NBWC TEAM INTRODUCTION: Mission Impossible Team

MIT--Mission Impossible Team is a team coming from the NBWC Asian Qualifier. This team, comprised of 4 members in this team: Team leader Specter, Prydz, Likelove, and Baozi.

As the saying goes: playing NARAKA makes you feel young…. well, looking at the members of MIT, can you imagine their average age is around 30?

Leader Profile

Name: Specter

Hometown: Taiwan

Age: 28

Game Experience: 23 years

Favorite Game Type: FPS, MOBA

NARAKA Main:Valda Cui

Why NARAKA: It’s impossible to not be attracted by a Battle Royale game with both melee and ranged battle, so I fell in love with it and started to play NARAKA from June 2021.

Quotes: You ask me to play male heroes? NO! WAY!