Mizu's Games - Fashion Show [NARAKA WEEKEND]


Date & Time: Oct. 24th - Oct 31st 

Number of players: No limit

Participation: Participate via Twitter post, including specific hashtag (optional catwalk on stream) Winner’s will create a catwalk of their own to show off their outfit.

Host: Mizuki

Host channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/mizuki


[Event takes place online. The optional catwalk event is for NA server, all regions and consoles welcome to join still]

Event Details:

  • Starts at: Oct 24th
  • Ends at: Oct 31st
  • This event’s theme is Halloween
  • Participate by posting on twitter using specific hashtags: #NARAKAHAUNT & #NarakaHalloweenFashion. Must use hashtag, and must relate to theme to be eligible for winning prize
  • Host will run through all the posts using that hashtag and review them live during the live stream. Mizuki will be using a heart rate monitor to show her heart rate. While viewing the content, Mizuki’s highest heart rate will be the score given to the work. Top 5 works that could give Mizuki the highest heart rate win.
  • Optional Live catwalk to show off your creations on the 31st @ 8pm PDT on twitch. The winners are required to make their own Catwalk video with the winning costume.  Reference for the catwalk: https://youtu.be/4UxcES0Pcd8?feature=shared&t=91
  • Drops and on stream giveaways for in game items will also be available (possibly)


Step by Step guide on how to create your work:

Naraka Halloween Fashion Guide


Discord Invite:




  • Must post on Twitter
  • Must include #NARAKAHALLOWEENHAUNT & #NarakaHalloweenFashion
  • Must follow the theme: Halloween
  • Can not use premade QR code character creations



Rewards: (all rewards are examples, item based rewards can be supplied by Netease Staff)

  • 1st Place reward (host picks winner)
    • $300
    • In-game Avatar


  • 2nd Place reward: (host picks winner)
    •  $200
    • In-game Avatar


  • 3rd Place reward: (host picks winner)
    •  $100
    • In-game Avatar          


  • Random On Stream Giveaways
    • $100 prize pool, $50 for each winner


 **In-game Avatar