DOT Gaming is composed of 3 international students from China: their team leader Game2hard, DCRKK, and Haotian. Together, these 3 players build a strong and formidable roster. With DCRKK having previously competed in PUBG, and a natural born talent in Haotian, reaching the ranks of Asura in only 2 weeks of playing NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Keep an eye out for DOT Gaming!

Member Profile


Hometown: China

Age: 24

Game Experience: Professional PUBG player for the past 3 years

Favorite Game Type: FPS

NARAKA Main:Tianhai    

Why NARAKA: A lot of my PUBG friends asked me to play this game. I was not interested at first, but when more and more friends started to play this game, I joined too, and it is really a great game. 

Quotes: When you are an Asura, you no longer have a purpose