Alliance is a well known Esports organization that has made their mark across several esports titles. With the impressive earnings of over 3 million dollars, Alliance aims to add another title and another 1.5 million dollars to their name.

Alliance is composed of 4 members of 4 different nationalities: Team leader Heelos, Hannah, Ryomen, and Zyd. The coach could not travel to Singapore due to COVID-19 policy and will be supporting Alliance from home.


Leader Profile

Name: Heelos

From: Enschede

Age: 29

Profession: Treat people with mild intellectual disabilities

NARARA Main:Yueshan and Yoto Hime, and I started playing NARAKA shortly after the release    

Game Experience: I started gaming when I was in elementary school. The first computer game that I played was CoD 2 and I have been a hardcore gamer ever since. 

Fun Facts: I like to have snackies around when I play, and I always play with my cap on