This is the tournament hosted by VNGC with a total prize pool of up to 400 USD, inviting pro players to play PVE mode chapter 3. Each team has 5 tries, whoever finishes faster can win a cash reward!


Date & Time

Lobby opens at May 20th, 5:30 PM GMT+7, Match starts at 6:00 PM GMT+7




Discord / Facebook / Youtube


Phần thưởng / Rewards

  • Top 1: 3.500.000
  • Top 2: 2.500.000
  • Top 3: 1.500.000
  • Top 4: 1.000.000
  • Top 5: 500.000

(Local currency)


Cách thức đăng ký tham gia event / How to participate

Tất cả các players hiện đang chơi NARAKA có thể đăng ký qua link google form : https://forms.gle/hntSjk8UL6DxkhGQ7

All players currently playing NARAKA can register via the google form link: https://forms.gle/hntSjk8UL6DxkhGQ7


Thông tin chi tiết về event / Event Details

Mode (Chế độ) : PVE Mode - Campaign Mode: Showdown Chapter III Cutscene

Match (Games) : 0

Team: 7

Lobby : 1

Champion :  All

Weapon : All

Hệ thống tính điểm / Scoring System

Dựa trên thời gian mà một đội sẽ hoàn thành màn chơi.


Based on how fast the teams can finish the mode.