496 Gaming is a semi-professional Esports team from Vietnam that was founded by BaNGHia in 2017 and they have made quite the name for themselves in the esports community. This team is composed of 3 members: leader Tob1, Cigar, and Shade. Just like Tob1 said:‘our team and coach BaNGHia are on the way to conquering NARAKA’, let’s look forward to their games!

Leader Profile:

Name: TOB1

Age: 20

From: Vietnam

Profession: I’m running a business, and I spend my free time pursuing my passion.    

Game Experience: I started playing games at the age of 12. 

Favorite NARAKA Hero: Tianhai                    

Why NARAKA: My friend introduced this game to me. After trying and learning about the game, I found it very attractive since this game was not like any of the games I’ve played before. 

Fun Facts: Before NARAKA, all games that I played are offline games.