NARAKA: BLADEPOINT - Steam Playtest Limit Reached

Dear players,

We would like to thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive response to NARAKA’s Asia beta test. Since it began, we have been using Steam’s new Playtest feature to provide players a way to get involved without needing beta codes.

The number of applicants exceeded our initial estimates, and have already reached capacity, meaning that Steam has now limited access.

If you’re yet to download the game, you can still head to the Steam page of “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Test Server Playtest” to request access, however this will be distributed in batches as time goes on, so please keep an eye on your Steam notifications (especially emails) once you’ve done so.

Finally, we again extend our sincere thanks to every NARAKA test player out there for their passion for the game, feedback and suggestions. We hope you have fun playing!