Red Hawk is a team coming from the AS qualifier, and is composed of 3 Japanese members: leader Misuke, Mitsu3, and Reisungo. Having gone undefeated during the qualifiers of the NBWC it’s no secret that these players are talented and should be feared by all the competition coming into the World Championship.

Leader Profile

Name: Misuke

Hometown: Japan

Age: 28

Game Experience: I started to play video games at age of 4, and I love all kinds of games including RPG, FPS, and Battle Royale. I even set a world record in Apex Elite Queue!


Favorite NARAKA Hero: Matari

Why NARAKA: I’m really into BR games so I was attracted by the gaming mechanics of NARAKA, not to mention that I’m interested in the history of China. 

Fun Facts:I’m good at sports. I have to mention that I was selected by a basketball team since I was a great player!