Thursday September 14th, 7:30PM GMT+7



The event will be hosted by two streamers xiaolu and zhazha from CN server. NARAKA Partner TIAN - Tiểu Thố will participate in the game and livestream it.


Star Players:

Pro players:

  • Team 521: Pampy, Yin and Uniq

  • VNGC: Azbonn, Minds

  • BBE.Phatmilk

  • MasterDeemo

  • Tanoshi

Content creators:

  • BBBT.Beam

  • Tian

  • Peanut


Event rules

the event is divided into three different stages

  • Icebreaker:

The hosts will invite some of the players to teach them some words in Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. Each side will vote for 3 people to represent the SEA and the CN team. They will have a round of trash talk to warm up before the battle starts.

  • Capture the Spirit Well

In this mode, players form an SEA team and a CN team then fight against each other. The results of this round will not count towards claiming the final rewards.

  •  Matches of Trios (with rewards)

The second round will be 3 trios matches. In this segment, an SEA player will form a team with two CN players

Rewards would be given to the TOP 3 teams that claimed the most points through kills and ranking.


Tune into  https://www.youtube.com/@tian.tieutho/streams for an exciting night of Kings Clash