[EU] Tessa's Adventure EU [NARAKA WEEKEND]

Date & Time

Saturday August 26th, 7PM CET






6 winners with 50 EURO reward

For a total of 300€


Players should be present on official NARAKA discord and have enabled private messages, so the host will be able to write to them about the reward and who they should contact.

  • Event is for EU Players ONLY!
  • We are accepting EU methods of payment or Paypal.


Event rules

Matches will be played as solo with normal rules (no team up etc.), with fastened zone size reduction and lock for Tessa character.

  • No prior registration is required and lobby password will be provided on livestream.
  • There will be 6 winners in total in this event.
  • There will be 4 matches in which 4 prizes will be awarded. One person can win 1 prize. If he/she wins the next match, the prize goes to the person who stayed second, etc.
  • The person who wins the match should accept a friend request from the host in the game to contact him with a request for a Discord ID for further arrangements in order to transfer the prize.
  • The next 2 prizes will be given in the form of a giveaway in the chat (the appropriate command to enter in the chat to participate will be given). Each of the next 2 drawn people will have to answer 1 question correctly in order for the prize to be awarded. We will talk about Tessa's Nier outfit and other amazing things about recent game updates. Please pay attention.
  • We will write private messages on Twitch (whisper) to those who answer the questions correctly in order to request the Discord ID for further arrangements in order to transfer the prize.


Language of the stream is mostly in Polish on https://www.twitch.tv/mrsetokami BUT if viewers will start to write in English it can be easily switched.

Some event details may be modified. Please pay attention to the livestream on https://www.twitch.tv/mrsetokami