[NA] The Will of Fire [NARAKA WEEKEND]

Welcome to the "The Will of FIRE" event! In this event, each round players must play as following heroes:

Round 1: Kurumi

Round 2: Valda

Round 3: Takeda

Round 4: Tarka

Let's find out who will dominate the battlefield with the designated heroes!


Date & Time

Lobby opens in May 28th, 6:30PM EST. Match starts at 7:00PM EST.









2 players will win $100 randomly (Players will only be able to win if they participate in all 4 matches), with an extra $100 going to the player who has the most kills overall at the end of the 4 matches.

Players will be put in a randomizer, then the host will select 2 winners from it at the end of Game 4.

  • Player 1: $100
  • Player 2: $100
  • Top Kills after 4 games: $100

[This event is for NA Server only.]



Sign up through the community Discord: https://discord.com/invite/JjtW5ZX9KT

The sign up channel will be in the "Community Tournaments and Events" Category.


Event Details

Game mode: Immortal War, Solos

Maximum numbers of players allowed: 16

Matches: 4


General Rules

All players must be online and ready to join the lobby by 6:45 pm (Eastern time). Passwords for the lobby will be given to each player via DM. Stream will start at 7:00 pm (Eastern time), and the host will go over the rules before the matches start. Games will start promptly at 7:00pm (Eastern time Sharp). If players do not check in by 6:45 (Eastern time) pm they will forfeit their slot. The slot will be given to other players that are waiting to join.

No Teaming

No Emotes. The only 2 emotes that are allowed to be used are:

*Praying for the prayer quest.

*Resting to use the TU NA souljade.


Scoring System

None. Everyone gets the same chance to win the reward!