Introducing CatsClub —— the winner for the North American qualifier for the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship. CatsClub, received their name from team leader: Cats, and Cats is the only one who actually owns a cat. Their team, comprised of team members: Cats,tryhard, forallenlord, and Rigged.

The team, built of 4 players who all speak different languages (Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog and English), were able to qualify, despite having a player who has never communicated using voice chat. I’d say we call this ‘mutual affinity’.

And let’s not forget to mention Tryhard, being the youngest player to be attending the first ever Naraka: Bladepoint world championship at the age of 16!

Leader Profile

Name : Cats

Hometown: Texas

Age: 29

Profession: Tax Accountant

Game Experience: started playing games back when I was under 10 years old

Favorite Game Type: MOBA,Battle Royale, Strategy

NARAKA Main: Kurumi

Favorite NARAKA Hero: Tarka, fireball is the most fun ability in game

Why NARAKA : I knew I wanted to play Naraka after my first trios wins against players because of the teamwork aspect and how satisfying the combat feels compared to FPS battle royale games.

Fun Facts: I play the recorder for fun and like to learn new songs, and I lived in Shanghai for a summer