Purchase FAQ


Q: What will be the business model for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT?

A: NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a Buy To Play game featuring Unchained Multiplayer Combat. Players will need to purchase the game in order to have access to the provided content. Additionally, the game will also include purchasable cosmetic items like skins, battle passes, name-change cards, and other upcoming DLC. However, the in-game purchases will NOT affect the power of in-game characters. (i.e. there is no Pay-to-Win) 

QHow to activate my purchased game/How to redeem the product code

A1.     If you pre-ordered a single copy of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, the purchase will automatically activate the game on your account.
      2.     If you pre-ordered the Trio Bundle, the purchase will automatically activate the game on your account, and send you two product codes which you can share with your friends.

Go to ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT OVERVIEW > MY PURCHASE to check out your orders and product keys.

QCan I purchase more than one edition of the game?

ACurrently, you can only purchase and activate ONE game edition. Please be careful.

QHow do I get the pre-order special bonus

AAfter the game is officially launched, you will receive your pre-order bonus items in-game.

For players who have purchased the Ultimate Edition, the digital art booklets and soundtracks will also be available along with the game at launch, to which you will have access at: MY ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT OVERVIEW > MY PURCHASE. You can check all the information of pre-order bonuses and edition details at this interface. 

Q: Will I be able to log in to my account on other platforms (e.g. Steam) if I purchased through the official website?

A: Your narakathegame.com account cannot be used to log in to the game on STEAM or on other platforms. However, you can still match and team up with STEAM and Epic Games Store friends as long as they are on the same server as you.

If you have purchased both the official website version and the version on other platforms, your account information will not be shared, they are independent of each other.