Date & Time

Saturday August 19th, 5PM CEST






8 raffles of 50€ will be held in the chat. One every 30min.

For a total of 400€



Game Mode: Bloodbath

Lobby Size: 12 players max

Map: Morus Isles: Eventide Temple

Total Lobbies: 10

Lobby timer: 12min

Prize Pool in the lobby: 0€

Prize Pool in the chat total: 400€


The players will all join the custom Lobby and the discord voice call if possible (Naraka France discord, access provided on stream).

The host will then explain the rules of a basic duel (with no ultimate) and we will start.

The host will start by watching people duel, and then talk to them personally about what was good or bad in this fight, giving his own insights.


Players can join and leave freely between rounds, with a focus on getting all new players in, to help them learn the basics of the game.



No advance registration required, first-come-first-served.

Password will be given on stream.



To ensure a fair competition, please follow these rules:

Join the Naraka France Discord Voice channel created for the Event; Do not spam emotes; Do not team up with another player during a duel; Cheating is strictly prohibited; Choose appropriate player names; English or French must be used during the event.

If you plan to stream the contest on your channel, you MUST set up 5 minutes (300 seconds) delay; Players must play in the Europe Region server due to the game restriction.



If you have any opinions towards the event result, please contact Candace Z#9881 on discord or report to NARAKA in 7 days.