[EU] Glory To Mankind [NARAKA WEEKEND]

Date & Time

August 11.08 Friday CET 18:00






200 EUR pool!

Players should be present on official NARAKA discord and have enabled private messages, so the host will be able to write to them about the reward and how to claim it.



Event will be consistent in plays together with viewers, the Host will play with the new Nier collab skins, and will show the event, explain it and go through it. The main plan is to show the main event Nier, play with Nier collab skins with viewers (new players are welcome!!). During the event the host will also speak about the game (some basic information will be used in a quiz part! So pay attention!)

During this play there will be an option to join the raffle during the stream and winners need to answer a Quiz question about the Naraka: Bladepoint that will be also obtainable for the new players. All detailed rules will be available under chat command !rules |


Quiz Event rules: Be on stream (twitch.tv/orchidia92) and type in chat !ticket to enter the raffle. During the stream the host will draw winners 4 times (Four winners). (For every raffle You should type on chat !ticket to enter (you need to follow the host to get points for ticket)).

1 Raffle - 1 Winner no doubles.

You have to be ON stream when the host will announce the winner. The host draws a winner and will give 1 minute to let the winner know that he is present on the chat and then will ask a Quiz question letting the raffle winner another 2 minutes for the answer.

If the raffle winner answers incorrectly then the host will draw another person.

This is EU EVENT so please have an EU method of payment (the best is paypal or bank account).

Stream is mostly in Polish but please don't hesitate to write in English in chat so the host will easily switch the language.

For any questions or doubts You can reach host on discord orchidia or jump on stream twitch.tv/orchidia92 (no worries just type in English).



If you have any opinions towards the event result, please contact Candace Z#9881 on discord or report to NARAKA in 7 days.