interrupted by jumping.



Repeated Stone Form strikes can continuously increase your charge.

Continuously charging up Stone Form while using a Greatsword enables you to trigger even greater charge-up effects.

Hero Changes:

Tarka Ji

1) We have re-worked Tarka Ji's skill Talents 1 and 2, and they are now used for blocks and counters. Talent 3 remains unchanged.

2) To his ultimate Talent 1, we've added quicker energy regeneration plus that it can now be used while hit.

3) Ultimate Talent 3 is made on the basis of Talent 1. While it increases rage consumption, it also increases attack, while also making it so that you recover rage equal to a portion of your damage dealt.

4) Ultimate Talents 1, 2, and 3, all enable Tarka Ji to withstand non-explosive ranged projectiles while sprinting.


1) Improved upon the visual effects of his various Talents.

2) Adjusted the Vajra's weak points, weight, and duration.

3) With ultimate Talent 3, the skill used with F does not recover if Tianhai fails to grab hold of an enemy.

4) With ultimate Talent 3, using F while grabbing an enemy now comes with a whole new effect.


1) Skill Talent 2: Ward: Resurrection's link range has been reduced to 20m (down from 30m).

2) Re-worked skill Talent 3: Ward: Dual Heal. Current effect: Increases healing, and also restores armor while linked to a teammate. While linked, using left-click to blink does not sever the connection, however, right-click no longer heals.

3) Ultimate Talent 1: Sacred Circle now only heals allies and has its radius increased.

4) Ultimate Talent 2: Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance now only restores the armor of allies and has its radius increased.

Viper Ning:

1) Adjusted skill Talents 1 and 3: Talent 1 now breaks Focus, whereas Talent 3 now blocks healing.

2) Re-designed ultimate Talent 2: Twilight Crimson: Seal. Enemies marked may no longer use skills, including their ultimate, and are stunned for 2 sec once the mark ends.

3) Re-designed ultimate Talent 3: Twilight Crimson: Unchained. Enemies marked may no longer use skills, including their ultimate. Viper Ning may move freely during the duration, but the mark no longer stuns.


1) Altered the cast animation of Zephyr Wisp: After disappearing briefly, Temulch leaps backward up into the air and summons forth Zephyr Wisps.

2) Skill Talent 3: Zephyr Wisp: Assault's effect has been changed so that wisps now rebound against obstacles, and once again shoot toward enemies.

3) Ultimate, Zephyr Prison, cast animation change: When using the ultimate while on solid ground, Temulch leaps forward and summons Zephyr Prison.

4) Zephyr Prison's negative effects no longer affect allies.

5) Re-worked ultimate Talent 2: Zephyr Prison: Enchanted. Now, Temulch recovers energy at a greatly increased rate while within Zephyr Prison.


1) Optimized the display of stealth effects from Matari's ultimate.

Environment Changes:


1) Buff changes:

Salak: Recovers armor at set intervals for a duration of time.

Prickly Pear: Recovers health at set intervals for a duration of time.

2) Pick Up Changes:

No longer restricted by health and armor.


1) There are now tracks upon some towers where players may push ballistae around, greatly increasing mobility and the area they can cover.

2) Greatly reduced the time it takes to mount/dismount the weapon. Increased the explosion radius, and being hit comes with more apparent visual cues.

New Map Features: 

Flaming Cages:

As they fall onto the ground they create a circle of flames, and any player hit by the cage will be stunned for a few seconds.

Other Changes

1. Adjusted the effects and potency of some Talents.

2. Soulshards are no longer required for Talents and glyphs, they instead cost Tae.

3. Score earned for the Survival and Kills Leaderboards and Hall of Fame will be gained at a slower rate as you near the division score for that mode.

4. Added item tips, making it easier to see item descriptions and effects.

5. Improved upon the switching between chat channels, as well as the chat interface itself. We've also added a level restriction and message cooldown to public chat.

6. Added an avatar frame that changes as you level up.

7. Added damage source to the Killer window, enabling you to see the damage you took during the past 20 seconds.

8. Added more hero voice lines.

9. Improved a range of features for referees: improved upon controls for the Ref Spectate camera, added a feature enabling referees to draw upon the map; Ref Spectate hotkeys can now be remapped; added real-time statistics; referees may now see health bars, ultimate CDs, and party markers; referees may now see through obstacles; referees may now see markers where engagements occur; added identification numbers, and they can now be jumped to; added more map features; and Ref Spectate is now supported for The Bloodbath.

10. Battling in different areas will now trigger different BGM.

11. The game may now be displayed properly on ultrawide monitors.

12. Improved upon the matchmaking algorithm: making it match players of a more similar level together.

13. Improved upon the hero Expertise menu, adding the first story arc for each hero. Their remaining stories will be made available with the full launch.

14. Added a find Party menu to Home, in which you may find suitable party members.

15. Added a wheel function for gestures and chat bubbles, which you can use in-game for greater convenience.

16. Added gestures for the various heroes' display movements.

17. Added a palette when customizing your character's face and hair color.

Anti-Cheat Improvements

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a one-off purchase competitive PvP game with a focus on fairness, and so both the dev team and operation teams have zero-tolerance toward hacks or unfair gameplay, and we vow to crack down on those that use or develop hacks. From the beta in April until now we've worked hard on establishing an anti-hack foundation, in which we utilize AI technology to discern and detect hacks. However, so as to not compromise our protective measures we will refrain from going into detail here. We implore all of you to keep your eyes open for hackers, and to report any you find, and work with us to create a hack-free game!

Incompatible Character Customization Data

We are terribly sorry to inform you: many players have created their own character customizations during the previous rounds of beta. However, as we continuously work on improving and optimizing our customization features, data from previous betas will not be available for use during this round of beta testing. We are also unable to guarantee that customization data from this round of beta can be used in later iterations of the game.

Once the game is fully launched our customization feature will be more stable, and there will be no further incompatibility issues.