Coming from the North America Qualifier, Nocturnal is a team of degenerate gamers who strive to be the best NODDERS. Nocturnal is composed of four TOP10 players from the NARAKA NA server: leader Poobi, Argan, Averse, and Mime. Before NARAKA, the team members were each making a name for themselves in their respective games. Averse was the winner of the World Invitational in Eternal Return; Mime was the world's best Guild Wars 2 Mesmer and Poobi was known as one of the best players in Kurtzpel.

Leader Profile:

Name: Poobi

Age: 22

Profession: IT System Admin                

Game Experience: I started to play video games when I was 6. The first game I play was Epic Duel    

NARAKA Main: Tianhai

Why NARAKA: I was introduced to NARAKA through an Instagram ad. My first character when joining the game was Temulch. After playing in the CN early launch in July I became a spear monk, coming to NA I was recognized as one of the best monks in the region and one of the strongest players.         

Quotes: I'm the best monk NA.