[NA] 2B And The Newbies [NARAKA WEEKEND]

This event is on NA server, all versions available (XBOX,PS5,PC) 

Welcome to 2B And The Newbies hosted by Mizuki. Come and celebrate the Nier Crossover event and battle it out for cash prizes in Quick Match Trios.

The goal is for the “Newbies” and Mizuki to secure Top 3 in their Quick Match Trios games (While sporting Nier Fashion) to secure Cash Prizes! Viewers can !Join via Mizuki’s chat for their opportunity to play and win a prize! The 1st 4 games to get top 3 will win a prize.


Date & Time

August 20th 8pm PDT 









Total Reward: $400

Each winner who comes top 3 with Mizuki in trios. Will get $50 each.


Registration Form / Method

To participate, Type “!Join” through Mizuki’s stream chat. Queue starts at 8pm PDT.



 - Must win top 3 placements with Mizuki to win prizes.
- To participate, Type “Join” or “Queue” through Mizuki’s stream chat. Queue starts at 8pm PDT. 

- No teaming with friends in quick play to win rewards easier
- Each viewer who joins will play 1 game max so if you don’t come top 3, sadly we must go to the next team to make it fair. 

- First come first serve. So joining the queue does not guarantee prizes        
- Must have and use a skin from the nier collab! 


Scoring System

No scoring system. Must win top 3 with Mizuki to win prizes.